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Different lost pages question, KI please look

Jun 28, 2013
Dear KI,
I have looked at the message board for the answer for my question. I did see some answers, however not a full answer.
I am hoping this will clear things up for some members. this question is about the Lost pages quest line.
from what I have gathered is this;
1) The quest line comes and goes from time to time.
2) If you completed this quest line You can not complete it again.
3) When the quest line is over then the quest line is removed from your book.
My question is as follows:
My highest level character is a level 40 storm wizard.
I can start the quest and do what is available to me, according to the worlds I have opened.
However, I can not complete the quest yet.
Would I be able to complete the quest line in the future when I can access all of the worlds, when the quest line starts up again? Will is start for me at the point I left off? Being that you can not start it from the beginning? I would think it would be very unfair that I can not. Because then the only members that can get all of the badges are the ones who have all of the worlds open at the time of when they start the quest to begin with.
Please clarify this answer for me. Thank You, Mark Dragonleaf. LvL 40 storm.