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The Black Palace Bug/Glitch

Jan 02, 2011
I'm in Zafaria & have gotten this quest. I went in with a friend who'd already completed it. The dungeon was going good but after we fought Rasik and I destroyed the first stone, I was somehow pulled into an invisible fight. I was standing in position to fight but no one was there. I couldn't move but could access my Quest book and whatnot. I exited and returned only to be pulled back in to another one. My friend, who'd stayed, tried to come back and see what happened only to get pulled into one that wasn't near me.

Has anyone else experienced this before It's quite frustrating since I can't get to the last boss

Please help if you can!

-Scarlet Rosethorn, Level 72 Transcendent Necromancer.

Jul 26, 2012
Professor Greyrose on Oct 28, 2012 wrote:
Please see https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/update-notes/november2012#Misc
We will address this issue when Azteca is launched in the Live Game.
Does this mean I have to wait for the new world to come out? I have done all other quests and can not move on. Guess I will start a new character

Jan 21, 2010
This happened to me today as well. I had to quit and start over. The next time, I tried with 2 henchmen and the healer kept healing the other henchman, allowing me to die. So now I've tried twice, no success and wasted crowns.

This game has become a time sink and a joke. I have cancelled my accts and my 3 kids accounts. There are better games with more receptive customer service I can spend our money on.

Good Luck with a buggy game they don't fix when they realize it is bugged and wait for an expansion that will have more bugs.

Jan 21, 2010
Now my kids want to play Pirate 101. Hopefully it will be fun again for the whole family and less of a time sink, but I'm not holding my breath.

Mar 22, 2011
there's one way that i found that will help you in this situation. you can either wait for the game to kick you for inactivity or just bring up your task manager and end wizard101. when you relog and re enter the dungeon the bosses you already defeated will not be there. just be careful and hug the walls tightly to avoid being sucked back into the empty battlefield.