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New Summer Content - Guilds!


It’s summertime once again, and that means a hot new update to Wizard101! We have your favorite feature additions, such as challenging new Skeleton Key Bosses, more Lore Spellements to charge up your spell book, new Beastforms and Rewards for Beastmoon events, and even a set of new pet powers to keep your pets in the action!

That’s not all! We’ve introduced one super group friendly feature that we’ve been wanting to add into Wizard101 for literally years now... Guilds!.

Highlights Include:

Have a look at the update notes and then log in to Test Realm to check it out!

Please keep in mind that this is TEST Realm. Do not expect everything to work perfectly or to be entirely balanced. Your help here is greatly appreciated to discover any remaining issues before the rest of the community can enjoy the game on the Live Realms.

When on Test Realm, first use the in-game bug reporting tool if you notice an issue. You can also post in the Test Realm section of the forums. Please also post in the forums any balance and general considerations you wish us to see.

Thanks, Wizards, for exploring the new content and letting us know what you think of it!


Update Notes - Test Realm



We are excited to announce that the initial release of Guilds is being introduced in the Summer Update!

Guilds have been a requested feature for some time now, and we’re finally making it happen. The idea is often implemented a little bit differently depending on the game. In Wizard101, Guilds will be large permanent groups where you and your friends can gather inside your very own private Guild House. Guilds will face a variety of new challenges (with sweet rewards!) that can only be overcome with the help of one's guildmates. Players will still be able to quest together outside of Guilds as usual if they so choose.

Guilds is such a big idea for us. This feature will continue to be updated and expanded on, so what you see now is only the beginning! Please explore what’s currently on Test Realm and give us as much feedback as possible. We want to make Guilds the best they can be.

How to create a Guild

At its core, Guilds are essentially a permanent group with an awesome guild house to hang out in and decorate. Guilds are run by the player who creates the Guild. Up to 50 other accounts may join a Guild.

Here are some basic rules for Guilds in Wizard101!
  • The player that creates a Guild must be at max level (this will be adjusted as max levels increase with new game updates).
  • The player creating the guild needs 11 online friends that are prepared to join the guild.
  • Players can only be in one guild at a time. Players already in a guild can’t join another guild.
  • To join a guild, your account must have at least one level 30+ character on it.
To create a Guild, open the Social Window and click the Guild Tab. Click the "Create Guild" button and invite at least 11 friends.

For Test Realm: To make it easier to check out Guilds and help us test all the features, during Test Realm ONLY, we are temporarily allowing players to create a guild with just 1 online friend. All other requirements in Test Realm will be the same when this update moves to Live Realm.

Your Guild Information

  • Once created, you can see all the information about your Guild by clicking on the Social Button, then clicking on the Guild Tab.
  • The first page is the Guild Summary which contains Information on the Guild Leader, the Guild itself, and the latest message posted to the Guild Message Board. There is also a button to visit the Guild House, which we'll talk more about later!
  • The next page is the Guild Roster. It displays all the current Members in the Guild, their Guild Role, and a ‘zzz’ icon next to any Member that has been inactive for more than 30 days.
  • The final page is for Guild Messages. It displays the Guild Message board where Members can read the latest guild news and create new messages, such as scheduling when to play together!

Guild Leaders can do the following:
  • Assign Guild Permissions. Guild Permissions give members special abilities.
    • Decorators – Players with the Decorator Permission can place guild items (more on Guild Inventory later) in the Guild House. They can move, pick up, Trash, and Reclaim Guild Items.
    • Recruiters – Players with the Recruiter Permission can invite their friends to join the Guild if there are slots available.
    • Messengers – Players with the Messenger Permission can send guild messages to the Guild Message Board.
  • Change the Guild Leader – The Guild Leader can select another Guild Member to take over the role of Guild Leader.
  • Change the Guild Name – The Guild Leader can choose a different name for the guild.
  • Remove a player from the guild - The Guild Leader can remove a player from the guild.
Guild Members can do the following:
  • They can Create a Group from players in the guild.
  • They can Leave the Guild. If the Guild Leader wishes to leave, they must Change the Guild Leader first. If they are the only player in the guild, there’s an option to Disband the Guild.
Guild Member Slots
  • Guilds can have up to 50 members.
  • Multiple characters on the same account will count as only one Guild Member Slot. Therefore, a Guild can have more than 50 character members.

