Update Notes

April 2015

Welcome to the April 2015 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This update adds Jewel Socketing, One-Shot Gauntlets, Dragonspyre Fishing, Join a Team, Skeleton Key Bosses and more!

Jewel Socketing


Enhance Your Gear With Jewels!

Are you ready to bring the bling? Players can now add jewels to many of their Amulets, Athames, Rings and Decks! Wizards level 15 and above who have completed the crafting quest “The Razor’s Edge” will need to visit Eloise Merryweather in the Wizard City Commons to take on the quest “Digging Into a New Challenge.”

Katherine Rockhammer, in her newly opened shop in the Wizard City Shopping District, will then teach you the ways of Jewel Socketing. You will notice a new button at the bottom of the screen when viewing your Amulets, Athames, Rings and Decks. Select the item you would like to socket and click “Add Jewels.” This will then open the Jewel Socketing screen that will allow you to modify your item.

Items may have up to four sockets, each in one of four shapes: Square, Triangle, Circle or Tear. To socket a Jewel, it must match the shape of the available socket. Select the Jewel you would like to place in the socket and click “Affix.” This will add the Jewel to the item and give the corresponding stat increase associated with the Jewel. Each Jewel has a minimum level requirement and can only be used by Wizards that level or above.

Socket Wrenches
Some sockets on items may be locked, indicated by a lock icon. These can be unlocked by using Crowns or a Socket Wrench. Socket Wrenches are obtained by defeating bosses throughout the Spiral and come in 5 different types: Novice, Adept, Expert, Master and Artisan. Socket Wrenches can be placed on the walls of your house for display.

Each Jewel can only be placed in a socket once. If you decide later that you’d like to remove the jewel, it will be destroyed. To remove a socketed Jewel, click on the name of the Jewel and choose “Shatter” in the Jewel Socketing window. Once a Jewel has been shattered from a socket, you can place a new Jewel in the empty socket and continually improve your favorite items!

Jewel Crafting

Jewels can be purchased from vendors, found as rewards from defeating creatures, opening chests, fishing, gardening, or crafted. Jewel recipes can be purchased from vendors throughout the Spiral including: Katherine Rockhammer and Eudora Tangletree in Wizard City, Wul’yahm in Krokotopia, Felicia Worthington in Marleybone, Toshio in Mooshu, Bathazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre, Aegeus in Celestia, Marwa Jadetusk in Zafaria, Shane Macgobhann in Avalon, Yaxche in Azteca and Wozina the Edgecutter in Khrysalis.

Each Jewel recipe will require a Metal, which you can receive as rewards, a Gem, which you can find or purchase from a vendor, and a Treasure Card. To craft Jewels, you will need to use a Jewel Crafting Station.

Crafting Jewels, however, is unlike crafting other items. There is an element of randomness that will affect the final product’s outcome each time. You can craft using the same recipe several times and receive a different result each time!

Some rules to note with relation to Jewels and socketed items:

  • Jewels are stored in a new page of your backpack which holds a maximum of 100 Jewels.
  • Selling items with socketed Jewels at the Bazaar will destroy the Jewels within the item.
  • You cannot put jewels into an item that you cannot equip.
  • Jewels can be placed into the shared bank.
  • Items with socketed Jewels cannot be placed in the shared bank.

Are you ready to rock?


New One-Shot Gauntlets

Baddle of the Bands

King Thermidor’s reign as King of Rock in the Spiral has been challenged. His former bandmate, Cyn De Lobster wants to seize the throne by having a Baddle of the Bands! Are you the back-up Wizard to help?

Tanglewood Terror

Mrs. Dowager is in a sticky situation. Something sinister has possessed the vines of Wysteria and turned them against everyone. Worst of all, they’ve taken over using terrible puns! Oh my gourdness!

