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You decide on a new world!

Mar 02, 2010
Well this is a few of my ideas for new worlds hope you like em'

No name yet:Ok so ever wonder how old yes i mean this how old Merle is
i've wondered that a lot.So first off you ask Merle how old he is.He
Says he forgot (no kidding i would forget too if i looked that old).So
he says if you want to find out you need to get to his home world
of _______ (no name for it yet) so you can talk to the elder tree
there. Yet its not that easy you gotta fight bosses and enemies heres some ideas for that.
Final boss: The dark elder 30,000 health new school
Uses dark magic (requires getting to end of dungeon
He DOES NOT CHEAT so its a relief also with the
world new gear new pets NEW SPELLS even new

No name yet: Complete storm world (i know i know they made a water world already) but this time you gotta stop a new villain a evil triton himself
trying to steal the gem of a thousand storms which awakens (for the heck of it dragon giant then) the titan chaos will reign over this world if you do not stop him Triton:40,OOO health storm magic (requires getting to end of dungeon) New mount idea Tempest wave gives 50% speed boost
new gear new pets new spells

Final world idea i got Earth:People have tried to awaken titans dragons and giants amazing RIGHT? So the elemental witches have bad history so they use the dragons titans and giants to fight (right over earth which i find ironic)So you must stop the dragons titans and giants plus the witches
before they manage to destroy earth from the battling yet again no one can discover your powers too so you go in new gear YES FINALLY sneakers ripped jeans t-shirt so you look normal yet again you must stop the elemental witches and their minions while staying undiscovered but first to get their you need approval from Merle Ambrose to do that you must fight him 50,000 health (new magic class) Light magic.

Elemental witches 20,000 each titan dragon and giant 20,000 each
Yet again wizards of the spiral have saved another world

Please tell me what you think Yours truly Logan silversword

Dec 19, 2009
What about, you fight krokopatra, meowiarty, jade oni, and malistaire in one giant battle. Then you could have the next four worlds after celestia in one battle... Big Ben cubed...

Jan 16, 2011
Probably a world underground. Moles and worms everywhere!
and maybe 80 as a new max level! The storyline would be that you need to help the Centipedes (Good Guys) prevent the moles from burying their city.
The Mole king is the final boss (Myth)

Dec 04, 2010
We this creation of Celestia, you kind of boxed us in. Sun, Moon and Stars mean things. I personally would like to see an outer space module, perhaps being on a moon.

I like the idea of a Mayan based civilization, but it would be hard to make it real different than "The Floating Land". Floating Land could be expanded into a full world. Maybe it already is, in the same way that Wintertusk is a full world, but an extension of Grizzleheim.

I like the idea of a heaven world where everything is based on flying.

You already have a hell based world - DS.

Another possibility is a parallel universe, where everything is backwards. Mabrose Earle is the bad guy and Dalmastaire Rake is the school master. The colors could all be reversed, and the geography could be mirror reflected left-to-right. This world would have puzzles to solve - codes, backwards text to be seen in a mirror...

Maybe just a limbo world, like the twilight zone, where everything is just plain weird.

May 05, 2010
I think there should be a world based on stars ,planets kinda like celestia's astrals. But it's a world scattered around a solar system.

Jun 26, 2010
i catn belive no one thought of this!!!!!!!!!!! well remember when you intraduced crab ally with selena gomez! well bring a new world called........ earth!! and your with selena gomez again!!!! but really cant belive anyone thought of that......

Jun 13, 2009
i do think there should be other worlds after dragonspyre, but i dont think all the worlds should have quests and stuff, i think they should make a world where players can take a break from fighting, where they can go play different mini games, hang out with there friends, maybe have a lake where they could go down under and shop in an underwater mall where they can buy rare things. they can make resturants where you could sit down and play mini games to regain health and cool things like that, i think it would keep players interested :D

Sep 03, 2009
I have three ideas for a new world.