The Guild House
  • Use the Visit House button on the Guild Summary page or Shift + Home to teleport to the Guild House.
  • Players with the Decorator Permission can place items from the Guild Inventory in the house. They can also move and pick up items.
  • Initially, only the central island of the Guild House is revealed. The Guild can then work together to unlock various things hidden around the island!
The Guild Inventory
  • When at the Guild House, there’s a button on the Guild Summary page for the Guild Inventory.
  • Guild Inventory holds guild-owned items with space for 100 items.
  • Any member can donate items to the Guild. In this initial release of Guilds, many special items can’t be donated to the Guild. As time permits, we hope to remove some of these restrictions.
  • The Guild Inventory has 3 tabs:
    • Backpack – Displays items in your Backpack that you can donate to the Guild
    • Guild – Displays items in the Guild Inventory. Players with the Decorator Permission can Trash items in the Guild Inventory.
    • Trash – Displays trashed Items. When an item is trashed, it remains in the Trash for one week before it’s taken to the Guild Landfill. Items in the Trash can be Reclaimed by players with the Decorator Permission.
What is the difference between Groups and Adventure Parties, and Guilds?
  • Groups can have up to 6 players and are meant as a quick temporary solution to organizing your Adventuring or Events play. For instance, you are somewhere in Wizard City and run into a random player that happens to be doing the same things together, so decide to group up to make it easier or to make sure you queue up together in Events.
  • Adventure Parties are for people who either are friends or may potentially become friends. Adventure Parties can have up to 12 players. These players can send messages to the Adventure Party Message Board to schedule events for the party. You can easily create a Group from online Adventure Party members.
  • Guilds are a more permanent form of Groups and Adventure Parties, typically around an existing group of friends. Guilds are formed by a max level Wizard and at least 11 other level 30+ Wizards. The maximum number of players in the guild can be 50 players. Guilds have an exclusive Guild House and a variety of special Guild activities. Just like Adventure Parties, they can send messages and form groups.
Future Guilds Related Features

We hope to finish an in-progress advanced Guilds adventure feature called ‘Raids’. This exciting series of combats and mobs will require groups of guild members to defeat and win the riches found along the way. Guilds itself is an ongoing addition to the game, so look for updates to it in the future as well.

More will be revealed about this post-Summer Update addition in the weeks ahead!


The long-awaited update for Lore Spellements and Skeleton Key Bosses is here! You can now acquire the Lore Spellements of your choosing located in the world themed to the Lore Pack that the spells come from. This includes 4 *NEW* fights for worlds that did not have a boss to match and 6 existing fights. This does mean that ALL Lore Spellements and Spells will be taken off where they currently drop from.

Here are the existing bosses that now have Spellements...
  • Ravenwood Rangers Lore Spellements - Wizard City - Spirit of Ignorance
  • Grizzleheim Lore Spellements - Grizzleheim – King Borr
  • Ninja’s Lore Spellements - MooShu – Takanobu the Masterless
  • Knight's Lore Spellements - Avalon – Lambent Fire
  • Shaman's Lore Spellements - Azteca – Ixcax Cursedwing
  • Reindeer Knight & Krampus Spellements - Various Worlds During Yuletide Events – Krampus
And here are the NEW bosses that now have Spellements...
  • Wysteria Lore Spellements - Wysteria – Baron Von Bracken
  • Immortal's Lore Spellements - Aquila – Lady Stonegaze
  • Keeper's Lore Spellements - Dragonspyre – High Loremagus
  • Celestian Lore Spellements - Celestia – Drowned Dan & Sunken Sam

In addition to these exciting new fights, we have changed the system of Skeleton Keys in a few ways. Firstly, we’re phasing out Wooden and Stone Keys, which means all 10 of these new fights will be unlocked with Gold Skeleton Keys. These gold keys are now found on Event progress bars, as well as on existing Skeleton Key Bosses. Any boss not listed above will still accept the old key types on their door.

When you walk into a Skeleton Key fight, the boss will now scale to your level. Be careful, because if you are too high level, you will miss out on the loot!

Another big addition to the Skeleton Key system is the use of the Battle Gate! This is a more guild exclusive method of accessing these battles. You can craft special Battle Gate keys using Gold Skeleton Keys and Guild Reagents to open a portal in your Guild House to the boss of your choosing, which stays open for an extended period of time. Upon passing through, players are then teleported to the Combat Zone of the boss fight with the mobs scaled to the highest level Wizard who entered the portal (or who cast the Cantrip).

These amazing-looking gates are also for the upcoming Raids system!


Ready to throw some more Beastforms into the mix? In this Summer Update there are three brand new forms to try out!

Life Cyclops

Life Cyclops may not be the strongest or best at healing, but he’s the best form yet when it comes to dealing with minions. Pair up with some heavy hitting forms and bring your teammates back to life with extra power.

Myth Fairy

For the first time ever in Beastmoon, Myth Fairy has a non-Myth minion that can also upgrade while it’s already out to use more powerful spells. She is also highly improved in combination with Fire forms.

Storm Ninja Pig

Unlike most Storm forms, Storm Ninja Pig isn’t as focused on blading up and dealing damage. Those are both still part of this form, but he also leverages Negative Charms and Healing to help the team.

