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Wizard101 Jobs

Feb 14, 2009
When I say jobs I dont mean like quests. I mean like you can find a job and actually work for gold. Maybe players could start their own business like an equiptment shop and possibly make your own items, but not over a certain amount of stats. Maybe you could be a machanic and repair things. If you can think of any more jobs please post what it is, what you do and how much it might pay. For example:

Job: Repairman
Description: Repair broken objects
Payment: 200 gold per item

Job: Detective
Description: Solve mysteries using provided and found clues and items.
Gold: 500 gold per mission

Can't wait to see your ideas! :D :D

Oct 11, 2009
Here's mine!

Job: Librarian
Description: Recover lost books
Gold: 300 Gold per book

Mar 03, 2009
I agree with your idea here. I think it would be nice to have more ways to earn gold other than farming. Farming takes many hours to get a good pile of gold, and gets very boring. Questing seems to earn a fair amount, but if you are a grandmaster and have finished all the quests, you've got no more questing you can do. Even after Celestia comes out, those quests will eventually be exhausted as well.

With all the things we can now buy (and many of them being really expensive), it would be great if there was at least a way for grandmasters to earn gold. World of Warcraft has "trades" you can learn. Much like crafting, you gather materials throughout the areas, and then you create your items. If I remember correctly, you can do all of this for free. Once you buy the recipe/schematics/blueprints, etc., all you need to do is gather the materials and create the items. I don't think there is any charge for this other than the initial cost of the recipe, and possibly costs for tools.

Once you make these items, you can sell them to vendors or put them up for auction in the auction house. Players actually bid on the items you have for sale. You list the minimum bid you will accept, set the amount of time the auction goes for, and then people start bidding. If it's a good item, you can make good money as people keep outbidding each other trying to win it. You can also auction items you received in game via quests.

You can only learn so many trades, and many items require something from more than one trade to make. I was always seeing people offering a good amount of gold for someone with a particular trade to make something for them, because alot of the items you could make were good items, or were a required ingredient for a good item. Since the items made from learning trades were not available to purchase anywhere else in the game (except the auction house), the skills of those that learned trades were always in demand. It was a good source of income, and a whole lot less boring than farming.

Hopefully, KingsIsle will come up with something similar, and then we can really get an economy going.


Dec 09, 2009
Well put. While I really enjoy Wizard101, the game lacks some long term replayability. A Tradesman's Guild system would be a wonderful addition to the game.
Our current crafting system is not ideally set up for it though. Reagents are few and far between, so hunting for reagents can be longer and more boring than farming for gold/loot. More reagents in the world would be a must for a serious crafting/trading economy to exist here.
One option which sees a good deal of success in other MMOs is to have actual farming. Your toon would be able to plant and cultivate an area around their home to create their own reagents. Perhaps in our game, a good way to do it would be to let each school grow reagents of that school. You would start out with one or two types of 'seeds' (for the growing types of reagents) or 'mines' for the mineral types, and as you gain farming experience you could 'buy' new seeds/mines.
Then, you could sell those reagents in the Tradesman's guild, and / or use them yourself for crafting. And while we're on the subject of crafting, I'd love to see the crafting mechanism opened up. That is, I'd like to experiment at the crafting table to create completely new items. Take for expamle the basic Constellation Jewel having the stats of: +65 Max Health, +5% Outgoing Healing, Level 20+ Only. You have the recipe for it, and you know that it needs: 1 Ruby, 2 Jade, 4 Glass Vials, 8 Scrap Iron, and 10 Stone Blocks. Now what would happen if you crafted a ring with all the same ingredients, PLUS 2 Diamond, and 10 Deep Mushroom. You don't know, but you have some empty reagent slots in the recipe, so you add them, press craft and PRESTO you have a totally new ring. Belgrim's Constellation Jewel, +80 Health, +5% Outgoing Heal, +5% Death Damage, Level 25+ Only. COOL! And of course it would sell for more than the original recipe ring.
Now that would be fun. :)

Feb 26, 2009

My, job would be

Job: Pet rangler
Description: Find stray pets around Wizardcity and report to petmaster
Payment: 500 gold per pet (finding pets are rare)

Note: In this job you CAN'T keep the pets

Feb 26, 2009
Also, here could be how jobs work I:

There's a big billboard in Golem Court that you go to "Press X or click to interact" and there's sign-up jobs. (Note: you can only have a job for a week)
I's a Kiack thing like arena and pet races.
Example: Pet rangler job: Look all around streets in WizardCity (Possibly promotions to other worlds ) If you find a pet you go up to it and it says: "Press X or click to interact" and the pet goes to your reagents area. After collecting a pet (maybe more then one) you go to the Barker guy in the pet pavilion. He says "Splendid! Another pet to give a home to." And you get five hundred gold and One hundred Experience. Also note that pets won't be a coffee break to find. You'll have to be a patient worker. Here's some other Examples.

Example: Recycler: You go around WizardCity and find little trash things (easy to find) and it says "Press X or click to interact" After collecting ten pieces, you go to Prospector Zeke and he says: "Well i'll be darned! WizardCity' sure is getting cleaner and cleaner'!" And you get two hundred gold and fifty experience. Note: Most trash can be found in corners of streets and areas.

Example: Monster master: Go to streets and keep certain monster at bay from the entrance to example: Olde town. After thirty monsters (including undead, giants, gobblers, fire elves, magma men, evil snowmen, and dark sprites) defeated, you go to dueling diego and he says: "Good job brave wizard!" and gives you: six hundred gold and two hundred experience.

Hope this Inspires Kingsile! 8)