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You decide on a new world!

Sep 01, 2012
hmmmmmmmm maybe a dimension world!!! :D it has different area in it, 7 of them:
dimension of
dimension of
dimension of
dimension of
dimension of
dimension of
dimension of
and in each dimension, there is only enemies and bosses of that school

Jul 15, 2013
I think that its probably mirage, I mean KI has been holding that in for sooooo long and wow its gotta come out eventually

Nov 23, 2008
I would LOVE to see a world with REAL elves, not just teeny ones. By real, I mean the ones of legend. Tall, lithe, beautiful ethereal beings of great power.

Call me a true nerd (I even play live-action Dungeons and Dragons), but I love the stuff of old legends, so being able to see that put into my favorite game would be amazing.

Delaney StormGlade- Level 43 Pyromancer

Oct 06, 2013
Jul 16, 2010
I think it will be Polaris and it will be a space based theme, looking down at all the other worlds. Just my thoughts.

Oct 19, 2012
Wizard101FanWiki on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
How about an Atlantis themed world. All under water with mermaids and mermen, fish, sharks, coral, and more.

How about a Futuristic World. Or based on a kind of old sci-fi idea of futuristic. Robots, flashing lights, teleporter's, sleek building, etc.

How about a Moon Base world.

As a Piers Anthony fan how about a world of fantasy with pun speaking players. :-)

Along same line above say some World that speaks in riddles.

Of course their is always the classic knights, castles, dragons, and maidens in distress; medieval world idea.

Maybe a racing themed world.
Or an Amusement park themed world.

Then there is always the idea of worlds with individual school themes.

Thats just some ideas off top of my head.
lol the atlantis themed world is celestia; the medieval world is avalon, and i dont know about how racing theme and amusement park themes can get into the spiral

Ice IS strong

Tarlac Seaspearlvl 45

Mar 01, 2014
A world that's full of angels and you would battle the fallen ones. At the beginning there would be a simple definition between good and bad, but as the story progresses, it would be hard to decide which is the lesser evil. Halfway through the game you would help the fallen angels (who wouldn't actually be bad, but were only denounced from their titles because they tried to rebel against the angels) and possibly the main area of this world would change from being the main area of the angels to the secret hideout of the "fallen" angels. There could be two parts to this world; the first half when you battle the fallen angels and the second when you battle the true enemy. This world would be very light and dark, but once getting to the second half, the intense music of the fallen angels could be more relaxing and the angel's could go from light and airy to a more far away creepy feel. This world would have subtle changes in mood, music, lighting, and design. At the end of part one, your mission would be to steal the spiral door so that it would be placed in the fallen angel's hideout.
Sorry if my ideas don't make much sense, but if you have anything to add to them, please share.
*Also, if this world was loosely based off of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, that would be cool. Like, instead of being touched and sent to another point in time, if you're defeated or engage in battle with a certain angel, you would be sent to a random location/time in this world. Idk this could get very tricky, I just love the Weeping Angels. Or when they're walking down the street, they could move locations at any time depending on a factor similar to blinking.
Katie Smith level 44

Jan 03, 2012
jadaviafairy14 on Apr 20, 2014 wrote:
I would LOVE to see a world with REAL elves, not just teeny ones. By real, I mean the ones of legend. Tall, lithe, beautiful ethereal beings of great power.

Call me a true nerd (I even play live-action Dungeons and Dragons), but I love the stuff of old legends, so being able to see that put into my favorite game would be amazing.

Delaney StormGlade- Level 43 Pyromancer
I really like that idea. Instead of tiny midget elves, the tall graceful elves.

I'm thinking a world that nobody has ever seen before except its inhabitants. I guess sort of like Celestia, but nobody knows about it. Maybe it could be based off of a forest, where the elves hide in peace, where all of a sudden, they need dire help and have heard about you, and give you a key to their world, or something.