These two new one-shot gauntlets are available in the Crown Shop, and if you thought our Hoard Packs were cool, you’ll love these new adventures! One-shot gauntlets are unique in that they are like a hybrid between Hoard Packs and Housing Gauntlets with some special rules and some considerations on buying them:

  • Like a Hoard Pack, one-shot gauntlets will provide you and three others with a chance at new unique gear, weapons, pets, and a mount.
  • Better than a Hoard Pack, one-shot gauntlets provide you and your guests with adventure and experience (per normal dungeon rules) on the way to the boss.
  • Better than Housing Gauntlets, you can set the difficulty of the adventure that you’d like to undertake before you enter. Just click on the gauntlet housing item while in "Place Object" and click the star icon to select level.
    • The sigil only activates once, and only when the owner starts the adventure.
    • You may use dungeon recall if needed, but be sure to allow yourself time to finish the adventure as the sigil only lights once.
  • Even better, when your adventure is over, you’ll also be left with a cool housing item!
  • If you’d rather not have the housing item, we hear the item is such a tasty treat, you can even feed it to your hungry pets.

Fishing in Dragonspyre


Cast a Line in Lava!

Are you ready to fish for the deadliest catch? Visit Lucky Hookline in the Wizard City Commons if you are ready to up your Fishing game. He will introduce you to his friend Yuri Smokesnare in Dragonspyre who will teach you the ways of fishing in lava, which presents a unique set of challenges. Sentinels are a new tricky type of fish that are out to keep their fellow fishy friends from being caught. You’ll need to use all of the tools at your disposal to outwit the Sentinels!

New Fishing spells are available including: Rank 3 Lures for all schools, Winnow spells that scare away all fish except those of a single school, Reveal spells to help you find those Whoppers and Small Fries, and a special spell to help you get rid of those tricky Sentinels. Visit Yuri Smokesnare in the Atheneum and Timor Flamecaster in the Labyrinth to learn these new spells.

Yuri Smokesnare in Dragonspyre also has several Lava Aquarium recipes for sale!

The Fishing spells window now has a Favorites tab so you have easy access to the spells you use the most. Spells are automatically added to Favorites as you use them, or you can right click to add or remove a spell from your Favorites. You can disable the Spell Favorites option in the Advanced Gameplay Options window.

Press the “V” hotkey to open the Fish Basket.

The Pharoahmari fish will no longer shy away from players who come near it while in an aquarium.

The Fishing level and energy window will remain visible while casting Fishing spells.

The viewing angle has been adjusted to help you see your lure better when fishing high above ponds.

The badge “Fisher King” is renamed “Fisher Queen” if the character is a girl.

Bloom will be deactivated while Fishing.


Find a Group Easily


Join a Team

Visit the new Join a Team kiosk in Wizard City Olde Town to find a group for adventures! It will display a list of all teams that are waiting for additional members. Only the dungeons and worlds that your Wizard already has access to will be listed. Press the “Refresh” button at the bottom right to update the list and look for additional teams.

Players are no longer frozen in place while waiting for Team Up! Click on the Team Up button in the upper right of your screen to view the Team Up window while waiting for players to join. In addition, a sound effect is now played whenever a player joins or leaves your Team Up team.

  • If you leave an incomplete dungeon after using Team Up, you will have to wait 10 minutes before you can Team Up or use the Join a Team kiosk again.
  • In major dungeons such as Sunken City or Darkmoor, only the first player to abandon their team will receive the 10 minute timer. This timer is removed once the major dungeon is completed.
  • In minor dungeons, such as those with only one battle, the penalty is removed after a single battle.
  • When you leave a dungeon after using the Join a Team kiosk, you will be returned to Olde Town.
  • Players are prevented from playing mini-games while waiting in a queue for Team Up!
  • Two new badges for helping players using Join a Team have been added.

Feed this new boss, Seymour!


New Skeleton Key Bosses

Three new skeleton key bosses have been added throughout the Spiral. Defeat these denizens in Cave of Solitude in Mooshu, the Crystal Caves of Avalon and Darkmoor for new challenges and some epic rewards! You will notice that zones which include a skeleton key boss have a new sigil appearance.


Quicker Quests



Many quests in Krokotopia, Grizzleheim, Marleybone, Mooshu and Dragonspyre have had their defeat and/or collect requirements reduced!

