Fall 2021
Live Realms

Update Notes


Discover the stolen lands of Lemuria! We're opening the sealed door to an exciting new world that is at once familiar and strange and completely bonkers. What will you find there? It’s a mystery! Let us know, as we are just as curious.

Along with the new world and all the exciting content it has to offer, we’ve made several improvements to existing systems, starting with the Quest Journal. It has been revamped to allow filtering of quests! With mainline and side quests to complete, it’s now easier than ever to focus on those most important to your questing goals. A cluttered Quest Journal is no longer an issue!

Also in the update are new features to Adventure Parties, continued balance changes to PvP gameplay, exciting new Beastmoon rewards, and of course a selection of new Beastforms to challenge your play and scare the enemy team right off the combat sigils. Are you a fan of Castle Magic and making your castle the bling bling of the Spiral? Seek out Babbage Basset for a bunch of new decoration options!

Thank you, Wizards!

Highlights Include:


New Fall Content



A mysterious entity has appeared to the Wizard in the guise of the Old One. Confused and lost, it knows only one thing for certain: it must find the world of Lemuria. The only problem: there is no such world. Or is there? The answer lies in the most forbidden chamber in the Arcanum.

Investigate the lost fragments of history and uncover a forgotten crime so monumental it shook the Spiral. In the process you’ll discover a world of worlds, a mishmash of the strange and familiar, overseen by the enigmatic, cute but cautious Lemurs. In this place, bears never learned to fight, Manders never learned to serve and Water Moles… well, they actually learned a lot.

In the realms of Lemuria heroes are forged. Barbarians triumph in the untamed Badlands, while polymaths excel in the floating Sky City. Monster Hunters are needed to protect the people of the gloomy Night Forest, while the Wildlands are protected by a mysterious violet Ghost.

But there is a greater danger than they can know, hidden for centuries. Amidst the jungles and deserts and cities of Lemuria is one last great secret that, if left undiscovered, could unravel Everything. Team up with the Heroes of Lemuria to put things right!

Level 150 and New Lemuria-Themed Shadow-Enhanced Spells

The character level cap has been raised to 150! Don’t rush getting there! A ton of content is ready to explore on your way through Lemuria.

Each school gets new Lemuria-themed shadow-enhanced spells for the level increase. They are granted by completing the Lemuria main quest line (starting with 'Say the Magic Wands') and can be further improved by collecting Spellements that drop throughout the world.

Want even more spells for your school? One of the first locations you will want to visit as you level up your character is your school’s professor. Every few levels your professor will train you in a new school specific spell and some of the professors will have new PvP related spells available.

Additional school spells are obtainable from the various trainers like Sabrina Greenstar or Mildred Farseer who can be found around the Spiral. Other sources may include Crown Shop offerings in packs and bundles like the Grizzleheim Lore Pack or the Immortal's Lore Pack. And of course, all those adventurous quests may have several spells to offer you.

There’s a lot more to go over in this update, so check it all out below! Please note that some of the content may go live at a later date, such as the new Beastforms in Beastmoon events. This includes Crown Shop offers that are released in the coming weeks.


We’ve been working on a number of different things to help make questing more enjoyable, and felt like taking a closer look on the Quest UI would be beneficial to adventuring Wizards. As exciting as these changes are, what you see in this update should be considered a first step and not the final version. More will be done in future updates.

We decided to start with giving players more control over organizing their quests, so we did that in a few ways:
  • First, we created a number of Quest tabs that correspond to different categories of Quests, when you click on that Tab, then you’ll only see Quests which fall into that category. This includes a Ready to Turn in tab, showing all the quests that are waiting to be turned in!
  • Second, we let you choose a World which further filters out Quests displayed in the Tabs.
  • Third, we let you mark non-mainline quests as Hidden, which means they can only be seen in the Hidden tab.
  • Finally, for those who like the current way quests are handled in the journal, we made the first tab represent the way that quests are currently listed.