Aug 15, 2013
I would also like a world that is like Lord of the Rings but not exactly alike. The hobbits would be in trouble and the dwarves and elves are fighting together and you have to bring them back to peace. Then you go into the bad guys place(like Mordor) and its a really hard dungeon and stuff :D

Esmee Fairy
Lvl 51

Aug 15, 2013
mythrocks73 on Apr 20, 2014 wrote:
lol the atlantis themed world is celestia; the medieval world is avalon, and i dont know about how racing theme and amusement park themes can get into the spiral

Ice IS strong

Tarlac Seaspearlvl 45
I think that was because it was 6 years ago and they probably didnt have celestia and avalon back then.

Oct 11, 2013
I think there should be a balance themed world. or a fire themed world
Brandon Storyrunner-Level 45 Balance Wizard
Ive also mastered ice!

Aug 02, 2013
Ravensburg would be nice. since everybody thinks celestia is its not i think its . so back to RavensburgLike aquila, Ravensburg is part city, swamp and beach! when you first come to Ravensburg you start in the city part of Ravensburg and work your way through to swamp and beach. the beach land i called castleton, the swamp of congala, and the city of castarton. the element of Ravensburg is .

Mar 22, 2009
Food world.

Maybe its just my hunger right now, but since in triton avenue things were being "cursed" and brought alive, maybe food should be brought alive and trying to eat us before we eat them. P.S. Bring the gobblers back, they're hilarious and perfect for a world like this.

Dec 24, 2010
hmmmk on Aug 14, 2008 wrote:
BlackIce had some really great ideas that I'd be interested in seeing! :)

I'd also like to see those that Firlan suggested.

What about some worlds that are stylized, such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picaso, Renoir, Paul Klee, M.C. Escher, George Pierre Seurat, or even more cartoony? Could even be just one world that encompasses running through these artists famous works.

Interesting would be a world of optical illusions.

Underground, such as from the point of view of worms, ants, groundhogs, etc.

Land of entirely plants - orchards, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, meadows, etc.

World of musical instruments or musical objects such as sheet music or victrola's

Ancient Greece or Rome

Nordic Vikings

A world only in the sky

Playground or school building setting

A world in the trees or in a single tree with with things like tree houses, monkeys, flying squirrels, etc.

A gypsy world

Candy or sweets world with gingerbread people

A ghost town or the wild west

A cyber world, encompassed in a computer.

In a typical home, but from the view of a mouse or "The Borrowers"

In a book with a story like Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn or Pippi Longstocking.

World full of crystals, prisms & rainbows - all just color and sparkles

Only soft things, like pillows, marshmallows, clouds, etc. Could include super, sticky sweet, cutesy critters

A mansion or castle with hidden or secret passages.

A mystery world with famous detectives and a mystery to solve. Sherlock Homes, Hercule Poirot, Charlie Chan, Nancy Drew, Sam Spade, Perry Mason, etc.

Silent film or Roaring Twenties world.

I love the gypsy world idea

Alex silverstone level 79

Dec 18, 2009
You are in charge of designing and creating the next world, including the next villain. Make it as real as possible.
Write down:

1: Name of World
2: Theme of world (i.e, Krokotopia is Egypt and Zafaria is Africa)
3: Name of Villain
4: Tragic backstory

Let's get the brain juices flowing

Nov 12, 2011
It would be really awesome if there were more pirate101 worlds such as Cool Ranch or Valencia in W101.

Another thing could be a futuristic alien world and the 3rd arc antagonist would be there and pretty much try to blow you up.

There's already worlds based on Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Aztec mythology. There should be a world based on some other myths.

Adding a world centered around pets would be really cool.

also, 3rd arc worlds should have even more and .

Blaze Nightcloud level 46

Oct 31, 2013
Sherlock Bones on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
What kind of a world would you like to see?
I think a world for each school that only players from that school could acsess.

Apr 24, 2012
I think they should make a world like marleybone, marleybone is Like England but they should make one thats like France

Feb 28, 2009
I see a lot of people talking about a futuristic world but what about a spiral key to the modern world?

