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What Ring and Athame should i get?

Dec 30, 2009
I am a level 76 Death, and i asking what Ring and Athame i should get? I currently have:

Ring: Aureate Band
Health: +280
Mana: +125
Power pip: +12%
Block Rating: + 15
Damage: +5%
Incoming health: +15%

Athame: Bears claw of Death
Health: +264
Mana: +145
Power pip: +13%
Block Rating: +5
Death Damage: 7%

I saw some really good crafted athames in Zafaria
I didn't really see any other good rings other than the Aureate band. I have been trying to farm the first boss of Tower of the Helephant for the Lexicon blade, cause that seems better than my original athame. I am not really looking for anything particular , just a really good athame and ring.

So yeah i am looking for a really good Athame and a good Ring.

Talon SpiritFlame Death=76

Feb 06, 2010
I think you should stick with aurate band. That 15% incoming is going to help with drains. Usually people get lexicon blade. Now for 90's only, they get a better ring. That's just how it is.