We’ve made some significant improvements to Adventure Parties! Have you joined one yet? Here’s a few tips from Artie our lead designer of the feature on how to use it:
  • You can now chat with the other online players in an Adventure Party by opening an Adventure Party chat channel.
  • If someone in an Adventure Party is being unfriendly, the owner of the Adventure Party can now remove them. If someone is removed by the owner, only the owner can invite them to join again.
  • If an Adventure Party name has worn out its welcome, the Adventure Party owner can now change it.
  • The Adventure Party owner can now designate another player as the owner of the Adventure Party.
  • If the owner wants to leave an Adventure Party, they must designate another player as owner first and then select the Leave Adventure Party button.
  • Your character can be less than level 30 and you can still join an Adventure Party if any other character on your account is at least level 30.
  • Hidden From Friends now works for Adventure Parties too.

If you are in an Adventure Party, you can easily create a Group with online players (click the Create a Group button on the Adventure Party Details page.) Groups that were formed from an Adventure Party are special and get a star.
  • Players in Groups that were formed from an Adventure Party can now request combat sigil assignments. Click the Set Sigil Slot Preference button on the Group tab. If a player has selected a slot preference, it’s displayed next to their name in the group window. If multiple players select the same sigil spot, they quickly play a game of rock, paper and scissors to see who gets it.
  • Adventure Party Groups now have a group leader. The player that started the group becomes the leader, but they can change the leader by clicking the Change Group Leader button.
  • Everyone in an Adventure Party Group follows the quest arrow of the group leader. You can turn this behavior on and off by clicking the Unfollow Leader and Follow Leader buttons.
Learn more about Adventure Parties and how to join them in the previous Summer Update Notes!


Show/Hide PvP Rank

We have two new UI features for this update. The first is Show PvP Rank. It should perhaps be more aptly called Hide PvP Rank – in effect, when this setting is OFF, your PvP Rank will not show up when your wizard is inspected. The PvP Panel is not displayed as part of the information available via Inspect. You can find this setting on a new options tab (#4). 

Of course, there are times when your PvP Rank must be shown, most notably at the end of a PvP Match where Rating is exchanged. When the Match Results window appears, regardless of this setting, your Rank must and will be visible on that screen. 

Inspect Opponent

We’ve added another feature to the Match Results window, Inspect Opponent. Next to each participant’s name you’ll find a magnifying glass. Click this button if you want to inspect your opponent’s stats, gear, and so on after the match concludes. This option is only available immediately after the match ends and only while the Match Results window is open. 

Chess Timer

At long last, with this update, 1v1 Ranked will be switching from the current 30-minute timer – with the Decision-by-Diego conclusion – to a Chess Style timer. Here’s how it works: 
  • Each player has a fixed amount of time on their personal timer (for example, 10 minutes) 
  • During your own planning phase, which remains limited to 20 seconds, your timer counts down.  
  • As soon as you select your spell and the execution phase begins, your timer STOPS counting down. (No time is lost due to spell cinematic times.) 
  • If you PASS, there is a time penalty (so that simply passing over and over can’t win you a timer match). 
  • When your opponent’s planning phase starts, their timer starts counting down. 
  • Play goes back and forth with each player’s timer only counting down during their own planning phase. 
  • If your timer reaches 0 seconds, you LOSE. 
During the match, you will see a YELLOW warning indicator when your timer drops below a certain threshold, and an additional RED warning indicator when it drops dangerously low. You cannot see your opponent’s exact time remaining on their clock, but you will see the yellow or red warning indicators by their nameplate to give you some idea of where they stand. 

We will begin testing the Chess Timer with 10 minutes (600 seconds) on each player’s chess timer. (This number was derived from analyzing hundreds of thousands of 1v1 ranked matches that went all the way to the current 30-minute timer.) This translates to 30 turns per player, assuming each player used all 20 seconds of the planning phase; of course, most won’t. Nevertheless, over the course of an entire match we expect the average number of turns to more or less hold true. As a result, we think that the total actual match time, including time for both players’ spell animations, should fall between 30 and 40 minutes.

When we initially release the Chess Timer, we will bring it out in a very simple, straightforward form. However, we have built additional parameters that we can implement if it becomes necessary to prevent certain exploits, including “bonus increments” (which reward quick, valid plays) and “time penalties” (which penalize certain plays). 

Known Issue: During Test Realm we were made aware of a bug where clicking the PASS button ended the match. We were unable to reproduce this bug and suspect that subsequent code changes to the Chess Timer have eliminated it; should you experience any further issues, please let us know.

