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Mystery Quest

Aug 04, 2009
When I became a Grandmaster I got a quest fo Col. Bvl. to find a lost guard! It says the boses are hard and can cheat! And it says you need four players to help! I dont know wha this is! PLEASE POST! THANK YOU!-Mathhew Pixieblood

The information about Briskbreeze tower was posted in the October 2009 Update notes

Are you Strong Enough for this Challenge?
There's a new tower in Colossus Blvd. The creatures within are far more powerful than anything Wizard City has ever faced.

Level 50 players can get more information from Sgt. Muldoon in Olde Town. Be careful as it is rumored the powerful boss creatures do not follow the normal rules of combat. They can cast multiple spells per round, interrupt other player's spells, and cast high level spells with little to no pip costs.

Should brave wizards choose to enter the Gauntlet of Woe, (and please remember, this is a completely optional area) be prepared for a very challenging encounter.

Aug 17, 2009
Jun 03, 2009
tremegirls wrote:
has anyone tried this yet? I have but never made it past the 3rd level.

My son and I completed it Saturday night.
I am a Storm and he is Death.
Our group also contained a Life and another another Storm.

We ran it pretty fast.
Our Life wizard helped a lot.

The fourth
level can be a killer. The boss calls a minion and if that minion calls meteor strike, it is death to everybody no matter how strong you are.
The strike is about 8000.

The final boss interrupts a lot and that makes him almost unbeatable but not impossible.

You just have to have a good group.

Good Luck

May 05, 2009
this is called briskbreeze tower. i beat it but let me tell you know: this tower is NOT for the light hearted. i reccomend getting as many storm people as you can, and if not get fire. make sure you ALWAYS brings a life person and if optional bring some life cards yourself. i beat it on my third try because the other two times i had to log off. good luck! Anthony Thunderblade Level 50 Fire