A medevial world where you must defeat one of malastaire's ancestors, a rome/greek world with greek gods, and a futuristic world (not sure about plot)

Jul 13, 2009
i'd really like to go to a world in the air and if you look in new pets, you'll see my idea for a pet for that world

Dec 13, 2008
Jul 09, 2009
I agree with everything above- but wouldn't it be nice if there was a world something like Hades, where you fight spiders and ghouls like lost souls on unicorn way but way more powerful? The major boss isnt fighting Morganthe though. You know how all the worlds since wizard city led up to dragonspyre's fighting Malistaire? I think the last world ever to be made should be level 100- that is where you fight Morganthe and become a "King" or "Queen" Diviner, Pyromancer, Necromancer, Sorcerer, etc. Then there would need to be the added script of which the servers would need to find what gender it is by code so it can display the proper surname. Back to the world, it would be underground, but the sky would be completely stars and the max level would be 70. Quests give experience like grizzleheim but more, for example instead of 2000, it would give 4000, and so on. Also here are my ideas of the new spells.
Life: Treant spirit- does 900 damage to all enemies and 600 health to all friends. Not like the scarecrow which saps health and transfers it to the user, but it first attacks all the enemies, then chants healing spells to the friends.
Myth: Greek god- Looks like storm lord. does 800 myth damage to all, removing all blades and shields. Keeps weaknesses and traps though!
Death: Malistaire- (My favorite spell I came up with) 1500 damage to one enemy, dividing the damage done by however many people there are fighting the bad guys. take that number and turn it into health. I got this idea with the scarecrow spell. It would be cool if it did the opposite of its purpose. Instead of attacking all enemies and healing one person, it would attack one enemy and heal all people.
Ice: Avalanche- Another weather disaster, I know, I know. A big slope forms in the center of the battle ring, so you can still see the face of it, but the slope is slanted towards the enemies. 500 damage to all enemies+ 900 damage over 3 rounds. So 300 damage per round. A total of 1400 damage to all enemies! Now ice can finally feel like it has a lot of power and doesn't fall victim to the low amount of damage and attacks.
Fire: Prometheus- If you are wondering who he is, he is basically the lord of light, or fire. He brought fire to the humans when the evil titans never wanted to, living in their own quiet discreet world of gods and themselves. Prometheus was looked at as a hero, but a threat and a disgrace to the titans. Effects- Huge fiery ghost titan looking like Mithraya, but in Male form comes out of the ground and summons flames from the ground to burn the enemy, doing 1000 damage to all enemies. Then stun all enemies.
Storm: Poseidon- First storm over time damage spell! (Besides mutated fire elf, but does that count?) Does 1000 damage to all enemies plus 400 damage each round to all enemies. Leviathan was pretty difficult to top, being the only spell that can do 1000 damage bare, with no blades, and not being enchanted at all.
Balance- Pandora's box: titan comes out with big vase in his hand. He opens it up, and wisps fly out and rush into the enemy, inflicting 1100 damage to all.

Well, I hope you really liked my ideas- I put a lot of thought and time into them! :D
Joseph Skysword, level 54 Diviner
Joseph Naturesword, level 57 Theurgist
Joseph Wintershade, Level 50 Thaumaturge
I am in the pet hatchery a lot. So try your luck with realms and you might meet me. If you do, feel free to give me a friend request. But mention you read this, so I don't think you are just a random person trying to friend me.

