May 2021



The 4th Arc continues! Players who completed Karamelle can now pick up a new mainline quest, "Old is New Again," in the Arcanum. Uncover lost mysteries that set the stage for our next world release!

With the Spring Update we also introduced new items, events and event rewards, and improvements on many adventure systems. A couple of challenging new skeleton key bosses also await you. Need a friendly guide to explore it all? We’ve also added new social systems (with more to come!) to help you connect with fellow wizards.

A special thanks to the many fansites and livestreamers that hosted giveaways, contests, and livestreamed the new content starting since Test Realm. Now that it’s all on the live servers, let us know what you are looking to see more of in future updates!

Before diving into the newsletter, a quick review of what’s happened recently in the news:
  • APR 16: Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet Feedback Friday
  • APR 17: Annual Fansite Festival weekend begins
  • APR 20: New Housing & Gardening forum section
  • APR 21: Spring Update Released
  • APR 21: New Great Sky Train Robbery Pack
  • APR 29: KI Live – Springtime is in the Air
Keep updated on the latest news for next month on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, including special announcements from community fansites! Read on for more fun happenings with the community and their Spiral activities.


The Spring Update included several important combat tweaks (with more to come in future updates). Check out Ratbeard’s dev diary below to get all the analytical balance details on what’s changed:

“The biggest change in this update from a combat perspective will be the new Damage and Resist stat limits. Rather than continuing on a 1% bonus per 1 stat point linear progression, both Damage and Resist will now follow a stat curve – a limit function – that gives diminishing returns for higher stat values." - Ratbeard

Read the complete dev diary on the main Wizard101 website. Note that while this dev diary is based on last Test Realm, the changes are now implemented on live since the Spring Update was released.


The Spring Update for Wizard101 has arrived! Throughout the show we answered your questions about the update, gave away multiple in-game items (see below!), and more. Professor Falmea also clarified some macOS questions, talked about the new socialization features, and of course Ratbeard had much to say about continued PVP and stat rebalancing.

It's always a blast hanging out with the community, so let us know what you most like about KI Lives so we can continue to make them even more fun to watch.

Tune into the show, now available on YouTube:

Secret Reader Bonus - As of this newsletter's announcement, for those who didn't get a chance to redeem the KI Live giveaway code yet, we opened it up again (LIVETRAINLOOT) for another 500 redemptions!

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A great gameplay tip submitted to KI Live comes from StormCloud:

"When scrolling through the Social tab, you can see your fellow wizards’ quests! Any quest highlighted in blue is a quest you have, so be sure to gloss through the list for people with blue quests from time to time!" - StormCloud


Ratbeard and team hosted a PVP changes roundtable during last month’s Test Realm with community guests BlakePVP, TheAwesomeSauce, and ZeusDevo. If you ever wanted more insight into how decisions are made on balance changes during testing events and how we incorporate player feedback, be sure to check out this livestream now on YouTube for a great discussion:


Cast some magic of your own and create a never-before-seen spell card for this year’s Create-A-Spell Card Contest! Get an opportunity to win some great prizes, including up to 10,000 Crowns and some additional spell support for your wizard.

We’ve never run a spell creation contest before, so this is your chance to come up with a truly unique and earth shatteringly powerful card to show the community. Will it destroy enemies with lightning speed, balance its power with beneficial group effects, or some other effect that hasn’t ever been seen at all in the game before? The Spiral’s the limit!

Winning Categories (one winner per main school per category)
  • 7 Masters of Magic: 3 Celestian Spellemental Packs, 10,000 Crowns
  • 7 Magical Magicians: 2 Celestian Spellemental Packs, 5,000 Crowns
  • 7 Honorable Wizards: 1 Celestian Spellemental Pack, 2,500 Crowns
See the complete description and prize list at the Create-A-Spell Card Contest page!


Adam has been busy creating more cool new art! This month he naturally focused on the recent new Spring Update content, including the new Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet.

Check out his latest concepts below!

“Here's the loading screen for the new Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet. Lots of fun on this one, trying to push the dynamism of the composition.” - Adam Roush

“Here's a couple mount /pet concepts. We went in a different direction for the retriever pet, making it more traditional/ smarter looking.” - Adam Roush

“Here's Judge Veg. It was pretty fun to play around with that iconic Judge Dredd look while applying some vegetable motifs.” - Adam Roush


WALK WITH JAY - Please join us May 12th to honor & remember our friend Jay who lost his battle with cancer in March. @thebestcorey1 will be streaming on Twitch from 5pm-9pm est. Proceeds from stream go directly to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Bundle giveaway and more!” - Mason GriffinWalker

Jay was a dedicated Wizard101 player, many of you may know him from his love of adventuring through Wizard City to see new players coming into the game. Please join the stream and remember Jay while supporting a charity for a children’s hospital.


By: Kyle IceWielder

We love giving players fun and adventurous housing items, like gauntlets and games, to decorate your dorms and castles. Sometimes though a more sentimental piece is great too. This Spring Update we released the first art book housing item for the game!

Here’s community member, Kyle IceWielder, showing off the art book that includes some classic pieces you may have never seen before:


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Ravenwood Academy’s Home Sweet Home Contest continues until May 17! Winners will be announced by May 31 on Ravenwood Academy’s website and social media pages.
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