April 1st, 2018


Not a Drag in Wizard101!

April will be an excellent time in Wizard101! First, life’s “never a drag” with our new Ball-n-Chain mount. Next, the content in the current Test Realm is almost sure to make an appearance in the Live Game! Finally...oh...you know...we can’t give away all our secrets!

March was also a great month:

Keep reading for more information on your favorite game, and thanks for playing Wizard101!


Zone of the Month


Zone of the Month: The Crystal Grove

Every month in the Wizard101 newsletter, we take a closer look at one of the many strange and beautiful areas of Wizard101. This month we’re taking a deep dive into The Crystal Grove in Dragonspyre. As per usual, we’ll be discounting this area until 15 April to celebrate.

Name: The Crystal Grove

Location: Ashley the Fire Tree in old Dragonspyre Academy first sends you here on a quest to speak with Zarek PickMaster for a Flawless Raw Crystal for your Dragon Rider’s Staff. At this point in your questing you’ll be in the Dragonspyre Academy area. The hallway leading to the Crystal Grove is just to the right of Ashley.

Description: The Crystal Grove is a land touched by death and fire, where crystalline spiders crawl and giant beautiful crystals sprawl across the landscape. Here, ghosts will guide your way, and spiders will get in your way! But it’s also a land rich with loot, Reagents, Fishing, and fun.

Cost: Typically The Crystal Grove is bundled with Dragonspyre Academy for the cost of 1,200 Crowns, but because The Crystal Grove is our Zone of the Month, we’re discounting this area to 950 Crowns until the 15th of April 2018!

Zeke Item? Yes! A Stone Rose is hiding in a copse near Vika MarkMaker. (See pictures for hint)

Chests: Yes! There are both wooden and silver chests in The Crystal Grove. (See pictures for hints)

Secrets: It can be very easy to get lost in The Crystal Grove, but there’s a great teleporter to help you jump from one side of the grove to the next. While you’re here, don’t forget to collect the Animus of the Blighted FreeRooter and Stray Fireflier! Bael EmberLight has a really cool looking Scimitar you might want hanging on the wall of your house, as well!

Reagents: You can collect Deep Mushrooms, Lava Lily, Ore, and Stone Block here. Even if you get lost, there’s always something useful around the corner! (See pictures for hints)

Fishing: Fishing came to Dragonspyre almost three years ago! There are a ton of Fish you can catch here, but one very interesting Fish that’s more unique to this zone (although you can catch it in a couple of houses and in Baobab Market) is the Pickled Herring--a rank three Life School Fish. However, no matter where you Fish in Dragonspyre, you’ll need to watch out for Red Armored Guard Sentinel Fish!

Teleporters: Yes! There are both teleporters to get around the zone and (as noted above) also side teleporters to jump from one side of the grove to the next.

What’s the 4-1-1? Zarek PickMaster, a grumpy yet helpful ghost miner, sends you to acquire a few Crystal samples from around the Crystal Grove in a difficult hunt for a Flawless Raw Crystal. Zarek lacks the Crafting skills to teach you how to make the headpiece, but he gives you the location of Milaka JewelBender, an expert in crystal cutting.

Unfortunately for Milaka (but fortunately for you), when you find Milaka, she’s caught up in a web of crystal. After helping Milaka rid the Crystal Grove of some pesky Crystal Spiders, she decides it’d be prudent to head to a safe house. Upon arriving, Milaka sets up shop and puts you to work hunting Crystal Spinnerets from the Crystal Spiders so she can use them to create and mold the headpiece to your Staff. She also needs 1) her Tools that the Titan Army left around in Crates after being chased off by Crystal Spiders and 2) her Jewelcrafter’s Table from Chronius, of the Titan Army. With all the essentials retrieved, Milaka Crafts you an exquisite dragon-shaped headpiece for your Dragon Rider Staff!

Your journey through The Crystal Grove is now complete as you head back to Ashley the Fire Tree, who sends you deeper into The Drake Hatchery now that you have your Staff.

Don’t miss this Side Quest! There are two epic side-quest chains in The Crystal Grove that make this area great! The first is picked up from Zarek PickMaster who will have you blowing a whistle all over this area looking for his lost Pet Spider named Cinder! The second is from a ghost named Kozel ToothTamer, an old Entomologist/Spider Tamer of sorts who wants to bring a sense of balance to the Spider population of Dragonspyre. This leads to encountering the “Mother of all Spiders” in the Crystal Grove, and a deranged “Spider Keeper” named Yeva, who’s bent on covering the entirety of Dragonspyre with Crystal Webs! Yikes! (... hmmm, wonder what Morganthe would have to say about Yeva?)

Who’s that Boss? Back in “the day” when Dragonspyre was the end game, Yeva SpiderKeeper was a hot farming spot since she dropped essential gear pieces for Myth, Death, Fire, Ice, and Storm Wizards. The question remains...how *does* she keep her pony tail elevated so high in the air? Is it some special Dragonspyre Lava Lily extract?



Story Time


Gamma Plans the Party!

Are you excited for the 10-year anniversary of Wizard101? So is everyone in Ravenwood! Every few weeks we’ll be posting (on Wizard101.com and on our social media sites) a new page of a children’s storybook that tells the tale of our Ravenwood citizens getting ready for the big party.


Screenshot Favorites


Screenshot of the Month!

It was incredibly difficult to choose our Screenshot of the Month. Thank you! Keep making it a difficult choice each month and soon you may see your talents showcased here in our Wizard101 newsletter. Just pack up your three best screenshots every month and send them to community@wizard101.com.

Our Screenshot this month comes from Morgan DawnRider, who captured a breathtaking moment near the Chronverge Gate in Mirage.

Awesome look, awesome staff, awesome pet, and awesome work, Morgan! For tips on taking a great Screenshot, check out this blog post with helpful screen shot hints. Don’t forget to press Control+G before you snap your picture!


Fan Art Spotlight


Fan Art Spotlight

Don’t wait until the end of the month to send us your fan art! Send it now! We love seeing all the great things our players create, so craft an email to community@wizard101.com, attach an image of your art, and let us know a little more about you. Thanks!

This month’s fan art comes from Joshua Nelson. This style is really unique. We love how the combination of pen sketch, photography, and digital art makes it pop!

Thanks for this unique take on your wizard, Joshua!


What's Up in the Community?


Test Realm Times and Fan Site Fun

The unaffiliated-with-KingsIsle “Community Newsletter” had a great selection of Wizard101-related links this month from around the web. NOTE: Be sure to visit and follow their Twitter page for more information. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a Direct Message to them over Twitter inquiring to be added or email them at community.newsletter.101@gmail.com. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending them an email with the phrase “UNSUB”

Don’t miss the Fansite Festival being hosted on April 15th! Wizards and Pirates all around the Spiral will be participating.

On MMORPG, showcased various underappreciated minigames that wizards can play.

In an effort to show that Wizard101 is not just for kids, Stephanie Dawnheart interviewed moms and dads all around the Spiral.

After the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Event, Edward Lifegem shared his favorite memories and moments from the weekend fun.

Cordelephant demonstrated his skill and determination as he played Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chilli Peppers on playable instruments.

With the Test Realm out, many wizards explored what’s new around the Spiral:



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