Additional Teleporters have been added to Marleybone, Grizzleheim and Dragonspyre.

Fixed an issue that caused Quest Helper to disappear for portions of the quest “Induction Then Destruction.”

The cage holding Skullin will properly open when you rescue him for the quest “Bustin’ Loose.”

The Crazed Forest Spirit will no longer reappear after being defeated during the quest “Forest Foray.”

The quest “Second Serving” will correctly list Koto’s location as Koto’s Dojo.

The quest “Kraken Up” will correctly refer to the location as Stormriven Hall rather than Storm Lord’s Temple.

The quest arrow will point to the proper location of Cyrus Drake for the quest “First Time Collar.”

Fixed an issue that caused dungeon recall mark to not appear in Shiritaki Temple.

Skabrok will appear in the correct place on the map for the quest “The Runedown”.

Fixed an issue that prevented progression during the quest “The Key to the Puzzle” if a player enters combat with the Vipers.

Dulin’s Band will no longer reappear after being defeated for the quest “The Magic Flute.”

Fixed an issue that prevented Scorpion Grotesque and Black Shields from appearing for the quest “Way of the Samoorai.”

Fixed an issue that prevented the use of the quest helper for “A Very Brave and Noble Thing.”

Spider Egg Clutches are now visible on the Map for the quest “Clutch of the Spider.”

Kaliklak now appears in the correct location on the Map for the quest “Carry On.” Remember to press M for map when you’re looking for creatures, characters or items in the world!


Spiffy Spell Updates



The Storm Lord spell has updated visual effects!

The Loremaster spell now plays sound during the summoning phase.

The caster is now visible during the Mystic Colossus spell when activating blades.

The spell Shift Ogre will no longer remove prisms from the target.

The Shadow Sentinel spell card now correctly displays the stat +80% block.

The Storm Efreet Treasure Card now displays the correct effect of -60% accuracy.

Fixed an issue with Gaze of Fate that prevented players who are targeted by the spell from seeing the animation associated with the second attack.

Fixed an issue that caused shadow pips to not be used after casting a Shadow-Enhanced spell when the player had been hit with Mana Burn on the same turn.

Potent Trap can be used with Fire From Above.

The Storm Cat Treasure Card is now a 1 Pip spell.


Treasure Trove of Treasure Cards


Treasure Cards

A trove of Treasure Cards have been re-distributed throughout the Treasure Card vendors in the Spiral! Treasure Cards at the vendors throughout the Spiral should be much more useful to you in that particular world.

Wizard City and Krokotopia focus on damage and protection, and therefore contain mostly damage spells and shields. Harold Argleston & Zan'ne respectively.

The Archivist in Celestia introduces Blades, Prisms, Traps & Manipulations to the mix, all of which are a little more advanced dynamics that players will need in this challenging world. Celestia also brings in some more damage spells, mutates and the fun polymorphs!

Kiliman CopperLeaf in Zafaria brings in Globals, Minions and Dispels.

Francis Lux in Avalon features Mega Manipulations and Spears.

Lamat in Azteca is all about Mass Prisms and Minion manipulation spells, with a dash of higher level spells.

Once you unlock Una MoonDancer in Khrysalis, this Treasure Card vendor is your one-stop shop for everything you should need for this challenging world.

The following Treasure Cards have had the No Auction label removed, and added a PvE Only label: Chastisement, Cycle of Life, Furnace, Galvanic Field, Punishment, Reliquary, Sleet Storm, Virulence.

The following Treasure Cards have had the No Auction label removed: Minion Jade Oni, Minion Krokopatra, Minion Malistaire, Minion Meowiarty, Minion Nightshade, Minion Shadowsong.

The Treasure Card attack spell “Fire Elemental” has been renamed to “Incinerating Touch.”


New Owner Chat



A new chat option is now available for owners of houses. Use the Owner Chat channel to broadcast to everyone in your home. Great for organizing housing games!