No PvP Enchant

We now have an added setting for spells—No PvP Enchant—which we will enable for specific spells. As of this update, all shadow-enhanced hits and all of the new Gambit spells (see below) will be set to No PvP Enchant. This will bring the burst damage of hits down, while at the same time allowing players to use and enchant other spells in their library. We hope this increases the variety of spells used in PvP.  

Incidentally, although these changes apply only to PvP, we have a setting for No PvE Enchant as well. With both settings flagged, we can exclude spells from enchanting entirely. 


If you’re a dedicated fan of PvP you’re probably already aware of the big slate of new spells planned exclusively for PvP. These new spells include 3 Gambits (conditional spells that quickly advance you to a win condition) and 4 Ramps (utilities that counter your opponent and set up your own gambits).

New PvP-only Mastery amulets are now available for purchase from Brandon Mistborn!

There’s a LOT to say about this MASSIVE change to the meta of PvP, so for all the details, head over to Ratbeard’s Dev Diary.


Played through all the current Beastforms for the Beastmoon events? You’re in luck, as we’ve got five more exciting Beastforms for you to check out in this latest game update!

Balance Rat Thief

The Balance Rat Thief does a couple of things, he is a master of Charms, so can create Blades for himself and weaknesses on the enemy. He also has a number of different spells that helps generate pips for his teammates.

Ice Minotaur

The Ice Minotaur is a tank who has damage potential by countering all charms (positive and negative) and synergizing with friendly minion.

Life Elf

The Life Elf is more of a damage focused Form. They are also built to make opponents think twice about summoning a minion.

Myth Wolf Warrior

Myth Wolf Warrior is a pure tank that uses a minion to pull attention away from his teammates. He also converts traps into Shields

Storm Colossus

The Storm Colossus gets stronger the more damage he takes, activating additional effects to his normal spell. He can also Taunt, which forces the other team to hit him.

Which school and form are your favorites to play? Let us know on social media!


Your hard work defeating challenge bosses and other players in the Beastmoon events should be rewarded, which is why we’ve added new event rewards for both Beastmoon Hunt and Monster Mayhem! For the Beastmoon Hunt there are new gold idols, pets, and of course added Spellements. Pets and craftable gold idols will be released in the coming Beastmoon Monster Mayhem events.

We’re sure you are eager to get hold of these precious new resources. Check out below when some of the new rewards are expected to become available. Be sure to keep watch on the Live update notes and the game’s social media channels for upcoming announcements, and of course in-game as events kick off, for when event rewards are updated.

Beastmoon Hunt Rewards
  • Gold Beastform Idols and Pets:
    • DEC: Ice Fairy
    • JAN: Fire Colossus
    • FEB: Storm Colossus
    • MAR: Storm Krokomummy
    • APR: Life Elf
Beastmoon Mayhem Rewards
  • Progress Bar Pets:
    • DEC: Fire Ninja Pig
    • JAN: Death Cyclops
    • FEB: Storm Elf
    • MAR: Balance Fairy
    • APR: Myth Draconian
  • Craftable Gold Idols:
    • DEC: Storm Rat Thief, Ice Wolf Warrior, Fire Ninja Pig
    • JAN: Myth Rat Thief, Life Fairy, Death Cyclops
    • FEB: Ice Wolf Warrior, Fire Ninja Pig, Storm Elf
    • MAR: Balance Fairy, Balance Wolf Warrior, Balance Krokomummy
    • APR: Life Fairy, Death Cyclops, Myth Draconian
Beastmoon Spellemental Rewards

And here are new Spellements that will become available for both Beastmoon events! As mentioned earlier, all dates are tentative:
  • DEC: Elemental
  • JAN: Spiritual
  • FEB: Elemental
  • MAR: Balance
  • APR: Spiritual


With some of the newer Hoard and Lore packs you can now use the inspect button in the crown shop to see a list of items you have a chance of getting in that pack. These items are always shown at the highest level those items can be in that pack.

Here are a couple of examples:

We find previewing of packs super convenient and hope you do too! Note that this feature is only functioning on select packs right now.


