Update Notes

July 2015

Welcome to the July 2015 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This update is all about Ultra!

New Pet Level!


Jewel Collars and Ultra Pets!

It’s time to bring the bling (to your pets)! Pets level Ancient and above now have access to a Jewel Collar that gives them a Jewel Socket. Customize your pet by socketing a Jewel that gives you the bonus or Pet Talent that you desire!

Are you ready to take your pet to the next level? Pets can now be trained to the next level of Ultra. At the Ultra level, you will be able to socket your pet’s Jewel Collar with an Ultra Level Jewel. Ultra Jewels provide more powerful bonuses and Pet Talents. There are even some exciting new talents only available on Jewels! Also, when your pet reaches Ultra level, you will receive a random Jewel as a reward, so you can socket your pet right away if you wish. You can tell which pets have a Jewel affixed because they will have a Jewel icon next to their name.

Jewel Collars only use new Star shaped Jewels that come with a variety of boosts including Pet Stats, Combat Talents and Derby Talents. Star Jewels can be obtained as rewards from battle, purchased from Lowe Springfield or crafted using the recipes that he has for sale. They can also now be found within the Purreau’s Plentiful Pet Provisions pack!

Socketing your pet’s Jewel Collar works just like socketing your Amulets, Rings, Athames and Decks. For more information on the basics of Jewel Socketing, read the April 2015 Update Notes. Open your Backpack, navigate to your pet and click the “Affix Jewels” button at the bottom of the screen. To remove a currently socketed Jewel, you will need to “Shatter” the Jewel which will destroy it. Each pet only has one Jewel Socket. You cannot affix a Jewel to your Pet that gives a duplicate of a talent the pet already has. Items and pets with socketed Jewels cannot be placed in the shared bank.

The pet section of your Journal has a new appearance, showing the Jewel you have affixed as well as your pet’s talents. Unlocked talents are now represented at the bottom of the screen. The five circles represent the five rarity levels of talents, from left to right: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare and Epic. The numbers inside of the circles represent the quantity of this rarity of talent that your pet may potentially unlock. If you prefer the “old” way of viewing your pet’s talents, you can view that screen by clicking the “Original View” or “Full Talent View” toggle button on the lower right hand side of the Pet page. While in “Full Talent View” you will not see the Jewel that your pet has affixed.


Face Off Against Familiar Foes


Challenging Ultra Dungeons

It’s time for a rematch! Some of the most notorious bosses of the Spiral are back and ready for a rumble in new Ultra Dungeons. Face familiar foes including Rattlebones, Krokopatra, Meowiarty and Zeus in new powerful forms for Master, Archmage or Exalted levels. Ultra Dungeons are one-shot gauntlets that can only be used one time. You can receive Ultra Dungeons as rewards from battling bosses or purchase them in the Crown Shop.

These new adventures give a chance for you and three others to get unique gear, new versions of familiar pets, Ultra Seeds, valuable crafting reagents or even a chance at a mount! The sigil on these housing items only activates once, and only when the owner starts the adventure. You may use dungeon recall if needed, but make sure to allow yourself time to finish the adventure as the sigil is only usable once. When the adventure is over, you will be left with a trophy to commemorate your victory!


3rd Age PvP


Welcome to the New Age

A new age of PVP is upon us, Wizards! All current PVP rankings will be reset. Everyone who competed in the 2nd Age of PVP will receive a badge based upon their current rank (at the time of the game update). Visit Diego and Brandon Mistborn for new rewards including new pets and level 100 gear for Exalted Wizards. For fans of practice PVP in their homes, a new combat music player is also available for arena tickets. This new music player allows you to select the music played during PVP in your home. Any music scroll can be placed in the combat music player, but it will only play during a PVP battle.

Ranked PVP matchmaking for 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 has been adjusted to function more like PVP Tournaments. Matches will be based upon the most powerful wizard in level and rank on each team. This should address issues with intentionally large skill and level disparities on teams, resulting in unfair matchups.


Gardening Goes Ultra


Shiny New Ultra Seeds

Some familiar garden favorites are getting a shiny new version called Ultra Seeds! For select plants, when you harvest the Elder for the final time, there is a chance that you will receive a new Ultra version of that plant’s seed. When you plant the Ultra seed version, they will grow into a new version that is both easier to care for (with fewer needs and pests) and gives better rewards, such as rare Treasure Cards and reagents, housing items, Jewels and even pets! Plants grown from Ultra Seeds will have a shiny glow so you can tell them apart from your regular versions.