More information is now available when viewing items! Click on an item while visiting another player’s house to learn where to find that item. Items currently available in the Crowns Shop can be purchased directly from this screen!

Players will no longer receive an error message about moving housing objects when pressing “Z” or “K” during a housing game.

Additional phrases have been added to housing signs.

Teleporters will no longer stack in the Place Object in housing window, so that players can better tell them apart when placing multiples of the same color.

Fixed an issue that caused the Wizard City Dance Theme music scroll to not play music.

The icon for the Avalon Wooden Table has been updated to accurately reflect the table’s appearance.

Fixed an issue that prevented items from being removed from some of the walls in the Sunken Palace.

Fixed an issue that prevented the Banner of Apollo from being removed from walls.

Fixed an issue that caused some mannequins to become No Auction.


New Planters



The Crown Shop has new planters available that are large enough to hold up to 3 plants!

The Gardening spells window now has a Favorites tab so you have easy access to the spells you use the most. Spells are automatically added to Favorites as you use them, or you can right click to add or remove a spell from your Favorites. You can disable the Spell Favorites option in the Advanced Gameplay Options window.

Fixed an issue that caused the harvesting ring animation to not disappear on some plants with the pixie effect.


Fixes for Your Pets



The Ninja Piggle is now correctly displayed as a Death school pet.

The Red Panda pet now has some bamboo to chew on.

An Equip/Unequip Pet button has been added to the bottom center of the Pets page of the Spellbook.

The Piranha Hunter pet will now cast its may cast Enfeeble talent, rather than the spell casting from the player.


All the little things!



Badges are now better organized in your Character screen! As you discover a new category of badges, a new icon will appear to show you how many you have collected or have yet to collect.

A new row has been added on the Character/Character Statistics screen in the Damage and Resistance sections. This area will show any flat damage or resistance increases that are not based on a percentage.

Listen to a musical scroll in the Bazaar before buying by clicking the Preview Music button. An Equip/Unequip Deck button has been added to the bottom center of the Spell Deck page in the Spellbook.

The Character tab of the Spellbook now shows the player’s current gold amount as well as the current maximum possible based on level. For example: 5,000/400,000.

Henchmen have been taking lessons about more effective use of their spells. They will now only cast school specific blades on themselves, rather than on others who may not be able to benefit from them. Ice school henchmen will only cast Tower Shield on those who do not already have a Tower Shield on them. Balance henchmen will no longer cast Donate Power on themselves. Myth henchmen will no longer attempt to cast Stun on bosses.

The Wild Fern purchased from a vendor will no longer display a crafted icon.

The Set of the Lovelorn Spirit all now show the crafted icon.

Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause players to be pulled into battle while walking on the sidewalks in Krokotopia.

Mastery Amulets from Darkmoor will now display the floating wisp animation, similar to other Mastery Amulets.

The Staff of the Third Season has been renamed to Wand of the Third Season.

Additional menu chat options have been added, including “Let’s go to Darkmoor” and “Let’s meet in Darkmoor.”

The compass now works in the Waterfront area of Zafaria.

Additional deck naming and equipment set naming options have been added.

Overhead names will appear correctly when using Ram mounts.

The time to activate the teleporter from Oasis to Temple of Storms has been reduced.

The keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + V” will toggle game sound off and on.

The Boots of the Frozen Desert are now properly named as boots rather than Robes.

The level 90+ and 100+ versions of the Pixie’s Mask of Encanta, Glorious Chivalric Plate, Glorious Chivalric Boots, Summer Palace Helmet, Summer Palace Sabatons, Night King’s Sabatons, Night King’s Crown, Night King’s Plate and the level 100+ Mysterious Jade Boots have had their stats increased to be more level appropriate.

Mr. Lincoln’s messages relating to purchasing your first house have been reworded to clarify that houses must be empty before they can be sold.

Dye Shops will now have a tab for mounts. Please note: no currently available mounts are dyeable, but the tab is added in preparation for a future dyeable mount to be added to the game.

Various spelling errors throughout the Spiral have been corrected.

The Hydra mount’s legs now lift into the air when jumping.

