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You decide on a new world!

May 27, 2013
What about a world of ice that is just like Aquila but with Norse myth instead of Greek myth where you have to fight Loki at lvl 30 Thor at lvl 70 and Odin at lvl 90 with secret bosses like the father frost giant dude.

Also what about a death world all the other schools get a world or 2 krokatopia is balance ice is marlybone(i think so because most of the O‘rileys are ice) fire is dragonsphere myth is pigwit and aquila life is mooshu and azteca storm moon sun and star get their little world of celestia but death gets nothing so i think a death world with zombies and banshees as bad guys and ghosts of people that died in the games as good guys like malistair and his wife we can even add krokotep (wow dont know why he poped in my head) as a good guy to why not they done it in well of spirits it can be a connection to haunted cave (remember the door)

i might be typing too much but i still have two more worlds

What about an oppisite world where the professors, the headmaster, the order of the fangs, the dogs of Marlybone (well you get the point) were all evil and mean and the villans were good and you had to beat all the good guys then Ambross will be the boss (sorry if i spelt your name wrong headmaster)

and finally my last world

what about a world that Bartaby (sorry if i spelled your name wrong i am not very good at spelling) and Mother Raven made by mistake that is a wasteland with ooze people representing the bad sides of people and are plotting to take over the person they represent and you have defeat them. It can be a dungeon and you can bring three friends with you like any other dungeon but you have to battle the boss solo.The boss can be your bad side and his name can be Yours Badside ane you have to battle your bad side.

see you l8r Jason Waterblade (go diviners)

Apr 08, 2012
A world in the sky and sea where there is no ground in the sea fish crabs pirates and old ships. and in the sky well we would have powerful lords of good and evil cloud monsters golden capes and gear the last stand for evil a a portel that is sealed shut that can lead to another spiral and the spiral is a vacation world [sorry if spelled wrong] with hotels shops beaches new magic schools and spas a great place for wizards to reset after beating morganthe and the only way to unlock it is by re fighting the jade oni lady black hope and 4 thunder horns plz staff of w101 make this world offical

Aug 04, 2013
I think there should be a world thats in the sky like a world on clouds and most of the monsters are and and the main story would be about the giants and you have to help them by doing quests. Also zeus from the immortal games could be up there and monsters like an ice guardian or storm lords and evil clouds. and one main quest would be a bunch of evil clouds block the spiral door and no body can get out and the player has to defeat a evil cloud lord like the lord of the evil clouds to get the spiral door free

-Dakota nightrunner

Jan 27, 2010
How about a completely food themed world with food people and food monsters and food pets i mean imagine having a pet pizza or cupcake that would be epic

Jun 03, 2012
hope theres a ice world, or a real city world, cause marleybone, and wizard city are definitely not cities, small towns, make it a techno world with tall huge buildings, and flying cars, and lazer sword, and electric guitar wands, and for the ice world, make it literally out of ice, those are some worlds I hope to see hidden in our spiral.

Apr 11, 2012
Megan here! I hope that the new world comes out soon. Sure, i'm not evening half way in Azteca, but i can still make it. But anyways i think the new world should be ............ EMPYREA! I hope that it is! I even have the spell ideas! Fire: Burning Tower. Ice: Frosty Roads. Myth: Car Crash. Yes i lknow there are 3 out of 6 but i couldn't remember the rest. I hope everyone has a nice day.
Megan Skywalker level 82 Ice Wizard

Jan 20, 2010
To be honest ! No new worlds ! There's enough as is ! Sorry to disappoint you all but that's what I think ! BUT, if you really want to make a new world make all the already existing ones all mixed up in a new chaotic world where things are more evil, upside down, no gravity, cannibal buildings, dangerous NPC's that can actually start a combat with you randomly, mobs with any school skills, etc...

Mar 13, 2012
nullYou mean 3 out of 7. Plus, those are to real life-ish spells and not really apporpriate or a 10+ game.

Jan 30, 2013
I personally would like to see Dark Moor come out.

Oct 22, 2011
Maybe a world full of mechanical mishaps like Marleybone where maybe Dr. Von Katzenstein escapes and discovers how to build androids (being robots that look like humans not a phone) and they get out of control so he contacts Marleybone or some other world and they agree on the condition that he turn himself in as soon as this is cleared up, the world that accepts remembers this "Young Wizard" that helped them and they contact Headmaster Ambrose and he sends for you. There could be office buildings populated by the remaining androids that are still loyal to Katzenstein. The main boss could be Dr. Katzenstein's "Greatest Creation" so he is constantly stalling by pretending that you need certain things to defeat or summon the main boss. It could be called Landdroid not crazy about the name though.