Mar 28, 2009
I think there should be a Mars world where you fight Marshans, Robots, and any magical creature in astronaught suits. Zeke and any human can be in an astronaught suit and thats what gear might look like. There will be a new Polymorph called Robot Polymorph it is Balance and gives these cards:
. Robot Smash 2 pips 200 damage
. Robot Crush 4 pips 400 to all enemies
. Balance Blade +25% next attack spell
. Hex +30% next attack spell
. Hydra 190 damage with Fire, Ice, and Storm
. Judgement 100 per pip
. Strong +100 next attack spell
. Dryad 200 health per pip
And it is for level 60+
Also all critical will go up 1 each level you get when you are 60+ so if your life your critical can go to 120 to 130! Hope you like my idea

Jul 20, 2010
i say a whirled where theres technology like machines and mechs and most of the bosses and monsters are goelms but more machine to them some places like you get to control a giany claw and make a bridge to cross and when in certan places you have to like make stairs to get to your destanation :D :D

May 31, 2009
Maybe an Archangel world, where people are angels and have wings O:

It would be called Angel Isle...
The main threat would be Moragnthe still, but the last boss you have to face in this world is The Dreamers. They are two children, one Death and one Life.

The NPCs would be actual people with wings (not Seraphs, cause that's... I dunno?)

In the first area called Vivamus Angiportum, and it divides into three sub-areas called Cloud Isle, The Speculum, and the Grand Territorium. the main taskgiver is a boy named Terrowin Montague. The enemies would be people with dragon wings (both male and female). The boys would be called Dark Marauders and the girls Dark Maidens. They would both be Rank 10 Elite Death characters.

The second area would be called the Lux Andron, which transfers into two sub-areas called Florem Porta and Path of Dreams. The main taskgiver is a girl named Guinevere Anastas. The enemies would be the Dark Marauders and Maidens and some new ones called Andron Warriors and Blazing Andron Mechatons. The Warriors are Rank 9 Elite Life and the Mechatons are Rank 10 Ice.

The third and final area would be called Dreamer's Isle. It divides into three sub-areas called The Pyropus, The Argentum, and Dreamer's Tower. The main taskgiver for this area is Lief Alys, who is a regular wizard with no wings. He is a child, about 9 years of age. The enemies would be The previous ones, plus some new ones called either Bronze, Silver, Or Gold Mech-Mehcs, which are robot dogs that can either be Balance, Ice, or Myth. The other enemy is classified as either Crazed Archangel (Storm), Blazing Archangel (fire), or Undead Archangel (Death).

That's all I got so far... Hope yhu like!

Legendary Thaumaturge
Author of The Chosen Three fanfic

~See you in the Spiral!~

Mar 09, 2009
Oh i could go on and on but here are just a couple of ideas!

- A world per school. Here you could find out the history of each of the schools of magic, like how they started, etc. You could include famous wizards of that school. Maybe even intertwine the stories, and have to venture from each of the school worlds into another for some of the quests.

- A pet world, where you must venture into the world of pets!

-Dustin RavenBreath aka Country Gamer
Level 60 Myth

Aug 23, 2010
I dont know why, but i think it would be cool if it turned from day to night.
i mean like i know that may not sound very important but really it's like the same time of day all the time. Well, unless you go to like somewhere like a dark place area... anyways, yea

Jun 17, 2009
i was thinking about an idea for a movie theater in WIZARD101 it will be for level 7 and plus and in the commons area for people to act out and watch and if you look on you tube you'll find movie ideas and use them and you can also do raven wood news on it like on real tv

Jan 11, 2011
baconater wrote:
I think there should be a couple more worlds after Dragonspyre, and they should change the Grandmaster level to 100. I'm am kind of getting off topic, after they make the other worlds they should make this place called The Boss's _______, I have no name ideas. In there you should be able to face each and every boss you faced on Wizard 101, being able to heal after some, and sometimes after two or three. Then there should be a final boss named _______, got no name ideas for he/her, and _______ should have all the elements with 30,000 health. When you face him/her you should be able to use some of your friends, because of course, you have no chance without other people.

Reply to me saying if you like this idea, or if you have something to add.
my idea of a new world is like a marshland called eutopia it has things like corrupted wizards and higher lvl for us ll 80 because wintertusk's quest had an avrage of 8000 xp a quest avrage of this new world is 25000 and to add on to eutopia pet battles like pet races but pets battle! at the start of pet battles no armor or weapons but in the crown shop 5000 crowns a helment torso and boots to make more defences mor deafence fo crowns it costs and the weapons higher lvl(wizard) (pet)lvl and it has critical and block the more crowns it costs ! i hope you like my idea! thanks for reading lvl60 ice huntermythblade! see ya!