Storage for Seeds



Store seeds in your home with the new Seed Vault housing item! Seed Vaults can be purchased from the Crown Shop or crafted from a recipe available at Toshio in Mooshu. Place the Seed Vault in your house and click on the “Open Seed Vault” button while in the “Place Object” screen. This works similar to music players and aquariums. You can then move seeds from your Backpack to the Seed Vault. The Seed Vault holds up to 100 seeds. You may only place two Seed Vaults in each of your houses, one inside and one outside.

In the Gardening window, multiples of the same type of seed will stack, represented by a number in the bottom right corner. Please note that seeds do not stack in your backpack.

Roger the Shrubber in Avalon has new Plow All and Plant all spells for Wizards with Gardening Rank 15 and above to train.

Gardening Treasure Cards can now be bought and sold at the Bazaar.

The Sword Fern now provides additional types of treasure cards, including the Dragonsblade, as a possible reward.


Quicker Quests



Defeating Fire Lionesses now applies toward quest goals to defeat Fire Lion Ravagers in quests such as: Fight to Survive, Poisoned Well and Lioness Sleeps Tonight.

The quest Free Mouse requires that you have completed the quest Secret Heart.

It should now be easier to attain quest items for many of the defeat and collect quests in Avalon and Azteca.

Fixed an issue that allowed players to enter battle in the Pagoda Gauntlet before accepting quest goals.


Spell Fixes



The Mutate Minotaur Treasure Card now properly shows the Sun magic icon.

Multiples of the same dispel from different sources will only be activated one at a time.

Damage boosts will apply to the damage over time effect of the spell Burning Rampage.

The No Auction restriction has been removed from Shadow-Enhanced spell Treasure Cards.


Share Your Houses



By popular request, houses can now be transferred via the Shared Bank! The Shared Bank can only hold one house at a time and each house can only be moved to the Shared Bank once every 90 days. To retrieve the house from the Shared Bank, the Wizard must have a housing slot available and cannot already have a house of that type. Houses are transferred with all of the objects inside of them.

Houses can’t be placed in the shared bank if:

  • They have mannequins with no-trade equipment on them
  • They have teleporters that take the player to other houses
  • The house is a teleporter destination from another house
  • They have weapons that are no-trade on the walls
  • They have any no-trade housing items
  • They have pets or mounts placed in them

Happy news, housing decorators! You can now purchase an additional Bric-a-Brac Elixir to increase the maximum number of items in an area of your house to 350.

There is now a tab for Castle Blocks in the Bank.

The item Round Stone Column has been renamed to Round Stone Stanchion.

Old Man Huehue in Azteca has some stylish new furniture items for sale.

Petunia Floribund has some 'out of this world' wallpaper and flooring for sale.

The Lady’s Favor housing item has had the “Limit 1” removed.

Skeleton Keys can now be removed from the walls of the Sultan’s Palace.

Serpentine Escape has been added to the list of housing sign name options.

Seeds purchased for Crowns are no longer listed as “unavailable” in the housing Item Identifier.

The Wild Wing Axe and Shield will no longer cut into the wall when placed on the wall of a house.

Several new phrases have been added to housing signs including: “Museum,” “Library”, “Tapestries This Way” and PVP related phrases.

Pets in the House and Backpack tabs of the Attic will now appear alphabetized.

Fixed an issue that prevented low objects such as books, rugs and letters from being picked up in the Serpentine Escape house.


Powerful Pets



Newly placed pets in your house now show rank and pedigree below their name. Pets already placed in your house will need to be picked up and placed down again in order to show the rank and pedigree.

Storm Elf, Bronze Helephant, Myth Imp and Magma Colossus have had their PVP rank purchase requirements lowered.

Begonia Woodworth in Wysteria has some new varieties of pet snacks for sale.

Many existing pets can be obtained through new hybrid hatching combinations! Good luck in the hatchery, Wizards.

The stats on the Brainy Assistant have been raised.

Pets will no longer cast a fishing spell while a lure is active.

Fixed an issue that prevented the pet talents Enfeeblement and Enfeeble from reducing other pets’ stats.


Celestial Fishing



Fish (including some new varieties) can now be found swimming around the waters of Celestia!

Players can now use lures while a Fishing utility spell is active.

