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You decide on a new world!

Aug 01, 2010
Adam Dark on Mar 10, 2021 wrote:
I would like a world like Arcanum very techy, and very futuristic, maybe dark space where it has the same swim style as underwater but its more floating. Like Moon planet on Destiny 2
Cool idea

Nov 25, 2012
I want to see a In Book world that takes insperation from various famous art styles like pop art and doodles and also from painters Salvador Dali and Van Gogh :)

Jul 24, 2012
OH, Maybe a Ravenwood Rescue Mission

Ravenwood wizards are in all parts of the spiral right? it's ashamed we never fight with or meet other Alumni of the Academy.

It can start out as investigation and lead into something more sinister.

Sep 06, 2012
What about a world of crystals and gems. The people can be like humanoid stars or something. Kind of like stevens universe

Nov 27, 2019
could do one set on a moon in the spiral. it'd be related to celestia. it could be set in a very futuristic space lab. where you'd have to repair stuff and kill enemies blah blah etcetra etcetra. the enemies would be moon, sun and stuff. though maybe a rank 12 to rank 13 elite or something. it could be unlocked maybe around avalon or azteca, providing a nice amount of xp with some good loot - however the world can be either short or long. i dunno thats just a short idea i got

May 14, 2020
I'd love to see a Puzzle World.

You know those platform puzzle games, where you have to unlock things in a certain order? Why not have a world with a bunch of mini-puzzles. Locked gates, keys, unlocking abilities ("world cards" that exist in your deck, but only while out of combat, mainly for getting around the world - "Jump", "Teleport", "Phase Through Matter").

Also, time travel puzzle games are fun. Jumping to the puzzle's early state, where a door might not have been locked yet, might be a fun way to get through a puzzle. Jumping forward, to a state where a portion of the puzzle is solved, could also be fun. The trick could be knowing when to jump forward or back, to avoid taking a wrong turn.

I'd prefer if this were a series of mini-puzzles. Nothing more than 10 minutes long per puzzle, on average. Perhaps 15-20 in an optional side-world. With some puzzle battles in there for good measure. (Crab Alley, for example, had some challenges. Perhaps not as tough, though.)

Nov 14, 2012
Wizard101FanWiki on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
How about an Atlantis themed world. All under water with mermaids and mermen, fish, sharks, coral, and more.

How about a Futuristic World. Or based on a kind of old sci-fi idea of futuristic. Robots, flashing lights, teleporter's, sleek building, etc.

How about a Moon Base world.

As a Piers Anthony fan how about a world of fantasy with pun speaking players. :-)

Along same line above say some World that speaks in riddles.

Of course their is always the classic knights, castles, dragons, and maidens in distress; medieval world idea.

Maybe a racing themed world.
Or an Amusement park themed world.

Then there is always the idea of worlds with individual school themes.

Thats just some ideas off top of my head.
A Moon based world would great AWESOME!!! Some new moon spells or Moon enhanced or even more Moon school Shift spells (really loved that 100 shift spells -although i wish we didnt have to waste so many pips when moon spells can save you pips..)
Really enjoyed that about Khrysalis. Maybe something to tie in with the residual damage Morganthe supposedly caused after her "disappearance" and some aliens getting influenced by Moon and shadow magic from afar and coming to "our" Earth hoping to idk...lol. Sometimes I go somewhere else. But it starts the convo.

But yeah I love a Moon based world long as it doesnt resemble Khrysalis, Polaris or Mirage so much. Maybe some mixture of space-yness, cold wet, and dry and hot and flat or tunnel-y areas (far-thinking solar/lunar eclipse type)
and probable like DS did traveling in time maybe something about timed events to coincide with the orbits/phases of the Moon.

Using that to enhance our Moon and some Astral spells or bringing out the further potential of Moon School. Moon School could do so much more I promise. I love the transition of polymorphs and shift spells. Maybe the ability to shift minions with extremely high resist/block etc....soo much potential.

Nov 14, 2012
The Chilly Ice Wiz... on Mar 27, 2021 wrote:
How about our home world, Earth!

Maybe we have to go there and prevent something from happening.