Maybe when KI makes a new storyline and bad guy (taking in consideration if they do continue the story), they could include an impending doom on the world our own wizard came from, the world that doesn't believe in magic. Invaders from a far away hostile dying world (alien concept) are attacking the modern world to create a new home for themselves and purge everyone else to their dying world.

In the path of rescuing the modern world from this new threat would be one or two other worlds in turmoil that are also being taken over or are already controlled by the new monster race. I guess their could be 3-4 worlds like the Malistaire quest line or maybe make these side worlds so the level cap wouldn't have to be raised.

If they were to go the Malistaire route of 3 or 4 worlds, they could have the worlds in this order: Some world already taken over and you have to free it, this causes them to attack the modern world which you must prevent, and then you go to the dying world to defeat the mastermind. That's how I imagined it.

Dec 18, 2010
I have two ideas. One of them is about wizard city's past while the other is about a special powerful person.

1. It seems like the 3rd arc villian has won. Your only hope is to go to raven wood and find young bartleby. You have to go to the center and find the staff of the spiral. The will be lots of riddles and challenges. You can't get the staff in the present because it has been destoryed by time and it's too hard to reach. It may seem easy but ravenwood is divided but it will be hard to make the bridge to bartleby. Even bigger, you have to start at dark cave and fight your way to ravenwood. The only two safe zones are a place at the dark cave and ravenwood because the rest is taken over.

2. There is a powerful person who you and two others got to rescue. If said person falls into the wrong hands, the villian will be unstoppable. The person has the power of the spiral in their hands. Only your character will hear strange voices along the way. The twist is that your character is the special person! Your character is sent into their memories by the 3rd arc villian to slow them down. You'll see lots of cool stuff. You'll see the character's parents and uncover their past. You have to find a way to ravenwood. Once you're done, your next world will be your character's home world where you'll learn even more!

kiley lightleaf lvl 87 wizard

Aug 08, 2013
Ambrose:i'm sorry for what happened to morganth
As she was the student for malistaire we thought he might have given her the eye of bartelby
after you fought her we searched her in hope to find it but no luck
and as you've earned the exalted title i'm about to intrust you with the most urgent mission
Look For Bartelby's Eye
to help you get started look for zarzania or zaltana and ask her to take you to morganth's lair to look for some clues the clues lead you until you find the eye in the hand of a dark shadow as you try to get the eye it fells and break dragging you into the past
my idea is simple 'Back In Time To When Ambrose And The Counsil Of Light Fought For The First Time' the old nemesis of ambrose and the spiral 'a half human half shadow' his magic is pure shadow as he was the first shadowmancer
As it was very popular please include some RP fights as members of the counsil of light as it help us to get the story better and it's more fun

Jul 26, 2011
The only problem with this is that Malistaire was originally supposed to KICK Morganthe out of Ravenwood but Ambrose did instead. Bartleby surely had both eyes. Once Malistaire turned bad he took his eye and fled Wizard City. IF Morganthe has the eye it's because she raised him from the dead in Azteca by taking his coffin from Dragonspyre and forced him to tell her where the eye. Perhaps it's on Morganthe's Staff? or in Ambrose's House? Only time will tell. And I am positive Ambrose never studied Shadow Magic due to Grandmother Raven and Bartleby restricting it for it was far to dangerous. From the looks of it he's most likely an Astral Wizard. Though Morganthe's Arc is over and where a new one begins we will surely have another great story and enemy. Great idea though, maybe we'll find the eye in the next arc? And How can we have not found it by now? If bartleby can still see the future (since Malistaire took the Eye of the Past) how come he hasn't seen where someone (Us or another villain) finds it and takes it. Other than that maybe it could be new quests in Khrysalis or a side/main world.
Megan Frostflame Level 100

Jan 23, 2010
I think KI is doing Polaris, Mirage, Empyrea, hidden lands and broken shores because it says that we will fly there at the end of Krysalis part 2

Mar 17, 2014
I think a underwater/atlantis themed world

A dragon themed world

Jul 06, 2010
Maybe one with demons and angles in a war against one another!