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Sign-ups Begin: Aug. 17 || Participant Sign-ups Deadline: Sep 9th 5pm CT || Challenges Start: Sep. 9th || Tournament Ends: Nov 4th|| Ultimate Prize Implemented: Q1 2023

Sign ups are closed!

Aug 17 - Sep 9: Sign-ups

Sep 9 - Sep 23: Challenge 1 – Themed Decoration

Sep 23 - Oct 7: Challenge 2 – Item Collection

Oct 7 - Oct 21: Challenge 3 – Speed Running

Oct 21 - Nov 4: Challenge 4 – PvP


Welcome To the First

Community Spiral Cup #SpiralCup

Welcome Wizards and Pirates, to the first official Community Spiral Cup! For the next two months, communities from all around the Spiral will compete for the Ultimate Prize: For each game, the winning team will have their community colors made into a Mount variant and a trophy variant! This is your chance to band together to permanently make your mark on Wizard101 and Pirate101.

To celebrate Wizard101 turning 14 and Pirate101 turning 10, we will also be giving away 24 YEARS of 1-month membership codes on top of the Ultimate Prize!

Every two weeks a new challenge will kick off during IslePlay. Your community will work together to place in the top 4 winners of each challenge over the course of two weeks. At the end of those two weeks, IslePlay will also be where challenges officially end.

The first challenge will kick off on September 9 and the last challenge will end on November 4. During each IslePlay stream (which will now be every two weeks, not every week) there will be a challenge. Wrap-up where highlights, strategies, and winners are showcased.


Cup Standing Points Table

Throughout the tournament, Communities will obtain points through placing in challenges. These points track your community’s overall Cup Standing to determine who will win the Ultimate Prize. The specific details of what your community will need to do to win each challenge will be revealed along with the challenge itself.

Two fun facts about the Community Spiral Cup. One: The size of a community will only be a serious competitive advantage for one challenge. Two: Free players will be able to participate in ALL challenges!
  • 1st = 5pts
  • 2nd= 3pts
  • 3rd = 2pts
  • 4th= 1pt
  • Art Bonus = 1pt
  • Meme Bonus = 1pt
As you can see, we will also be giving out 2 bonus points for each challenge! Anyone can enter by posting their 101-related art and memes on Twitter with the hashtags #SpiralCupArt or #SpiralCupMeme AND identifying what community they're a part of. The winners of these bonus points will be chosen by an internal KingsIsle committee.

Prize Pool Table for Each Challenge

Challenge winners will win a handful of 1-month memberships that will be given out to their participating members at random! Here’s how that will work for each of the 4 challenges:
  • 1st place: 15x 1-month memberships
  • 2nd place: 9x 1-month memberships
  • 3rd place: 7x 1-month memberships
  • 4th place: 5x 1-month memberships

The Challenges

The specifics of each challenge will be a secret until the day it is announced. This page will update with challenge details on what it is, how to participate, win, etc.
  • Aug 19 - Sep 2: Challenge 1 – Themed Decoration
  • Sep 2 - Sep 16: Challenge 2 – Item Collection
  • Sep 16 - Sep 30: Challenge 3 – PvP
  • Sep 30 - Oct 14: Challenge 4 – Speedrunning

How To Join

Community leaders' sign-up period is now until Sep 7th 3PM CT. Once a community is signed up, we will provide the leader with a link to sign up their community members.

To participate and be eligible to receive challenge winner prizes, community members must sign up BEFORE the end of their period: Sep 9th 5pm CT.

Community Leaders: If you are the admin/creator/leader of a community with more than 10 active members, use this signup sheet to apply to be a part of the Community Spiral Cup. Communities can be Discord groups, Content Creator fanbases, Guilds, etc. Click here for the link!

Community Members: Join the official CSC tournament Discord to sign up! You will gain the Participant role after 5 minutes of being on the server. Use those 5 minutes to read the rules and FAQ. If you don’t see your community in the list after 5 minutes, DM Hawkules#8429 on Discord and we’ll add it ASAP.


  • What counts as a community?

  • Anything with a central communication platform, really! As long as it has more than 10 active users. Wizard101 Guilds, Discord communities, wiki groups, content creator fan bases.... anything!

  • Can I participate with multiple communities?

  • No. You may only participate in one.

  • I’m the creator of multiple communities. Can I sign them all up?

  • You must choose 1 to sign up. You must participate in that community.

  • How long after the Cup winner is chosen will the mount and trophy be added to the game?

  • Because we will have to wait to find out the winner in October, the new items will take until January or February of 2023 to become available.

  • Will the winners mount and trophy variants be free to the winning community?

  • The trophy variant will be free for everyone. The mount variant will cost as much as the base mount it is based off of for everyone.

  • How will the free membership prizes be given out?

  • After IslePlay streams, KingsIsle will randomly select signed-up members from the winning communities and contact them via their account email with a code for one month of free membership. We will give the list of winners to their respective community leaders so they may announce the list on their Discord server or page of choice.

  • If I already have a membership subscription, how will a free month work?

  • The next time your bank charges for membership, the game will instead use up the free month of membership. After that month, your bank will be charged again normally.

  • Can I participate even though it’s after the sign-up period?

  • You may help your team strategize and play alongside them, but you will not be able to contribute towards the goal of each challenge. Example: The challenge is to collect a specific housing item. You may help a signed-up player fight battles to kill enemies quicker, but if you receive the desired housing item it will not count towards the overall community count of drops.

  • How will I know who wins the membership prizes? How will those winners get the 1-month membership prize?

  • We will announce which community wins the membership prizes on IslePlay. The list of specific players that win a 1-month membership will be made the following Monday. Players on those lists will receive their 1-month memberships by email in 1-3 business days.

  • Can I win a 1-month membership more than once?

  • There are no repeat winners per challenge. If your community wins multiple challenges, there IS a chance you can win multiple 1-month memberships.


    Selecting of winners, including how tie-breakers are determined, is at the sole discretion of KingsIsle within the published rules of the tournament.

    Anyone found to be participating in multiple communities will be instantly disqualified from Community Spiral Cups.

    Anyone found to be cheating, competing unfairly, including teasing or overtly harassing other teams anywhere in-game, on our sites, or on 3rd party platforms will be instantly disqualified from Community Spiral Cups. This is a friendly competition.

    If you are under 18 years of age, ask your parent or guardian for permission to participate. Player must have an active game account in good standing. KI reserves the right to disqualify a user from participating for reasons not explicitly included in this disclaimer.

    KI reserves the right to revoke 1-month memberships earned from this competition at any time in the event the award was earned by a user breaking any rules of the tournament, community wide Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, etc.

    • We’re rated E 10 and up for Crude Humor and Mild Fantasy Violence
    • We won the Massively Award for Best of the Decade

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