Malorn TitanBreaker LVL 46

Tarlac Stormrunner LVL 7

Nov 20, 2010
What about an alice in wonderland type themed world, with like giant mushrooms and your quests can have you grow and shrink in size

Apr 09, 2011
Maybe ambrose gives us a spiral key and we open the door and its earth and we meet our mom and dad and the wands could be for boys maybe skateboards and when they do spells they do skateboard tricks and the girls could use perfume bottles??? and the clothes could be regular kid clothes and the mounts could be cars or bikes and the pets could be bunnies, kittens , or puppies . and there could be a small place with a library a school, or a supermarket?... invaded by aliens from another planet. and the hoard pack could have like school outfit theme and stuff. .

Dec 05, 2009
I was thinking of a world with a new school Technomancery. The world would be a world drifting throug the void between time commonly entering a new time era. The story is when you finish Azteca Ambrose gets a distress call from the year 7189 he does not understand it and sends students to figure it out. When they get there an old ghost from Celestia appears (with the year Celestia was destroyed in 3001) and he tells you the dark magics have arisen (Technomancery was devolved in 4408 and then banished into the void in 4456). A man on this world has started a group called the Technateers with one mission to destroy the world tree in the year of 1808 so wizardry would never devolop. He sends you to the first area The Fallen Ages were you go through a gap in time to enter when Celestia is destroyed. When you get there you run into a Lobster (lobsters grew dominate on Celestia in the year 2509 when the crusteation and picieon empires were destroyed by the Lobstorian empire.) confronts you. He tells you a That the all of his time is near and a time searer (man from 66098 who has used time travel for evil.) is trying to destroy Celestia. He comes and confronts you at the very end of The Fallen Ages. Next you go to the Golden Ages you are confronted by( the golden ages are when time travel is created.) a Robot...to be continued.

Mar 12, 2011
What about a destroyed wizard city like world with an enemy way more powerful than grand master someone even stronger than the immortals someone who uses ,,,,moves and well wizard city in flames

Dec 05, 2009
nullThe robot then sends you to the vault, the time vault (time travel was created in 66098). Inside the time vault there is portals millions of portals each big enough and powerful enough for a single man or woman to go through. When you walk up you see a guard and you notice that the robot told you to go to him. You ask him if he had recently seen abnormal activity.Hesanswers you with a no. But when you walk around the building you see a giant hole in the wall. You climb through the wall you see Searers everywhere walking around (Searers rank 14 elite) you then see a man right outside the hole examining it. You talk to him andhe asks you to defeat 10 Searers to get information on why they are here.After you defeat them you walk into a dungeon to the year 16007 when Marlybone explorer Sherlock Bones The 129 is born. His father, Sherlock Bones The 28th guides you through the dungeon where you are first attacked by Space Searers ( the Searers who went to Marlybone rank 14 ). Once they are defeated they tell you to go to there boss Mansco Junst (rank 14 boss in Technomancery ) attacks you. Once he is defeated Sherlock Bones The 128th tells you to defeat 10 Searer Scavengers to gain information about the Open time vault.(Searer Scavenger rank 14 elite) After that I do not have any more ideas please post more onto this. But first the world name is Timearia. Card bundle is called The time traveller set. Card pack is Time Travellers Horde. After that please post more.

Austin IceThorn level 65

Mar 30, 2011
Hi! ever feel like you want to level even more well how aboult a new world for these players who want to level more even more i introduce to you the new world Polaris! this may sound femillary to those who play pirate101 because you might have hear catbeard speak of it but still a world is a world in this world you must save polaris and stop morganithe from takeing the arcane scroll of ice she will use to shatter polaris into tini little icecubes this might be a tough world for ice mages so better pack some prisms this will have fish warriors crazed penguins walrus warriors and crab assains and clam zombies

Jun 12, 2009
nullWell in wysteria a cat girl says she is from a desert world called mirage so maybe kingsisle was putting. Hint into there next world

