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yard sale

Mar 16, 2014
i had an idea on how friends can go to other friends homes and visit, But what about if they can do more than just visit? they can help out with their gardening. Your friend ran out of magic? you can lend them your magic by helping them tend to his/her garden. Or what about a yard sale? the owner wants to sell some items in order to make room for better items. The friend can make a yard sale and sell items to other friends instead to the bazaar.

I think it is something that players can really get into.
Anyone has an idea? please post, so that we can make the game better.

Sep 05, 2010
The yard sale is an amazing idea. No Trade and No Auction items could also be prevented, so there's no abuse here.

Oct 16, 2010
The gardening idea can be abused of from players with multiple accounts to have larger gardens on the main account. I like the idea of being able to sell Furniture or other objects of that kind could also be abused as some items are heavily searched for in the Bazaar for crafting Houses and rare piece of Furniture.

On the other hand if KI if comfortable with such behaviour then it would be a marvellous idea. I can already imagine a stall in front of my Red Barn

Jul 04, 2012
Great ideas! Yes, the opportunity for abuse is there, but for the most part I think players would benefit from both of these ideas. I know other game allow "help" from friends for gardening and other tasks.

I'm not 100% certain that the yard sale is necessary if you are not including No Auction/No Trade items since you can already sell them at the Bazaar (granted at 1/3 the cost). But it would be a fun addition!

Happy Wizarding!

Mar 07, 2009