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Many people love Wizard101 so much that they've started their own community sites and blogs! These fan created pages provide news, services and information to the Wizard101 Community.





Need some tips and advice on improving your gameplay adventures? There is an endless supply of great content from our community with hundreds of videos and livestreams for every topic in Wizard101.

Check out the YouTube playlist featuring some of them, or search on YouTube and Twitch.TV to watch plays in action!

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Sharing Community Content


We love to share as much community content from fansites, livestreamers, and other content creators as we possibly can. In order to accept your work as being shared on our social pages, favorited in our YouTube playlists, or mentioned elsewhere like in the monthly newsletters, please see the following guidelines before reaching out to us with a new content piece.

Content Examples We May Share
  • Gameplay guides
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Did You Know? And other valuable news updates
  • Contests and tournaments
  • Art, music, and other content creations
  • Event celebrations (Halloween, Yuletide, and other gathering events)
  • Player celebrations (leveling milestones and other achievements)
Sharing Requirements
  1. Video creators must be active in the community and not just reporting on game news.
  2. Your YouTube channel or Twitch stream needs to be updated regularly with Wizard101 or Pirate101 content and your updates must be dated as when they were created.
  3. Though you may be considered part of our programs, you do not speak on behalf of KingsIsle and you will not imply that you are officially representing KingsIsle.
  4. All content must comply with the Federal Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and related regulations for websites directed to children under the age of 13. Information about COPPA can be found at:
  5. Video creators should be respectful to both players and developers and have an overall positive standing in the community.
  6. If your standing changes in the community at anytime to a more negative and disruptive view, we will consider removing your shared content on our platforms. This does not necessarily include constructive criticism, as we welcome valid feedback.
  7. Videos hosted at a free hosting platform such as,,,, etc are not eligible to be shared.
  8. Any social media posts you are hoping we'll share, must be grammatically correct and overall have a well presented look that is clear to viewers on what the content is about. Use #Wizard101 and @Wizard101 to ensure we see it, or contact us directly with a link.
  9. While we do provide limited giveaway item support for major events, this is entirely at our discretion and is not inherently part of being included in this program.
  10. We ask that you maintain regular contact with the KingsIsle community team, even if you do not have anything to share in an update other than how you are doing in the community.

Do you know of an amazing video gameplay guide or something else we should share? Let us know!


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