New to Beastmoon events? Check out Richard Unicorn Caller’s tutorial video! Also stop by the official site to peruse the many event guides from other players in the community.


Below are the expected Pets and Gold Idols for the next few months of Beastmoon events! Check out the Event Schedule for the exact dates of the events and be sure to keep watch on the Live update notes and the game’s social media channels for any upcoming announcements.

Beastmoon Hunt Rewards

Gold Beastform Idols and Pets:
  • AUG: Fire Draconian
  • SEP: Storm Rat Thief
  • OCT: Life Cyclops
  • NOV: Myth Draconian
Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Rewards

Progress Bar Pets:
  • AUG: Death Ninja Pig
  • SEP: Storm Colossus
  • OCT: Balance Cyclops
  • NOV: Myth Minotaur
Craftable Gold Idols:
  • AUG: Myth Draconian, Life Draconian, Death Ninja Pig
  • SEP: Ice Krokomummy, Fire Colossus, Storm Colossus
  • OCT: Balance Wolf Warrior, Balance Krokomummy, Balance Cyclops
  • NOV: Life Draconian, Death Ninja Pig, Myth Minotaur
Beastmoon Spellemental Rewards
  • AUG: Spiritual
  • SEP: Elemental
  • OCT: Balance
  • NOV: Spiritual


In the past, Will Casts have only been available in PvE, but we’re introducing 7 new talents for use in PvP! These are no ordinary Will Casts, as they do not cast an extra spell on the same turn. Instead, these talents will place a specific “bonus” card on the top of your deck for the next time you draw. Let’s “take a peek” at these new spells:
  • Bernie’s Omen – Meltdown
  • Blossom’s Omen – Tranquility
  • Ivan’s Omen – Delusion
  • Kelvin’s Omen – Wall of Blades
  • Mortis’ Omen – Contagion
  • Niles’ Omen – Righting the Scales
  • Torrence’s Omen – Reap the Whirlwind
If you enjoy these Omen spells you can “look forward” to even more deck-manipulation Will Casts in the future!


Combat & Spells
  • Old One’s Endgame cost to get Tier 3 set to 115 like the other spells
  • Corrected several Spellement Reagent Ranks to show proper ranking:
    • Barbarians Sage 8 > 6
    • Blast Off 8 > 6
    • Dark and Stormy 8 > 6
    • Freeze Ray 8 > 6
    • Grim Reader 8 > 6
    • Ice Wyvern 5 > 4
    • Lord of the Jungle 8 > 6
    • Wraith 5 > 6
  • Treasure Cards now generate for Fear of the Future and Pork and Beans
  • 5th Age PvP Seasons changeover will now occur on Wednesdays (was previously Tuesdays)
  • Corporal’s Cards PvP cosmetic recipe now has the proper requirement of the Corporal (5th Age) Badge
  • Praetorian Guard added to the Monstrology Golems category
  • Unforgiven Dead mobs now have correct pricing labels in Monstrology
  • Evil Carrots added to Monstrology
  • Removed several mobs from Monstrology to avoid confusion with only new Wizards on the FTUE being able to get them
  • Angoro’s Tower area will now load to complete the Mything Link quest
  • All Things Must Pass quest now has the proper color quest lights
Pets & Mounts
  • Pet Coconut, CopyCake, Lucky Cat, and Chipmunk Conductor have new talents
  • Changed pet coconut talent Elemental Scout to Elemental Retriever
  • Purchasing 3 Blueprint Tokens should now immediately be apparent they were granted
UI and Visuals
  • Fixed an issue with Inspect and Compare not working on items in a bundle
  • Improved Celestia quest presentations (camera placement, timing to a fight from dialog, etc.)
  • The ‘Buy More’ window should now display the correct cost when redeeming reagents for Blue Arena Tickets
  • Spell card box now properly displays the UI equipment compare feature
  • Captain Conscrow now properly listed as a regular mob, not a boss
  • Pike Spiritcrusher now properly listed as a regular mob, not a boss
  • Dyvim Whitehart Doodlefish now has a description
  • Couple of recipe name corrections
  • Beastmoon badge icons corrected
  • Several animation and UI adjustments
  • Several performance and stability fixes
Stability and Performance
  • Opening Master/Premiere League window from your Character history will no longer crash the game
  • Fixed section of Dragonspyre Labyrinth’s stairs being unable to climb

Please first use the in-game bug reporting tool if you notice an issue. You can also post reports in the Test Realm section of the forums. Please also post in the forums any balance and content considerations you wish us to see.

Download Test Realm and start playing today! (Note: Test Realm is only activated on weekdays and is available only to Members and Crowns Players who have made a purchase of $6 or more in the last 30 days).
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