01 October 2016


Break Out the Spooky Scary Skeleton Pirates!

When the chill hits the air and pumpkins begin to appear, you know it’s time for October and Halloween. Likewise, when Jack Hallow comes around and Spooky Bob is back in the Spiral, things get just a little bit more fun!

We’re excited for the season here at KingsIsle, and it’s great to see so many fans already getting in the mood. YouTuber Skelemystyk already began his Halloween celebration early by training a Gobolantern pet. Edward LifeGem is already planning on holding a Halloween run in October! Why don’t you tell us . . . are you getting excited for Halloween this year in Wizard101? How are you going to celebrate? Maybe by donning a skeleton pirate transformation and casting a skeletal pirate spell on a skeletal pirate? Why not!?

This month will be full of fun surprises, and while our upcoming KI Live on 14 October will mainly focus on Pirate101’s birthday, there’s also going to be something special for our Wizard101 players as well. You won’t want to miss this one!

Please read on for more community fun! Our Arcanum Scholar spotlight returns again this month, and we’re kicking off this year’s Extra Life team with some great incentives. (There’s a new mystery bundle to be had from your participation!) Thanks for reading!


Turn Your Attention to Arcanum


Hello again students and graduates of Ravenwood. As a reminder, every other month we will be sending the new Arcanum Scholars a simple questionnaire for them to answer. We think you’ll agree that there is a lot that is unknown about these new scholars, so let’s see what we can find out! This month we queried Ione, and some of her answers were quite interesting.

Name: Ione Virga

Likes: Efficient Spellcasting
Rock Lifting Competitions
The Smell of Ozone in the Morning

Dislikes: Rubber Armor
Romantic Poetry
Any activity associated with Hobbies

Favorite Spell: Iron Sultan

Favorite Food: Protein-Enriched Graphite Powder mixed into Vitriolic Energy Smoothies

I was born. I studied Storm Magic. I was recruited to the Arcanum as the Storm Scholar. That is all you need to know.

Favorite quote?
“Just Cast It.”

My friends describe me as . . . ?
A strong, focused Diviner, an honest and efficient Speaker, and a direct and decisive Leader. I feel… hopeful, at least.

How I feel about Magic?
Magic is the product of elaborate, yet fully understandable laws. Some claim it is mysterious, but I feel… pity for them. They will never attain proficiency. To master Magic, one must study it. Intensely. Then, when one fully grasps the fundamental aspects of a particular spell, it can be cast. But one should never “dabble” in Magic. This can lead to disastrous results. Do not do that.


Extra Life


Join Us Again for Extra Life

KingsIsle is happy to announce we will once again be participating in the Extra Life charity gaming marathon. This year the “KI Gamers” team will be led by none other than Dworgyn! If you’re unfamiliar with our Extra Life efforts from the past two years, please take a moment to catch up!

What’s so great about Extra Life? Their site explains a myriad of reason why this is a great cause, and we agree. What could be better than gaming while helping raise funds for your local hospitals? If you’re worried about 24 hours of gaming, please remember that you don’t have to play for 24 hours straight.

From the Extra Life FAQ: “Keep in mind that you don’t have to participate for 24 hours straight! Extra Lifers are heroes but they’re still human! Don’t forget meals, bathroom breaks, and to take plenty of opportunities to stretch. If you’re feeling tired, put your game down and go take a nap! Make sure you get plenty of sleep in the week leading up to your marathon. Click here to read up on more of our safety tips.” In short, participate on game day, but (as they say) “do it your way!” (You can even spread those 24 hours out over a few days if you’d like.)

Sponsor Our Team

Visit our team page, click on “Roster” and choose a member of our team to sponsor. Click on the “Support Me” button on the player’s fundraising page to donate as much as you would like. All donations go directly to the team member’s chosen Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

Join Our Team

Visit our team page, click on “Join Our Team” to sign up for Extra Life as a member of our team, committing to play games for 24 hours and raise donations to help us meet our team goal. When you join the Team, you also become eligible to win some great prizes from KingsIsle based on the amount you raise.

If you have any questions specifically about the KingsIsle Extra Life team, please send an email to community@kingsisle.com.

We look forward to an amazing day of gaming for a great cause and thank everyone for their support!


What's up in the Community?


September was a great month in the community, and most of the action centered on Wizard101’s eighth birthday. As always there were some great posts, videos, and other fun things that caught our eye. Here are several that caught our eye:

Thank you all for your Happy Birthday messages!

We’re happy you loved the eighth birthday Gobbler Mount. We loved your reactions on our own message boards and on Wizard101 Central as well.

It was nice to see your reactions to the Birthday Gift Boxes and the new “stubby” sharks we stocked the ponds with for our Birthday as well.

Stars of the Spiral also showed off all the new Stubby Sharks.

Blaze LifeHammer was in on the festivities as well. You can see him catching the new Stubby Sharks in this video.

The new Gobbler Vision housing item made quite a stir as well.

Thanks to Vanessa Mythdust and MMORPG for this great reflection article on our birthday.

Send help! ZenMaster Blue was abducted by a gobbler!

Paige Moonshade gives us an “Ode to a Birthday Cake” to celebrate our birthday.

Thank you to all the fan sites that took a moment to wish us a happy 8th birthday!

Flash 33 held his annual 9/11 ceremony. Thank you all for your commitment, efforts, and participation.

Which areas in Wizard101 do you think are the most creative? Here’s a fun thread that you might want to join.

If you’re looking to craft the Treetop Getaway, then this recent guide on Adventures of the Spiral might be just the thing you need.

Looking for rare jewels? Duelist101 gives the details about how to get rare jewels from gardening.

Duelist101 also started a neat new series looking at Wizard School lore:

We were sorry to hear Ditto had been sick! Take a moment to spread some kindness to your favorite monster.

Swordroll gives his top 5 Skeleton Key bosses.

Looking to share Wizard101 jokes and puns? Here’s a great thread that you might want to participate in.

Check out these tips from Vanessa on when to use your lane drops in Pet Derby.

If you could have any wand in Real-Life from Wizard101, what would it be?

What’s your favorite Narrator line?

Which creatures cause an emotion to boil up inside you? Whether it’s laugh, cry, or otherwise?

ZenMaster Blue made an awesome video telling a few of the hidden secrets of Wizard City.

Mercenaries for Hire starts a new “Your Secret Weapon” series detailing useful spells you may have forgotten about.

The time to theory craft is once again upon us, and Wizards of the Spiral take the opportunity to revisit the Ancient Zafarian Prophecy.



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