December 2018


Celebrating the Holidays in Wizard101

Screenshot From: Brecken and Autumn

We’re excited to see so many players having fun exploring the new content in Wizard101 this past month! With Empyrea Part 2 now released, Wizards can now get to level 130 with access to new gear, quests, and much more. There are even cute new pets you can obtain while adventuring in the world!

As always, none of this would be possible without your support, including receiving all the bug reports testers have submitted when on the Test Realm. Thank you, Wizards!

Here are just some of the incredible things that went into Empyrea Part 2:

  • Level cap increased to 130
  • Gold cap increased to 525,000
  • New level 130 Henchmen
  • New level 125 Jewels for Socketing
  • New quests are available when you make it to Day 12 of your Daily
  • Assignment rewards!
  • New Photomancy quests
  • New level 130 PvP gear and other powerful equipment
  • New PvE gear and weapons
  • New Pets to obtain from wandering bosses
  • New Trees of Magic ranked spells
  • New Crafting Recipes available in Nimbus Citadel
  • Introducing the new Whirlyburly mini-game! Check out the KI Live episode below where we play a couple of rounds of Whirlyburly.
  • And much more!

Since we love producing gameplay videos, here’s a new one of Empyrea Part 2’s release!


What's New


Other Wizard101 News

Let’s take a quick look at some of the things that have happened this past month:
  • 12 Days of the Spiral has officially kicked off! See what daily goodies you can get. The 12 Days runs for... you guessed it, 12 days from Dec. 6th!
  • Get a free Gingerbreak Pack for every 2990 Crowns you end up spending! Offer runs from Dec. 7th to 11:59 PM Central on Dec. 9th.
  • Harvest items returned in the yearly Thanksgiving festival of events!
  • A new Abracadoodle, #194, was released! Adventure through the story below.
  • We honored Veterans Day with a free Peace Dove Pet
  • We gave away several All Souls Pegasus Mounts in a giveaway with MMOBomb.com
  • Extra Life donations reached a new record for this year! Congrats Wizards!

10th Anniversary Video - Part 4, The Community

We dedicate this final Wizard101 10th Anniversary video to you, the community! Thank you Wizards for a wonderful 10 years in the Spiral. Here's to 10 more years of exciting adventures! Have a look:

Due to time limits and whatnot, we were only able to highlight a very small portion of this vibrant community. We thank ALL of the community for being great community members, so you are all a part of this video in spirit! See the video description for a list of who was included.

KI Live With Sparck & Falmea

While we celebrated with the Pirate101 community their birthday last month, this month’s KI Live is dedicated to the release of Empyrea Part 2! We took a tour of Empyrea and even fought a few intense battles alongside the community! Have a look:

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Renee Wooften Interview at Ravenwood Academy

From Ravenwood Academy: "Recently, the Ravenwood Academy staff had the pleasure of spending some time with Renee Wooten aka Renee Wooften, one of the Associate Producers at KingsIsle. After spending 3 years answering customer inquiries, in-game issues, billing concerns, and bug reports and then becoming an Associate Producer we decided that she had an interesting perspective we would like to hear more about. We really appreciate her taking the time to answer our questions and can’t wait to see what exciting things she brings to the team in the future. Also, what IS she up to in Olde Towne at that tunnel??? Let’s see if we can find out. "

Ravenwood Academy: Empyrea Part 2 added Whirlyburly, can you tell us if there are any plans to build on and expand it to make it more appealing?

Renee Wooften: We always envisioned Whirlyburly to be something that we wanted to expand upon depending on how players received it. I hope we get a chance to expand upon it and would love to continue getting feedback from players on the forums!

RA: Can you tell us if there are any plans for updates to keep the current influx of players interested, or will we be continuing to mainly see the big half-year updates?

RW: We always strive to balance out quality of life and content updates. Quality of life is typically revisiting systems that are already in place and how we can make them more enjoyable or accessible to players.

Read the rest of the interview at Ravenwood Academy!


Zone of the Month


Introducing Northeast Aero Plains

Continuing our coverage of Empyrea (last newsletter we introduced the starting zone), we asked the game’s Content Designer, Anders Fischer, which zone in Empyrea was his favorite, and it was the lovely Aero Plains!

Name:Northeast Aero Plains

Location: The Aero Plains span the Empyrean island of Neumia, sitting below the massive Nimbari Citadel of Nimbus. The Northeastern section is beyond the landing zone of Port Aero and the connecting Southwest Aero Plains.

Places to See: The vast grasslands of the Aero Plains are home to those Dwarves who fled the contentious politics of Athanor. Renouncing their former titles as Fire or Ice Dwarves, these Aero Dwarves worked with the native Nimbari to construct a series of Storm Turbines that absorb the energy of the Paradox Chain of Myth and Storm and funnel it back to Nimbus. This provides plenty of raw power for the Nimbari Technologists to work with, while also creating clear blue skies for the Dwarves.