Dec 25, 2010
nullI love most of these ideas especially the one for individual school themes

each wizard would chose 3 of the worlds and then play in them
they would be about as long a krokatopia

or mirage that the wysteria girl said

Apr 22, 2012
nullI think you all did a fabulous job on the creativity that went into making Azteca and Aquila. They are absolutely beautiful in scenery and imagination. There is a lot we can do to continue adding to wizard as well as pirates. I do however think we should add some skill building like, having farming, crafting, fletching, fishing, mining for ore ect. and all having a purpose, there is so much more potential for this game that we can add for years more to come. How about adding skill capes for achieving these skills with skill levels that go up to level 99 as well as a special quest capes with cool emotes to show off for bragging rights to go along with our badges as well as Veteren Armor or capes with emotes showing how long our dedicated and loyal players have been playing. What bout adding Zamorack for chaos, Guthix for balance, and Saradomin for upright. This could add a lot more ideas in this wonderful world of fantasy and mythology plain of the spirals.


Sep 27, 2009
Please create "Mirage!" You know, the world in which Nalia Dunestrider, who competed in Wysteria, originated! Make it like Ancient Mayan culture, with temples and jungle and rivers!

Christopher Rainbowpetal, archmage thaumaturge

Jan 27, 2013
How about a world where you defeat Morganthe and then a new villain comes in. Like... Um.. A student from Ravenwood that is Death? (Almost like Malistaire but way worse) and there could be worlds like:

-A death world. Full of zombies, undead creatures, and etc. Where you have to find the king of the undead before the dreadful Marduk who is trying to destroy the Spiral by taking the Deadly King of Death Staff for tearing the Spiral apart and remaking it into his own.

-A Ice world. Full of Mutated polar bears, ice dragons, wolves and rabbits. Where you have to go to the Queen to help her unfreeze her whole kingdom, because Marduk had frozen everything just because the Queen refused to give her crown to him. And in the last dungeon Marduk steals her crown and heads off to another world.

-In this world its peaceful, beautiful and... Full of nature's wraith In this world, its all about death and life. Where you have to go find the kingdom that was once lost in the time of the Marleybonians. Where you meet up with a Dog that has said to be lost in the world for years and has been trying to find his way back. He tells you that there is a mystic dark cloud over the land. He tells you that he has no idea where it came from but that it suddenly appeared out of the sky. You have to find out where it came from and make it sunshine filled and happy again. While you are there the Dreadful Marduk has taken a key to another world where he will try and find the Spiral's Song of Originality. Where he will try to recreate his own world.

- You get to the Spiral's Song of Originality and battle the Dreadful Marduk. You defeat him and the Spiral is safe once again by the wizard. In that world you return everything that was stolen and you go back to Ambrose to tell him all about the Adventure and he sees you are becoming more and more powerful every day. You then go off on another Adventure. But that is for years to come.

Hope you enjoyed my ideas

Cori Rose

Jan 27, 2013
How about the world where the young wizard comes from is in danger and she/he needs to go back there to help and they find out that there is a new villain there that goes through the spiral door and the young wizard has to go and make sure the Villain doesn't destroy anything else. While the Villain is in a world full of beautiful sites and all he makes a town/city disappear and the young wizard has to find it? and use his/her magic to bring it back to the place it was. and then in another world there is like full of alligators and reptiles from all around. Where you have to find the Frog King and you find out that the King is dying so you have to find a potion from one of the Frog Witches and you have to go get stuff for it. and then you go back to the King and he is restored to full health but realizes that his magical ring has been taken. So you go to another world to help Ambrose with a problem that has came up. His home world is being chaotic again! you have to go to another part in Avalon that is called Amonotic (A-Mon-Oh-Tick) Where you battle creatures that came from no where. you help the King of Avalon dwell with the creatures and you find that the Crown of Thrones was taken from him and he says if it falls into the wrong hands the spiral could be destroyed forever.

Well that's all I can think of for now.. Hope you enjoyed

Cori Rose

P.S. I love love LOVE this game ^-^

Jul 26, 2009
nullPiers Anthony sounds cool. Maybe something along the lines of the Blue Adept where all spells have to be rhymes and you cannot cast the same one twice in the same battle.

Jun 16, 2013
A theory I have for what the main plot of Part lll is:
The main villain could be our own professor, Moolinda Wu (No offence Professor wu, I am still your faithful student)

Maybe she poisoned Sylvia drake, knowing that she would eventually die and her death would turn mallistaire evil with grief, and becoming the new life professor could be just a bonus.

Amy Lifesong ,Initiate Theurgist,lvl 11,
(no disrespect to moolinda)

May 08, 2012
well maybe you can go into a world like a big farm where you talk to chickens and goats for quests.