A Tome of Fishing has been added next to Lucky Hookline in the Wizard City Commons in case you need to refresh your memory of the details in the Fishing Tutorial.

Fish in lava now appear red instead of black.

The maximum Fishing level has been increased to 15!


Craft New Mounts



Show your school spirit with an awesome new craftable, school-themed mount! If you’ve completed the quest Into the Clouds, you can visit Khalkos Coppersmith in Aquila for these new recipes. Each recipe requires a Mote of Transport, available only in the new Ultra Dungeons.

Cantares Five Flowers, Gearwise, Balthazar Dragonthorn, Torald Wayfinder, Zellozosia the HomeGlider, Eudora TangleTree and Koyate Ghostmane have new teleport tapestry recipes for you to craft.

Torald Wayfinder in Grizzleheim has new transmute recipes for you to learn!

Balthazar Dragonthorn has a new recipe for a Baddle of the Bands themed music player.

Recipe vendors now display all of the recipes that they sell, with the recipes that you already know shown in grey.


Fixes Galore



The maximum number of Treasure Cards that you can have has been increased to 999 from 500!

Previously, Critical Hit and Critical Block percentages were calculated on a per item basis. Now they are calculated from your total rating. This fixes a rounding error in the display. In some cases, your Critical Hit or Critical Block will display slightly differently than it was before, but this should not change your effectiveness in the game.

The Tear shape Socket of the Level 70+ version of the Duelist’s Fatal Razor is now automatically unlocked, to be in line with the other Level versions of the same item.

Youkai and Akuji now have Second Chance Chests.

The Locket of Equality athame has been renamed to Lancet of Equality.

Teleporters in Celestia are now labeled with their location.

Creatures in Winterbane Hall will have descriptions on their natural attacks.

“Darkmoor” has been added to the list of possible Deck names.

Second Chance Chests have been added to Tanglewood Terror and Baddle of the Bands gauntlets.

The Model Watch Tower will display a crafted icon.

If you have either the appearance or stats item equipped when you go to stitch them, the item will remain equipped after stitching.

The Jewel named Dream Shield Onyx will give a Dream Shield card instead of a Death Shield.

Additional Disloyal Knights will no longer appear in the Tomb of the Nameless after you have defeated them.

Additional pet hatching and Jewel Socketing phrases have been added to Menu Chat.

Some items, including several pets, skeleton keys, furniture items and treasure cards have had their Gold sell value raised from zero.

Pitch Black Licorice and Wolfsbane Tea can no longer be sold at the Bazaar.

Armored Shane Von Shane is now labeled as Star School, to better reflect his resists and spell selection.

Various spelling errors throughout the Spiral have been corrected.


July 21, 2015


Fixed a bug that was causing pet stats to be shown incorrectly after removing a jewel. Roger the Shrubber should be more apt to appear where he should be standing upon first visit to meet him.

The Ultra-Mute derby talent is no longer incorrectly classified as an epic talent.


July 29th, 2015


The reagents Steel, Brass, Silver, Titanium, Lead and Tin are now available as rewards from battle and Fishing.

The ghost of Selena Gomez past will no longer appear in the Storm school.

Fish required for the introductory fishing quests (including the Sharkspeare, Mechanical Armorhead, Catfish, Fish Sandwich and Bone Fish) will appear more frequently so that players can more easily finish these quests.


September 2nd, 2015


Whirlwind mounts are now listed in the housing item identifier.

Objects included with houses, for example the wooden blocks in the Avalon Castle Plot, are now correctly listed in the item identifier.

The Curving Palm Tree can now be placed indoors.

Fixed an issue that caused players to see a “house is sold” message when using the magic mirror in the Winter Wind Tower.

Ultra Duel dungeons can now be trashed.

The Pyromania Ruby has been renamed to Blazing Oak Ruby.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Franklinstove treasure card to do no damage.

Updated help menu information about derby difficulty levels.

The Life Stone Pedestal now has a distinct appearance from the Ornate Stone Pedestal.

Players interested in a chance at obtaining the rare Bone Dragon mount should take on the bosses from the Lost Pages event when it is available. This possible reward will only be available to Wizards who take on a level appropriate challenge from the event including: Kestrel Blackstorm for levels 1-19, Taylor Froghead for levels 1-29, Declan Wyrmdust for levels 1-49, Carson Spritethief for levels 1-59, Quin Legendbreaker for levels 1-79 and Bently Daysong for all levels.

Various spelling errors have been corrected.