Castle Magic allows you to make your house even more magical and welcoming to visitors. See Babbage Basset in Marleybone for a ton of new offerings and shop search capabilities. Here are the new ones we added in this update:
  • You can now buy Castle Magic combat effects spells for the Mirage and Empyrea school spells.
  • Since we now have so many Castle Magic combat effects spells, we added school filter buttons to the Castle Magic spell shop.
  • When buying a Castle Magic item from Babbage Basset, his shop starts on the Decoration tab because that’s where most of the items are.
  • Babbage Basset has a new Castle Magic item for sale, a Magic Sequence Reflector. The Magic Sequence Reflector is like a combination of a reflector and a counter. It can hold up to 8 spells and will cast them one by one each time it’s activated. You can use either Activate Reflector or the Add 1 to Counter spell to make the first spell activate and advance to the next spell. You can use Subtract 1 from Counter spell to activate the first spell and go backwards to the last spell. The Magic Sequence Reflector wraps both forward and backward, so if you have all 8 spells and advance past 8 it will go back to 1. Subtracting from 1 goes to 8. See the Castle Magic Help Tome for more information.
  • Babbage Basset has 3 new Action spells for sale. Move Faster 200, Move Faster 300 and Set Normal Speed. Cast these spells on an item that is being moved, turned or scaled with another Castle Magic spell and the effect will be sped up. You can also use these spells before casting a move, turn or scale Castle Magic spell. You can cast both the 200 and 300 spells on an item to move it even faster. An example – say you use the spell Move Up 250 on a chair. Previously the chair slowly floated up. If you cast a Move Faster 200 on the chair and then use a Move Up 250 on the chair, it will float up much faster.
  • A bug was fixed with how Castle Magic spells worked when more than one player visits a house.
  • Thanks to a player suggestion, we’ve added two new Castle Magic phrases:
    • “I can’t move”
    • “I don’t know what to do”


  • New ramp and gambit "Rhoshambo" spells have been added to the Ravenwood professors
    • Rhoshambo spells are currently only enabled in PvP (check out Ratbeard's Roshambo Dev Diary for more details!)
  • The 2-pip global spells have been restricted to max 4 copies in main deck
  • Dog Tracy Spell now does damage and applies a heal over time
  • Freeze Ray Spellements path now has a Shadow Pip cost
  • Freeze Ray Spellements name corrected
  • Mana Burn set to no Enchant (PvP and PvE)
  • Threefold Fever (PvP Only) is now available for training via Dworgyn
  • All non-standard Efreet item/pet cards are set to No PvP
  • Jinn's Defense now set to the correct cost (3 pips)
  • Tribunal Oni now deals the correct amount of damage
  • Righting the Scales now removes the correct hanging effects
  • Fixed a bug on the Shatter pet card to remove only beneficial wards
  • Several spell cards which had blank descriptions now have them filled in
  • Lemuria Henchmen are now available to hire
  • Sigil in Arcanum will now load in more than one player
  • Sigil to Solomon's Basement in the Crane House no longer requires a Skeleton Key
  • Hierarch Lucien, Morg the Merciless, The Writer and Snow Queen cheats have been adjusted
  • The line: "I’ll be taking that, thanks!" in the final fight now properly fires off the cheat
  • Mobs in Sanctum of Lifeforce and Sanctum of Mana have been adjusted
  • Various Mob spawn adjustments
Castle Magic
  • When used on the Castle Magic Sequencer, Subtract 1 spell now subtracts first and then the action
  • The Set Normal Speed spell now works correctly
  • Players hidden from friends will no longer show online in Adventure Parties
  • Catch of the Day and Tournament fish no longer include the holiday fish
  • Various animation and UI adjustments
  • Various performance and stability fixes


During Test Realm we were made aware of a bug where clicking the PASS button ended the match. We were unable to reproduce this bug and suspect that subsequent code changes to the Chess Timer have eliminated it; should you experience any further issues, please let us know.


