02 April 2015


Catch the Spring Festival...

…before it’s gone! Eggbert is in the Spiral for only a few more days, young Wizards! Make sure to visit him in the Shopping District of Wizard City to get special Spring Festival items. This includes seasonal wands, the Pet Egg, as well as the Spring Hare mounts and bunny costume in the Crown Shop. There are also new Spring Festival fish for you to catch.


New Updates


Coming Soon to Wizard101

Currently on the Test Realm are updates to bring a shiny bit of bling to Wizard101! These include a new Jewel Socketing system that allows you to craft and add Jewels to some of your items. New One-Shot Gauntlets provide a fun adventure and some really cool rewards. Fishing is coming to Dragonspyre with new spells and new sentinel fish. The Join a Team kiosk allows you to help players all over the Spiral, from one convenient location. Challenging new skeleton key bosses have appeared for you to vanquish. New pots that hold up to three plants are available for your garden. An improved badge screen keeps your badges better organized. These and more helpful changes are coming soon to Wizard101!


Get to Know Greyrose


Ravenwood Roll Call

Get to know the Professor of Ice Magic, Lydia Greyrose in the first Ravenwood Roll Call.


What's happening in the community?


Around the Spiral

In celebration of April Fool’s Day, KingsIsle did a behind-the-scenes video with the office’s newest employee, Malistaire Drake. And don’t miss out on your chance to get Wonky the Donkey, available for a limited time.

Kingsisle Live for March showed off some of the new Jewel Socketing system and the Baddle of the Bands. There was even a guest appearance by Game Designer, Matthew Fahey, who helped answer some questions about the socketing system. Watch the full version at our YouTube page.

MMORPG.com hosted a developer journal that gives some insight into the creation of the new Jewel Socketing system from Producer Leah Ruben and Designer Matthew Fahey.

With the new update on the Test Realm, lots of fan sites weighed in with their thoughts on all of the shiny new additions. Check out all of the coverage and insights below:

Ditto Monster got crafty this month! Everyone’s favorite Fabricated American posted a tutorial on how to create your very own magical wand in real life.

Adventures of the Spiral celebrate two years of blogging with a clever scrapbook contest.

In celebration of the International Day of Awesomeness, Frostcaller made a list of 6 awesome things in the Spiral.

Spiral Radio released episode 31, with discussions of news in the Spiral and beyond.

With the free training point buy back member benefit during March, lots of players took the opportunity to train new spells. Mercenaries for Hire created this great guide to the best spells that you can get for your points.

For National Pancake Day, we created some magical pancake wizards. Have you ever created a Wizard101 inspired treat?

The Origami Crane and Origami Cardinal were added to Wizard101, and Petnome is already documenting all of their talents. If you have one, help out by submitting your information to Petnome.

Alex Stormlight at Wizard101 Central shared his remarkable Stairway to Heaven house that is two years in the making!

There are still a few days left in the Wizard101 Central Spring Contests. Enter now to win some awesome prizes!




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