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Am I the only one who sees this?

Dec 12, 2009
cyrus drake does resemble snape in many ways ,example: attitude, wants you to be expelled, asks you to get his laundry.

weird aint it 8)

Feb 21, 2010
i agree with neostar the girl Dorothy is like the Dorothy from Wizard Of
Oz she gives ruby slippers,she is from Kansas, and her quest is called
The Yellow Brick Road.

Dec 27, 2010
lavepen wrote:
lol yeah when i read this i just thought "your right", but some how he also reminds me of malistar. well thats my thought but any way well done seeing that! :-)
malistaire is cyrus drake's twin, so it would be likely that you thought of both of them

Sophia Lifecaster, level 13, Theurgist

"Inspirational comment here"

Aug 01, 2009
cyrus is like snape. has anyone notice that when you go to a school there is always a guy you don't like, i think cyrus is that guy!

Dec 08, 2010
trust me. when you get to a higher level cyrus drake acts less like Snape from harry potter. he is my favorite teacher! :D

Dec 08, 2010
texelf wrote:
I thought of him as Snape when he made you: a) Get his laundry(?!) and b) sent you with a letter to ask if you could be expelled!!!!!! Man, this guy's annoying.
i do not think of cyrus drake as being annoying! i like cyrus drake! even if he wanted me expelled. :(

Oct 04, 2009
I never really thought about till now but i think you are right!
I wish Snape had made Harry pick up is landry i would of cracked up :D

Oct 15, 2010
amber650 wrote:
I just realized Krokopatra is a scaley remake of the possibly kinder cleopatra. And I bet DS is based on Pompeii, the greek city buried alive. MS is acient china/japan. KT is acient egypt. WC is ... well you got me. GH is obviously Norse related. Last, MB is 19th century england.



lvl 17 pyromancer and proud of it!

(in game name is Amber Drake)

i agree wc is based on harry potter i heard candy land is a world

Apr 11, 2011
TayD wrote:
Definitely! However I would think Snape would be more of a death professor than storms.

Good catch!
Yes, and in the same manner that Snape wanted to be the professor of the dark arts, Drake has always lived in the shadow of Malistaire... the comparison fits.

Mar 28, 2009
Well they are both wizards, both have bad attitudes , so maybe cyrus was created by snape :P lol

Aug 03, 2009
Maybe it's that low, dreary voice and that "I-dislike-all-wizards-in-the-Spiral" attitude. :D

Jan 24, 2010
NeoStar wrote:
bean696 wrote:
Shirasaya wrote:

You may notice that a lot of the quest names aretongue in cheek word plays on pop culture. It was done deliberately.

i also saw a quest called "not in kansas anymore" where you find
Mr. TOTO and the tin man.

Yeah, and your reward (wait for it!).... Ruby Slippers from a girl named Dorothy ?

Dorothy GALE at that. Get it? "Gale" as in a very strong wind!

Oh, there are so many jokes and puns throughout this game, it's hard to keep up with them. There are also many, many allusions to historical incidents, people, and places throughout the game.

I'm certain that the KI team must be made up, in large part, by people who are of my generation, because so many of the easter eggs refer to pop culture in the 1970s and 1980s.

Such a delight :D


Jan 16, 2011
No, you aren't. He acts exactly like him because he hates, he tries to get you thrown out of school, and he is or related to someone evil...

Mar 13, 2011
catsend wrote:
BurntIce wrote:
It is obvious that cyrus drake is based of professor snape. think about it. CYRUS, Syrius. SNAPE, drake. and if you look around the world of wizard 101, many spoofs can be seen. for one, a unicorn way quest is called "saving private o ryan" which is obviously a spoof of the war movie "saving private ryan". So im pretty sure the developers meant for the resembalance.

Nice eye for noticing it though.

Incidentally, it's Severus (or maybe Snivellus, I liked it better) Snape, not Syrius. Sirius Black is nothing like Cyrus Drake.
i though sirius black looked more like malistaire except malistaire is way taller like 11 feet and he has no beard obviously :?