Just an idea of course, but could be fun if done the right way.
Defintely our Earth, Moon, Stars, Sun, and Galaxy. With new Moon Spells and Time based events like the solar/lunar eclipse and phases of the Moon we use to get Home. If Merle Ambrose summoned us to the Spiral, whose to say we cant travel back either. Maybe a mission of something about the Astral deities being influenced by Shadow magic and tricked by evil turned Wizards etc from the Spiral we havent seen in a while. Makes for an interesting storyline and can definitely have us traveling through the 11 schools of magic to get home. And we learn spells pertaining to the area/world we are in. (like the spiral or galaxy teaches us more shadow magic/shadow enchanced school spells. The Moon and Earth being the next areas teaching us Star enhanced School and Moon spells on the Moon, and Shift School spells [Earth]- maybe to diguise ourselves to get into secret places. Then of course, the Sun as the Final frontier. Maybe differing Sect fighting, over trynna take it over or ending this universe totally. And they use Sun-Shadow spells. And we learn something along those lines.

I was just spitballing but I did love the Astral school spells. I especially think Moon school, Polymorph and Shift spells couldve gone so much further. Im seeing Orson Scott Card "Ender's Game/Bugger Wars" here, just with aliens and not bugs. Not another independence day but it could work with some Alien vs Predator themes...Oh and maybe more Dragonspyre time travel stuff. See the Earth Through the ages. Evil wizards going back through our timeline distorting events to make the "Savior of the Spiral" never occur....

So Moon(Aliens), Earth (Humans/Robots/Technolgy), Sun (Predators), and the Stars (from the Spiral to ours-evil Wizards and we use this as a portal to reach our home) of our galaxy. At least 2 sects (Alien vs Predator) fighting over control. Earthians send shuttles to scout life and find something terrible in our universe-and the discovery of magic. Earth uses magic science tech out distress call, we travel home (through the ages of the Spiral). Learning new magics of the Astrals and fighting each school's deities. Land on Moon, face "Aliens". Enlist their help to go to Earth. Once home, we find fellow turned "Wizards" like Duncan Grimwater and learn of the Cabal sending wizard agents throughout our History and Universe distorting major events/phenomenon and have to fight them while convincing the "Humans" to help. After finally gathering more humans/robots/tech across the Earth realm, we take the fight to the "Predators" on and in the Sun....Wizards vs Humans vs Aliens vs Predators.

Apr 09, 2020
Hello, id like to see a world that looks heavenly, a high fidelity world with lights everywhere maybe allot of reflections that almost has a tint of a cybernetic theme? Maybe make it look like a dreamy place too? Maybe it can be a heavenly city/world but I think the monsters should look like something from yugioh some cards in wizard do capture that aggressiveness maybe have cybernetic serpents with wings, allot of monsters reminiscent to the cyber dragon monsters in yugioh and their malific versions.

Apr 09, 2020
Wanted to add on to what I mentioned, the kind of monsters id like to see would be like the ones I mentioned before something reminiscent to cyber dragons from yugioh, their malefic counterparts along with other malefic monsters, most of all pls take qs from monsters like stardust dragon, malefic stardust, shooting star dragon, Cosmic Blazar Dragon, their looks would be fitting for a world like I mentioned they look futuristic, yet a weird heavenly look to them

Dec 23, 2010
Maybe one with each area a schools theme?

Aug 20, 2009
Apr 03, 2017
Lol I know this is many years late but I would like to see a world where we go back in time many years, like when ambrose looks young. We kinda had something like that with the B.O.X.E.S. event but I would really like to see something like that in this game. It's something different compared to the other worlds we have, idk would just be nice tbh.

Jan 28, 2018
a world where every thing is done in trees. some of them are giant and have space grown inside as well as outside for structures. bridges, zip lines and gondolas to go between the trees.

the world where Bartleby and the school trees originated centuries or millennia ago. could use the treetop getaway style in there as well.

Dec 26, 2013
I say we should do Cool Ranch or some type of P101 world. I would like to see more worlds from P101 and have some more crossovers between the games.

Jul 25, 2012
Cool Ranch would be really cool. It's is my favorite world in Pirate101 so I'd love to return to it here in Wizard101

Mar 01, 2009
I would absolutely love a graveyard themes world. Kind of like Nighshade and that whole area, but more... creepy crawly?