Jul 14, 2009
How about this,
A tunnel is found in the commons, right in the pond thing. Once you go in you see 7 people arguing. They all have the school colors on; One black, one red, one yellow, one green, one tan, one purple, and one white. They notice you and they all vanish. You find a note and take it to the headmaster. He says evry teacher had a son or daughter ( ) and that they were hidden in the hole to keep secret. You go talk to all the teachers and its true. But all the children are evil and want to destroy Wizardcity! Thats why they were in the hole. I:

OK thats just the main part. :P It would basicly be what ever school you are (Death, Life, Storm, etc...) you would have to fight that child or whatever. Hope you like my idea!

Lindsey Thunderhorn Level 52 Necromancer

Jun 30, 2008
um i think an idea for a world should be like a heaven. Hmm.... Like a heaven sort of world just imagine, walking on rainbows or something. there would be angels but with a continuation of Celestia they would be on morganthe's army.


Dec 26, 2009
Hmm... Well there should be a alien themed world! With little green people and huge grey people! Wonder what that would be like...

Jun 17, 2010
I got it! How about a personal land for each school!

MYTH: Maybe a mythological world where there are werewolves, dwarves, dragons and stuff like that! Perhaps called.. hmm... Some thing Haven... Maybe GoldHaven???

LIFE: uhh sry i dont know about that, but prob a place like mooshu, where there are creatures like Restless Spirits, Golden Sparklies lol, and the final thing i can think of is uh, hmm, ok i know Life Trees?XD perhaps this land shall be called SpiritLand?

STORM: a land with REAL krakens ( Giant Octopuses ), Dark Clouds lol( dark storm clouds that uhh... are storm clouds lol) and uh maybe storm faries the land might be called: FlashRock?

DEATH: ok this is easy perhaps an undead world with zombies, mutants, and other scary stuff lol? Shall be called GrimGrave

BALANCE: Creatures like sand shifters( Shall be seen as moving piles of dirt(Digging in the sand)lol) also creatures like mummies and Crazed Oxes? lol idk it would be a good idea to call this place something sand lol maybe DrySand XD

FIRE: EASY! creatures such as lava worms, magma people and other stuff: Name: MagmaSea

AND FINALLY ICE: Creatures Like Blizzard Wyrms, Ice Giants, and Birds Of The Cold. Name: FrozenIce XD LOL HEHE

have i missed any schools? tell me if i did.

You can not say i missed sun moon or that other one bcz you cant become a wizard of that school!
PLZ wizard101 put my idea into action, or get ideas of it, but if you wont do anyof that, then at least add werewolves to the game that would be good

Jul 12, 2010
Gobblerton: The original homeworld of the Gobblers, taken over by Morgathe and her witch minions.

Olympus: Homeworld of the gods (i.e. Ra, Zeus, Poseidon, etc.)

Those are the only two I can think of right now.

Apr 19, 2011
I've actually thot about this and I thot of 2 worlds 1:a world in the sky. 2: a world of Greece with the Greece gods like medusa and Aphrodite and Zeus Poseidon all those as bosses but with all the gods

May 05, 2011
Well, Most of the worlds have been for all the school except myth and death so illl think of a myth world.

Name: Myerthar ( I know creative right?!)

XP: Big XP for each dungeon, 10 lvls to finish, plus your lvl 68 spells
and pets

Final Boss- Morganthe, Death School, Able to use lvl 58 spells, 30,500 hp, Rank 14

Details: Comes after Cl Used to be a future dome full of techno things and robots, then became a war field after a big meteor smashed their dome on purpose bye Morganthe.

Well, What do ya think? P.S. the whole world is about myth and its yellow and blue :P :D :)