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zafaria glitches

Mar 15, 2011
ok, what the world is going on with wizards?

first it lets a bad guy use a myth shield against my storm spell to defend himself, then i get stuck after a battle in the fight circle, but no bad guys to be found,

and then me and a friend go into the hard dungeon in zafaria (black castle?) and we enter the same time in the orbs, but once inside we are not in there together

what is going on with this game, i am starting to wonder if wizards are too pre occupied with the new pirates game and forgetting all the glitches and money people spend on the wizards game

this continues, i will not renew my membership and i will start talking to other players on why not to play this game or spend real money on it

May 11, 2012
KI help. there are still glitches around zafaria. i was on the quest at the barge in waterfront to get the bill of lading but unfortunately i can't reach it. ive been fighting the guards over and over again and still afterwards nothing happens!!! please help! im stuck here!!!! :(

Mar 29, 2009
I'm with Stormspear on this one. Getting into battles with no one to fight and having to log out to get unstuck is becoming a nuisance. Greyrose, with all do respect, linking beta patch notes give an absolute worthless answer. We're in live, not beta. Are these issues getting fixed or not? What can we do to circumvent this obvious glitch with fights in Black Castle?