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Update Notes

Rate My Stitch Game Update


The team is dropping some fabulous content featuring the new Rate My Stitch system that will encourage Wizards around the Spiral to Make. It. Work.

Today’s update takes stitching to the next level by allowing Wizards to strut their stuff in official competition and rankings in the Rate My Stitch events (events to be run sometime after the update goes live). If you’re not quite ready to traverse the catwalk, you can rate others’ styles, try out new designs in the Fashion Studio, or browse the leaderboards for your next look! There will also be special Rate My Stitch events themed around different styles with lucrative rewards like new gear in the Hall of Fame. Another reward players may earn in these events is a Stitch Token reagent, which allows you to stitch or unstitch a piece of gear for free.

In addition to Rate My Stitch, this update also includes the start of new challenge options for playing through certain bosses to make it easier to progress (with more to come on this feature in future updates; see below for details on how it works). There are also new competitive event options and rewards, updates to the latest PvP BattlePass season, a new gauntlet, and more!

Update Content:


Update Notes




Our team has a serious passion for fashion and wants to see what extravagant outfits your Wizard has to show off! Would you like feedback on your outfits? Are you looking for outfit inspiration? Would you like to show off your stitching skills? Rate My Stitch allows you to do these things!

Talk to Maxwell Sharp in the Shopping District to get started. Maxwell Sharp’s Rate My Stitch shop has these options:
  • Rate an Outfit – This is where you can view and rate other players’ outfits. You will see the contestant ‘model’ teleport to the stage, walk to the spotlight, and finally display an emote or dance. You can mouse over the Hat, Robe, Boots, Weapon and Pet buttons to see exactly what the model is wearing. Clicking one of these buttons will display where you can get that item for yourself! The mouse wheel zooms in or out on their outfit, and you can click-and-drag to rotate the model left and right.
  • Add My Outfit – Select this to add your currently equipped outfit for other players to rate. You may select a teleport and an emote. You may also include your pet in your ensemble! Outfits are submitted to Rate My Stitch for 30 days.
  • My Outfits – See how other players like your outfits. Each of your outfits displays an average star rating along with how many votes it’s received. Outfits that are especially well liked can earn a Judges’ Choice award. You may also remove your outfits from consideration here.
  • Fashion Studio – Experiment with your look! In the Fashion Studio you can try on outfits or pieces of outfits from the top models on the leaderboards. Mix your outfit with these pieces, and experiment with the colors of dyeable gear.
  • Leaderboards – See the top outfits in the Spiral.
  • Hall of Fame – See the top event outfits.


Occasionally, there will be special Rate My Stitch events themed around different styles. When rating event outfits, consider how well the outfit matches the event’s theme. Points are awarded for both rating event outfits and for rating overall outfits. If you submit an outfit for the event and it earns a Judges Choice award, you may claim points for it on the My Outfits window.

One of the rewards you may earn from the Rate My Stitch event is a Stitch Token. Stitch Tokens are collected on your Reagents tab. If you have a Stitch Token in your inventory, you may stitch or unstitch a piece of gear for free, and the Stitch Token will be deducted instead.


Challenge Mode


An exciting new option to tailor combat to your taste is being kicked off alongside today’s Rate My Stitch update!

‘Challenge Mode’ is a feature being developed with player choice in mind. After completing a sigiled encounter the first time, players will then have the option to choose a different difficulty the next time they play through. This system will allow players to progress through the storyline without getting stuck, while those who are itching for a challenge can opt in.

For this initial rollout, we have taken 3 existing “Cheating Bosses” and placed them behind Challenge Mode instead. The encounters that you will experience the first time through have been recalibrated to allow more players to progress: we have removed unhelpful cheats, and overall rebalanced the difficulty to facilitate easier mainline progress for more players.

The 3 encounters that have been transitioned this update are:
  • Empyrea - Sepidious - The Headquarters – Quest: Brain Drain
  • Empyrea – Husk - Storm Titan’s Wake - Quest: Braving the Storm
  • Lemuria – Hall of Heroes - Hall of Heroes - Quest: To Err is Hero
Remember, in order to access the challenge encounter, you must first complete the quest via the standard encounter first. Standard is used to describe the mainline story combats, while Challenge is used for optional combats that contain unique cheats, advanced rules, or harder puzzles that are not seen in the Standard Mode.

Sigils with Challenge Mode enabled display (Standard) by default at the end of their interaction prompt. To change the Sigil’s interaction prompt, click the Challenge Mode button in the bottom right corner. You will see the interaction prompts title change to (Challenge).



