Masters of Magic

Alexander Froghead

Flint FrostFist

Gavin Rose

Lauren MistCloud

Alexandra Sunblossom

Scarlet BattleShade

Tara Sparkle

Magical Magicians

Tyler GoldFlame

Roslyn RosenShield

Christopher RainbowFountain


Andrew DayCaster

Colin FrostWalker

Daina LotusFlame

Honorable Wizards

Wolf SoulThorn

Amber RoseFlower

Roslyn EarthBane

Tanner Hex

Mason ShadowCloud

Rowan MistBlossom

Luke FireBreath

You can also see them presented on last month's KI Live show!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this latest contest! If you didn't win or didn't get a chance yet to show your entry to the community, you can do so at any time on social media. Just include the #W101SpellCards hashtag in your post!


Cast some magic of your own and create a never-before-seen spell card for this year’s Create-A-Spell Card Contest! Get an opportunity to win some great prizes, including up to 10,000 Crowns and some additional spell support for your wizard.

We’ve never run a spell creation contest before, so this is your chance to come up with a truly unique and earth shatteringly powerful card to show the community. Will it destroy enemies with lightning speed, balance its power with beneficial group effects, or some other effect that hasn’t ever been seen at all in the game before? The Spiral’s the limit!


  • Hand or digital draw and design a spell card for one of the seven main schools.
    • On Card: Include all key indicators and areas you see on a normal spell card.
    • Off Card: A description of the spell and its benefits (as well as drawbacks, if any), its school and other use requirements, and if it’s for PvE, PvP, or both.
  • Submit to by May 23, 2021 at 11:59pm CT.
    • Subject should read: “Wizard101 2021 Spell Card Design Contest Entry
    • Include your main wizard’s name and the card design and brief (100 words or less) description (including if the card is PvE and/or PvP, a Treasure Card, etc.)
    • Card design can be as large as you wish, but please ensure a minimum width of 300px, plus additional space around the card if you add any framing.
Optional: Share your spell card design on social media using #W101SpellCards. We’ll be selecting an additional 5 random social media entries on top of the category winners to win 2,500 Crowns!


Winning Categories (one winner per main school per category)
  • 7 Masters of Magic: 3 Celestian Spellemental Packs, 10,000 Crowns
  • 7 Magical Magicians: 2 Celestian Spellemental Packs, 5,000 Crowns
  • 7 Honorable Wizards: 1 Celestian Spellemental Pack, 2,500 Crowns
KingsIsle will review all entries and choose the most creative, intricate, and fun designs. While art quality is a part of the selection process, amazing card art won’t be the sole determining factor. Be unique and show us something new! Honorable Wizards will be selected randomly (within all who meet the requirements), so be sure to enter no matter your skills.

Winners will be notified via email by May 27, 2021. Announcement of the winning submissions will be on the following KI Live, posted on social media, and included in the next newsletter.

If you have any questions, reply to your original email submission or any of the community social and forum posts that are open during the contest period.


  • Entries must be received before 11:59 PM CT, May 23, 2021 (Sunday).
  • Only one entry per person. Any group entries will only receive one prize total.
  • Entries must be original creations. Any that use copyright, others’ works, or inappropriate material will not qualify.
  • If you are under age 13, ask your parent or guardian permission to participate.
  • This design contest is just for fun! Entries are not expected to be actual designs implemented in the game (though we reserve the right to do so).
Let the spell casting begin!

Need help getting a design started? Download these templates!