But this doesn’t mean the Aero Plains are free from dangers. The Myth Strand of the Paradox Chain is comprised of the raw, unfettered power of imagination - bringing stories to life and peppering the fields with all manner of strange creatures. To the Northeast specifically, one must contend with the fearsome Meowls, the mighty Fangles and the Humongisfrogs – which are similar to the Myth spell Humongofrog, just more ishy.

There are no safe paths on the Aero Plains, no paved streets, just endless rolling hills and monsters in every valley.

Things to Do: The Wizard must venture to these vibrant and untamed wilds in their quest to discover the true nature of the Dark Cloud. Here, they’ll meet a very particular Nimbari, battle the legendary Frog Prince, participate in an old-fashioned Snipe Hunt (now with actual Snipe!) and ultimately find their way to the Aero Dwarf town of Velo City.

There are sidequests aplenty to be found as well, though almost all of them start in one of the two nearby towns. The local Fangles, for example, are central to sidequests for the Frazzled Aerobot in Port Aero and for Hattie in Velo City. But Wizards can also talk to Ug the Troll to liberate his bridge from a trio of particularly Gruff Goats. Or learn the epic origin of the Aero Dwarves by helping the innkeeper Constance.

People to Meet: Take a moment to talk to Sheriff Etta in Velo City. She’ll send you to rescue Grandma from the Big Bad Wolf. Experience a classic fairy tale narrative with a boss fight you won’t soon forget.

Which area in Wizard101 should we spotlight next month? Let us know by tweeting your suggestion @Wizard101 or by emailing community@kingsisle.com!


Screenshots of the Month


Fan Screenshots

Double feature screenshot month! The first screenshot comes from Andrew Stormwielder with Bat, son of Spider, in the background. Great work in caption your character with Bat!

Screenshot from Andrew Stormwielder

And the second screenshot comes from Trevor Golddust with his character and scary looking t-rex roaming around Marleybone’s Regent’s Square!

Screenshot from Travor Golddust

We love to see your screenshots every month! Send us your best and high-res screenshots to community@wizard101.com (three max please). We can’t wait to see what you capture!


Community Spotlight


Fan Art

We have some truly amazing talent in the community, wow! This month’s fan art spotlight goes to two individuals, one with a drawing and one with a neat costume!

Here is Victoria Starblood for this fantastic concept art of her wizard:

And here is Blaze StormCloud with his very batty costume!

Amazing creativity Victoria and Blaze! Thanks to all wizards who submitted art for this month’s newsletter. We need to see more art from our fans! Do you have something to share? Send it to us in an email to community@Wizard101.com!!


What's Up in the Community


Community News

New Empyrea Part 2 wallpaper from Frostcaller! Right click on the image below to save the file.

“The Magic Flute” story video from Peyton Lionheart of Esperance.

DuelCircle’s Christmas Clash returns for the 4th year!

Legends of the Spiral 25 Days holiday contest has begun!

To honor our veterans, the Petnome Project and The Untold Spiral featured the new Peace Dove pet.

Around the Spiral and Secrets of the Spiral announced their next events!

Also help Secrets of the Spiral to rename their stream in a new contest.

Support The Untold Spiral charity mount campaign and help AbleGamers Charity.

While farming can sometimes take a while, Final Bastion found a solution to make farming more interesting.

Spiral Radio provided viewers with an update on their livestreams and videos.

Ravenwood Academy dove deep into the music found in Wizard City, Krokotopia, and Marleybone.

Wizards can now get as much as 308 energy! Stars of the Spiral showcased good gear to get here.

To become a more efficient wizard, check out DuelCircle’s guide on the hotkeys and shortcuts that you may have overlooked.

GrandAdmiralRobbie shared VoiceoverPete’s funny announcement to all Wizard101 gamers.

For Thanksgiving, Legends of the Spiral members created artistic, thankful turkeys.

Castle of Crafts created Dezzy’s Closet, which features any gear you might want to craft.

With winter coming, the Arcanum’s Archives invited wizards to their Wizter Festival.

DuelCircle invited players to the 4th annual Christmas Clash.

With the new Night-Knight Crowns Reward Weekend event that went on, Final Bastion shared information and feedback.

The Aero Plains Bundle is now available online at GameStop and wizards were excited to see what it had to offer:

Empyrea Part 2 has been released and many wizards shared their guides (WARNING: Spoilers!):

From Wizard101Community.com: “For Wizard101, one of the things we’re doing is encouraging the community to reach out and share their stories on how Wizard101 has touched their lives. Or just any kind of story they want to share, we want them to reach out and we want to spotlight them. Best email for that would be community@ravenwoodacademy.com!”

The unaffiliated-with-KingsIsle “Community Newsletter” had a great selection of Wizard101-related links this month from around the web. NOTE: Be sure to visit and follow their Twitter page for more information. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a Direct Message to them over Twitter inquiring to be added or email them at community.newsletter.101@gmail.com. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending them an email with the phrase “UNSUB”


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