If you see a greyed-out button in the corner, you can highlight over the icon to see a tool tip that will inform you of any requirements needed to unlock Challenge Mode. You will not be able to interact with Sigils in Challenge Mode if you do not meet the requirements.


The first person to interact with the Sigil chooses Standard or Challenge mode. If you wish to join someone currently on the sigil, select the option on your own UI to match their selection. If another player has already activated the sigil and you do not wish to enter that mode, wait for the timer to expire and interact with the sigil yourself once they have entered their own instance.


Team-Up Kiosk:

When interacting with the Team Up Kiosk, you might see a new listing with orange text and a skull. This indicates that the request is for Challenge Mode and will be more difficult than the Standard version. If you’re unsure if the listing is for Challenge Mode, mouse over the listing to see the tooltip details.


Challenge Mode encounters have their own Dungeon Warnings – if you happen to turn these off through the Challenge Warnings prompt, you may turn them back on through Gameplay Options 2 menu.


In the future, rewards will be tailored to the difficulty of the encounter that you choose. You can play through in Standard mode simply to advance the story line, or you can repeat the encounter on Challenge Mode to farm for better rewards.

Challenge Mode applies to select encounters only. More encounters will be transitioned to this system in future updates, with some difficult encounters gaining an easier Standard mode option, and some easy encounters gaining a new Challenge mode option.

Stay tuned – and let us know what you think of this first release!


Life Krokomummy


This new Life form can buff and heal its teammates and is the first form to be able to cast healing blades on its allies. If your teammates don’t have any heals, not to worry! The Life Krok can give teammates healing spells mid-battle.

Death Elf


The Death Elf may be small, but he packs a big punch! This is the first Death form that can cast blades on himself and allies. While this little guy has a lot of tricks up his sleeves, he gets even more powerful when you pair him up with Ice forms.


Deckathalon Claws

Ready to slice and dice with the sharpest of claws? The Deckathalon Claws are the perfect new weapon for the job. To craft your own, purchase this new recipe from Kara Runewright in the Deckathalon area of the Arena.


Beastmoon Draconian Gear Set

Paired with the Deckathalon Claws, we took our passion for fashion in this update to a whole new level with a completely new Draconian Gear Set for Beastmoon aficionados.

You can purchase these new recipes from Actaeon in the Beastmoon Pavilion in the Arena.


Beastmoon Draconian Gear with Deckathalon Claws

Upcoming Beastmoon Events


Above are the expected Pets and Gold Idols for the next few months of Beastmoon events! Check out the Event Schedule for the exact dates of the events and be sure to keep watch on the Live update notes and the game’s social media channels for any upcoming announcements.

New to Beastmoon events? Stop by the official site to peruse the many event guides from players in the community.


Something’s cooking in the Bayou! Enter the Night Mire Swamp Gauntlet where the evil Dr. Neaux brews a hair-raising scheme. You’ll meet all sorts of mean critters... the swamp ain’t for the lighthearted. Don’tcha worry tho – we think it’ll grow on ya!


Those brave enough to enter the swamp will find all sorts of rewards! From a brand-new gear set to 7 glowing critters to collect!


The Night Mire Swamp Housing Gauntlet has 3 Tiers of play, with the lowest tier intended for level 50 wizards. The gauntlet will be available sometime after the Rate My Stitch updates goes to Live Realms.


The PvP Battle Pass is a great way to earn extra rewards by playing PvP, including several pet elixirs and the Epic medals you will need for crafting!


Obtaining Battle Passes

Battle Passes are available in the Arena! Travel to Unicorn Way to find the Arena, go inside, and to your left is the PvP area. Check out the PvP Battle Pass by interacting with any of the League kiosks along the wall.

There are lots of great rewards available for free on the Battle Pass, but you can unlock even more rewards with a purchase. To purchase a Battle Pass, click “Buy Battle Pass” on the bottom left of the interface. (You will need Crowns in your account for this purchase.) Click again and you are ready to obtain those lucrative rewards.


Some of the following may have also been noted above in the main notes:

Combat & Spells
  • Spellements added to Arc 1 Quests
  • Rank 1 Spellements added to Spellements101 Quest
  • PvP Tree Gambit spells have been renamed and are now able to be trained by other schools
  • Dr Von’s Monster, Frostfang and Celestial Calendar TC have been banned from PvP
  • Balance’s Arc 1 Spellement Path B and Gambit spells have been updated
  • Shield Gambit spells have had their damage adjusted
  • A full list of spell changes can be found in the Spell Changelist
  • Added an option for players to “Hide PvP Spectators” when you are in a PvP match
  • Completing the Tantrum fight should now longer cause players to get stuck in the instance
  • Player versus Player quest should now be completable in all cases
  • Professor’s Hoard wand maycasts for level 140 and 150 should now function correctly
We also have tightened up the Matchmaking so that there should be fewer rank mismatches (eg Recruits will not match above Veteran). Please be aware that this narrows the pool of possible opponents, especially in the middle ranks, which may result in longer queue times.