Additional Patch Notes


February 16, 2022

A new game patch has arrived with new Lemuria themed housing items added to Mirza in Telos!
  • Assorted Lemuria themed housing items added to Mirza in Telos
  • Audited all TC and other variants of elemental and spirit blades, traps, and shields
  • Inferno Salamander trained spell, tiers and crafted treasure card modified to respond to emergent meta concerns
  • Fixed issue with quest arrow not updating in Kraken Up Quest
  • Updated cinematic for Balance Oni (faster “triple hit” animation)
  • Updated animations for PvP-variant of the Life Scion spell (now has animations for normal and x2 hit)

January 19, 2022

A new game patch has arrived! We fixed several adventuring and questing issues for both PvE and PvP, check it out:

  • Fixed several quest blockers in early game (Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone)
  • Fixed several interior Lemuria quests so that completed quests lights display correctly
  • Players should now receive the Bookworm badge for completing The Lore You Know and Trip to the Library quests
  • Players should now be able to complete the Gotta See Gretta quest to achieve the related badges
  • Ursai Village now has Health wisps and should apply passive healing
Combat & Animations
  • Fixed an issue with Old One’s Endgame displaying mismatched hanging effects
  • Fixed an “infinite loop” bug with Sugarr
  • Fixed a bug in the combat cheats for Mandrake the Maligician
  • Many Lemuria mobs are now ready for essence extraction
  • Fixed a bug with the match timer related to disconnects during a match; the timer should now pause during the disconnect and resume when you reconnect.
  • Oni’s Projection now correctly respects Dispel and other charm hanging effects.
  • Some Jinn and Oni card art has been updated to disambiguate them from pre-existing spells
  • Macabre Jinn and Doom Oni updated to apply “steal health” effects (cinematics updated to match).
  • Duststorm Jinn updated to apply a “triple hit” of Storm, Fire, and Ice (cinematics updated to match)
In our continued efforts to encourage a fun, fair, and friendly competitive environment, accounts that have an active mute status will not be able to queue in PvP.

Graphics & UI
  • Fixed display issues with “translucent” card art on the new PvP Jinn and Oni spells
  • Fixed display issues on Mandoria and Badlands doodle maps related to mob icons
  • Fixed various display and item placement issues with housing

December 15, 2021

The latest patch for the Fall Update includes several PvP tweaks and more!

We made the following bug fixes:
  • Players should now be able to properly complete Big Ben dungeon
  • Fixed issued related to Quest Journal hidden quests
  • Fixed an issue related to Castle Magic timers not starting correctly
We also made the following changes to help address gameplay issues in PvP:
  • (1v1 Ranked Match Timer) The minimum amount of time deducted for each player’s turn has been increased to 5 seconds. This will help to eliminate some of the advantage of “fast clicking” and allow a bit more time for decision making. Players taking between 5-20 seconds for their Planning Phase will see their match timer count down as normal.
  • In accordance with the above change, the penalty for a quick PASS has been reduced to 5 seconds.
  • Each player’s total match timer has been reduced to 300 seconds (5m). Combined with the changes above, this will strictly limit each player to 60 turns max.
  • The Guardian Spirit spell (and all spells that create an Afterlife effect) now carries a 20s timer penalty.
  • A number of “maycast” spells on pets and wands, including but not limited to spells that create a healing effect, have been curtailed or entirely disabled in PvP.
  • A variety of equipment and Treasure Card spells that create significant amounts of “burst healing” have been set to No PvP, including: Sacrifice, Unicorn, Satyr, Pigsie, Rebirth, Regenerate, and Dryad.
Please note that these changes are intended to provide some short-term relief to these issues, but we continue to explore additional ways to address these and other issues related to PvP as 5th Age draws nearer.

December 2, 2021

The first patch for the Fall Update has been implemented!

In addition to several tweaks and fixes to spells and dungeon encounters, we also fixed a progression blocker bug with the final fight. Check out below the patch notes.

  • Players can now complete the 'To Err is Hero' quest
  • layers can now complete the 'Katzenstein Never Kloses' quest
Anyone on the quest goal 'Save Lemuria in Telos' should be able to return to the Hall of Heroes where the final fight happens and interact with the Synthesizer object. This should initiate a cinematic and then you will be able to progress as expected from there.

  • Sprite Swarm now summons a minion when a deferred over time is placed
  • Hanging Conversion spell effect no longer converts blades previously used in the spell
  • Enfeeble no longer removes negative charms
  • Added spell to Quartermane Citrine jewel card
Bosses & Dungeons
  • Modified Sugarr side boss cheats
  • Lemuria Hero Jewels have been added to the loot tables of various bosses
  • Players can no longer teleport to each other while inside the final battle zone
  • Sigil to the Dead Archive now properly lights up
  • Resolved a few issues for the next Balance Deckathalon
  • Added vendor icons to the Telos doodle map
  • Updated a combat music file with a new Arcanum track