Fixed an issue that prevented items from being sorted by school in the Bazaar.

The Transmute Agave recipe can now be purchased by Legendary Artisans.

Fixed an issue that caused players’ capes to appear wonky after equipping Wonky the Donkey.

Fixed an issue that caused spells that attack all targets to be unintentionally cast when a player would attempt to enchant the spell with an unusable enchant.

Fixed an issue that prevented the “I need more energy” menu chat option from displaying the full text.


April 30th, 2015


Based on player feedback, Socket Wrenches (while still rare) will appear more frequently when defeating bosses. Socket Wrenches are now also available as a potential reward within the Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack.

Jewel crafting recipes have been renamed to accurately reflect the potential resulting levels of Jewels possible.

All Jewel Crafting recipes have had their crafting level requirement lowered to Novice.

Jewel Crafting recipes have had treasure card requirements reduced.

To accommodate your Jewel Crafting needs, Zan'ne in Krokotopia has now sells Blade Treasure Cards. The Archivist in Celestia has added Spears and Global Treasure Cards to its inventory. Kiliman CopperLeaf has also picked up some Spear and Minion Boosting Treasure Card. Francis Lux in Avalon has taken to selling Minion Boosting Treasure Cards as well.

Fixed an issue that prevented Jewel stats from being viewed while socketing Decks.

Archytas in Celestia now also sells perfect gems.

The Tanglewood Stalker is now a potential reward from the Tanglewood Terror gauntlet instead of Baddle of the Bands. The White-Striped Ziger is now a potential reward from the Baddle of the Bands gauntlet instead of Tanglewood Terror.

Musical instruments from the Baddle of the Bands can now be sold at the bazaar.

Quest helper will no longer point to locations within Tanglewood Terror for quests in Tanglewood Way.

The first time players enter a One-Shot Gauntlet, a warning will appear to clarify that it can only be used once. The Advanced Gameplay Option for Dungeon Warnings can now be set to show warnings only for One-Shot Gauntlets.

Fixed an issue that caused some spell cards on pets to appear as a white box.

Fixed an issue that caused the Hawk mount to display as invisible.

Fixed an issue that caused critical to not affect the Burning Rampage second hit.

Rotten Beets and Vampire Carrots now like the Red Barn Farm and Botanical Gardens houses.

Fixed an issue that prevented attacking a tendril during the Aphrodite battle from canceling the spore attack.

Fixed an issue that caused Athames from Aphrodite to have incorrect statistics. The percentage damage resist is now correctly listed as critical block.

Fixed an issue that caused charms to stop rotating during the battle with Aphrodite.

Aphrodite, Lambent Fire and Takanobu are now more likely to give you items for your school.

Item Identifier will no longer list duplicate locations.

Four spider related badges have moved from the Wizard City to the Krokotopia category.

Fixed an issue that made it difficult mouse-over and see your teammate’s chosen cards in battle. Also fixed an issue that caused arrows to appear misaligned in Spectator Mode.

Fixed various issues with the Join a Team pop-up windows.

Fixed an issue with Join a Team that caused some players to be erroneously removed from their dungeon after entering.

The quest Wizard Tours has been reduced to 5 steps for those who encounter it for the first time. If the quest is already in your quest log, you will still have to complete all 9 steps of the previous version.


May 20th, 2015


Fixed an issue that prevented pets from facing the proper direction when running backwards.

Fixed an issue that prevented the dye shop from previewing selected colors on stitched items.

Fixed an issue that caused the Death tendril in the Aphrodite battle to cast too many Deer Knight attacks when it was affected by a damage over time spell.

Fixed an issue that caused the Lady of the Falling Sky badge to not display properly.

Purchasing a 7-Day Rental Himoolayan Yak mount no longer prevents the purchase of a 7-Day Rental Alphyn mount.

Zan’ne in Krokotopia now sells the Nature’s Wrath Treasure Card. This will allow easier access for those who need the card for the quest Needle and Luck.

Removed the “No Sell” label from the Pyramid of the Lost Horizon house.