September 2019


Happy 11th Birthday Wizard101!

Happy 11th birthday Wizard101 community! We officially celebrated Wizard101’s birthday on September 2nd, though that didn’t stop us from kicking off celebrations on KI Live the week before.

We celebrated for 11 straight days with something special happening on each one. Highlights include Wizard City free for a period of time, a decorating contest (winners listed below!), and our first annual Community Recognition Day!

The grand finale of the celebrations though was the release of the Grandmother Raven video...

Now for a quick lookback on all the August activity:
  • JUL 29-AUG 4: Shark Week
  • AUG 1: First Live Beastmoon Hunt with new 'Sizzling Summer Update'
  • AUG 2: New Grizzleheim Lore Pack announced
  • AUG 5: New Bumbershoot Mount (floating umbrella) announced
  • AUG 11: We hope you didn’t ‘myth’ the Myth Deckathalon event
  • AUG 12: New Twister Dance announced
  • AUG 19: New Ray of Sunshine Teleport Effect announced
  • AUG 25: New Kirin’s Bundles announced
  • AUG 26: New Eclectic Slide Dance announced
  • AUG 30: Celebrations for Wizard101’s 11th Birthday begin
  • SEP 2: Wizard 101’s 11th Birthday!

As always, keep updated daily on the latest news for next month on Twitter and Facebook!


We kicked off last month's KI Live with a festive round of birthday celebrations in preparation for the start of the 11 days of activities. We kicked off our 11 days of birthday magic on last month's KI Live with some festive decorations and birthday shenanigans! You can now watch the show below and celebrate with us once more Wizard101’s birthday!

For more videos and livestreams, be sure to subscribe to KingsIsle's YouTube channel! A tip from this month’s KI Live comes from community member LookitLight:

“In the Beastmoon Hunt, do not underestimate the power of Team Chat! If you need help, call for it! If you need to strategize, you can do that too, and the other team won't hear!” - LookitLight


Congrats to the winners of the 2019 Birthday Party Decorating Contest! We had several categories of winners to cover all of the social networks, including a late addition category for videos. See all of the winners below!


Autumn Thunder

Cassandra Willowleaf

Daniel Legendhunter

Mary Dreamwhisper

Tiffany Iceheart


Alexandria Sparklecaster

Richard Unicorncaller

Daniel Dragonblade

Julia Moongem

Rachel Moonleaf


Amy Rosehammer

Autumn Thunder

Brooke Darkheart

Diana Winter

Megan Icebreeze


Alexis Rosepetal

Victoria Storm

Katherine Silverblood

Sarai Dragon

David Stormheart


Julia Sparklegarden
Iridian Willowglen
Housing Headquarters
Alura Nightcrafter
Ellie Blue

(Some are not linked due to the original platform's sharing capabilities)

Even if your entry was not selected, we’ll be featuring all the entries on September’s KI Live. We'll announce the date for the next KI Live in a couple of weeks!

If your screenshot or video was selected, we will do our best to get your prizes to you right away. Please also contact us at community@wizard101.com with a link to your original social media post, or reply to the e-mail submission you originally sent to confirm your winning entry.

Visit the contest's official page for a list of all the winners.


Last year we had released a video during the 10th Anniversary that recognized many community leaders, but now we want to make it an official sort of yearly holiday that involves the entire Wizard101 community! This exciting event occurred on Day 8 of the birthday celebrations.

We are grateful to all of those who participated on this particularly special day. We shared some quotes shared on social media from various fansite leaders:

Stars of the Spiral: “I always have enjoyed the way the community team interacted with the community and often they were the glue that kept the players connected to the game. Thank you for allowing me to be one of the cogs in your machine aka a community leader!”

Around the Spiral (with video): “I would like to send a major thank you to all of the fansite owners in this community! Continue keeping up the great work & bringing this community together.”

Ravenwood Academy: “Today, on Community Recognition day, I would like to recognize every one of you, the friends and family that make up this community. Thank you for helping us to bring friendship and kindness to the Spiral! Join our Discord server for a special giveaway!!”

DuelCircle (with contest): “We’re celebrating Community Recognition Day by having a follow-spree contest for our fellow official sites. The contest is simple, get an entry for following each official site on Twitter. You’ll also be able to get an entry each day by tweeting about the contest through our rafflecopter system below.”

For all Twitch and other livestreamers, we thank you for streaming the game throughout the week!

ZONE OF THE MONTH: Throne Room of Fire in Krokotopia

The traditional and ever popular Zone of the Month continues with a discounted offer! Moving back to the infamous deserts of Krokotopia, this month we’re featuring the Throne Room of Fire. Access to this area usually requires 915 Crowns, but because this is our zone of the month, we’ve discounted this area to 730 Crowns through September 22nd!!

Sam Johnson, KingsIsle’s Lead Creative Designer, and Mike Sears, Creative Designer, have been quite pleased with the community’s reactions to the Zone of the Month segments. They would like to know what you think of this latest one! Post a comment on social media, in the official forums, or contact us directly and let them know where you would like the Zone of the Month to be taken next!

Name: Throne Room of Fire in Krokotopia

Location: Krokotopia


“The Throne Room of Fire is a dangerous dungeon in the Pyramid of the Sun where you confront the Fire-aligned Kroks in search of the Order of the Fang. Some places in this dungeon will pull you away from the safe haven of the walls for combat.” - Wizard101Central

Secrets: The Map Room...

“One of the zones has the map room in it with a miniature of Krokotopia in the center. When it was first built, I simply shrunk down the entire hub and put it there. As things were super busy, I moved on not realizing I never went back to optimize it. FF to launch, we have a problem with this interior that for some reason has a giant memory footprint. Guess which one? So, we went back and had to optimize it.” - Sam Johnson, Lead Creative Designer

Who’s That Boss?

In order to get the Serpent Staff which is needed to locate the hidden Order of the Fang, this is the first boss in the Throne Room of Fire that you’ll need to defeat. Once you defeat him, Prince Manu Nirini will relinquish the staff to you, which you can then use in the Map Room for identifying the hideout of the Order of the Fang.

Which area in Wizard101 should we spotlight for next month? Let us know by tweeting your suggestion @Wizard101 or by emailing community@Wizard101.com!


For Community Appreciation Day, the community shared on social media their exciting in-game moments from this day or from the recent past. Here is Mark Star Dreamer’s character as he visits Marleybone!


For this month’s fan art spotlight, we are showcasing Radiance Reborn’s team drawn by Nikachu:

"We're a group of 9 who host events to bring everyone in the community together to have a fun time! Nikachu (Pictured dozing off) made this amazing piece for the group!" - Radiance Reborn


Also from Community Recognition Day, here is a video from Edward Lifegem recognizing all of you on this special day:

We would love to see more screenshots and art from the community for next month’s newsletter. Do you have something amazing to share? Send it to us in an email to community@Wizard101.com! We’re always interested in showing off more fan art, gameplay guides, and other content.

Thanks, Wizards!


Screenshot taken by: Swordroll

Final Bastion:

Ravenwood Academy:

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