Loot System Modifications

Dragonspyre Loot System Modifications:
  • Added gear crafting to Dragonspyre Crafting Anvil in Dragon’s Roost
  • Added new “Claw” reagent
  • Moved hats from Tumok Gravelbeard to Malistaire
  • Added Decks to Viktor Snowcrusher
Khrysalis Loot System Modifications:
  • Added gear crafting to Zelicia the SnoopingOne in Sardonyx
  • Added new “Pollen Mote” reagent
  • Shifted all Galleries Loot to Archmagus Lorcan
  • Added Decks to Galleries
  • Howl’s Moving Cannonball side quest should now be easier to follow through
  • Repairing the sarcophagus in the Vision Things quest should now progress the quest properly
  • Several additional quest goals previously collectable by only part of a group should now be collectable by all participants
Housing & Guilds
  • New Housing Gauntlet recipes and reagents added to Lloyd FallingWater in the Shopping District
  • A fountain was added to the Large Guild House pool of water
  • Zaylin’s Cage in a Black Sun Pyramid quest should now open properly
  • Dancing Floor housing item should no longer crash the game
  • Frogfather and Pawtunias can now be properly placed
  • Imp’s Hideaway housing item moved to correct category
  • School Board housing item is now changeable on walls
  • Corrected display for the Guild Crafter when the result is a Recipe
  • 1% of 1% badge should now award properly after being fulfilled
  • Dance Revolutionary raid badge should now be awarded correctly
  • Corrected the Way of the Ninja Pig badge descriptions
  • Swift Chest raid badge should now show progress as expected
  • Added new icons for Raid Badges
  • Zombie Monkeys can now be extracted with the Extract Undead cards
  • Banrigh Sluagh, Kurokage, and Tamworth BrickHouse are now Bosses in Monstrology
  • Iron Sultan and Clockwork Spanner are now under the correct category
  • Both Abberant Helephants can now be extracted
  • The Monstrology collection counter for Dragonspyre is now more accurate
  • Some Maycasts that previously weren’t firing should now cast properly
Graphics & UI, Performance
  • Improved Play as Pet camera angles
  • Some additional stability fixes
  • Raid Key has new artwork
  • Additional misc. UI polish

Additional Patch Notes


May 31, 2023

  • Malistaire should no longer claim he is in Cyclops Lane when using the item finder on certain pieces of gear
  • Dual School Gear: Aeon, Void, Nullity, Night Mire and Eternal max level gear now have recipes for wands and certain accessories that support secondary synergy and opposite dual school configurations
    • Aeon and Eternal Gear Crafter: Luis Gurriel-Altuve
    • Void and Nullity Gear Crafter: Raiden
    • Night Mire Gear Crafter: Andreux Lagniappe
  • Many of the original 3-pip ramp spells have been reduced in potency and no longer ignore protection
  • Ramp treasure cards are no longer available at the PvP or Guild vendors
  • Rank 4, 5, and 6 utility path B spell treasure cards are now available at the PvP and Guild vendors
  • Rank 1-6 utility path B spell treasure cards are now tradable and auctionable
  • Many additional spell changes, see complete spell changelog here
  • Reduced the Myth Colossus Egg Bomb’s health from 200 to 50
  • Additional Bank UI tweaks, improved the filtering/sorting reliability
  • Bank UI move to backpack button should now work properly even if the bank is full
  • Should now be able to join a Practice Pet Derby match when going to the Pet Park
  • Corrected some Skyfarer Amulet and Deck name errors
  • Strike a Pose and The Vogue emotes are now properly craftable via NPC Maxwell Sharp
  • Fixed Storm recipes for Rate My Stich gear
  • Various visual bug fixes and animation improvements
  • You can now advance the scroll of fortune for crowns starting in the Summer Scroll for 2023.

March 31, 2023


Hot off the press, today's hotfix resolved the following issues:
  • Elixir and Mount timers (if you lost any elixirs, please contact support)
  • Balance Spellements
  • Polaris Quest blockers
  • Put in place further Rate My Stitch rating restrictions
  • We’re rated E 10 and up for Crude Humor and Mild Fantasy Violence
  • We won the Massively Award for Best of the Decade

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