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WIZARD 101-Scythia: the 8th world

Feb 01, 2010
NicoUzumaki wrote:
The story can be read on one single page from this link on central:


it is in the stories and poetry section which I think no one reads lol.

So far i'veo nly had 2 comments on there!

Go figure
oh i saw that i would have responded but i don't have a central account i'm hoping i can get it soon but i'm kinda busy so i'll try soon

Feb 24, 2009
Here is new Amulet ideas (I dont like that no offense)

Frosted Necklace: Gives one Frost Dragon (ice form of fire dragon, power pips count for ice school)

Pendant of Furiousity: Gives one Fire Giant (Fire form of fire dragon, power pips count for fire school)

Vial of Ashes: Gives one Reborn (death form of rebirth, but instead of armor, does same thing as scarecrow, power pips count for death school)

Emerald Pendant: Gives one Scarecrow of Oz (life form of scarecrow, power pips count for life school)

Choker of Archeology: Gives one Cerberus (Balance form of Orthrus, power pips count for balance school)

Vial of Thunder: Gives one Electrical Nova (Storm form of Power Nova, power pips count for storm school)

[insert name of one god from the culture you are using nico ]'s Necklace. Gives one [insert god's name here] (myth form of storm lord, power pips count for myth school)

So, tell me what you think Nico LUV the ideas you got you should be a director or something very creative of you

-NIChOlas RubyShard, Legendary Pyromancer. Cya in the spiral!

Sep 01, 2010
I think that idea about a new world is cool and it makes total scince

Jun 13, 2009
omgitslol2 The land of the dead was designed to simulate the concept of the underworld.
Ronster55 The Amulet and Athame that I have created is not school Specific. They are kinda like the Stellar Signet and the Sun kris, they are the top level 58 gear. When it comes to school specific items that is not really important, I think I can leave those for Ki to figured out.

I’d be better served concentrating on the Questline at the moment. Besides, contrary to what you suggested the power pips will not count unless you are wearing the necklace of your school, So if a balance wiz was wearing the Electrical nova necklace then that would be 7 power pips down the drain when you could easily use 2 RA. And remember gear items cannot be enchanted and so for that reason they are not of great important excpet for the ones that have the bubble, like balefrsot or time of legend etc.

Interesting ideas though but i have to concentrate on the questline.

Jun 13, 2009
Ok I was able to get most of the story on the first page. I'll try to see how best I can let them not appear too far from each other.

I know it's frustrating to move from page to page, sorting through comments to read bits and pieces of the same story.

I'm kinda stumped in THULE right now. I gotta take a break adn let my creative juices recharge and then go again. MAybe I can start editing what I have so far and then the rest will come to me.

Jun 13, 2009
Guess I have to continue around here. Starting reading from the post that has Thule.

added Feb 24,2010.

She told you that there was a cave in the path of Shades and inside the cave you will see a camp fire burning. You should throw the things into the fire at once and your barrier Demon should appear. You located the cave in the path of Shades and did as the Landgravine had instructed.

The Flames burned and angry red and rose almost to the top of the cave. A black hole opened in the midst of the fire and out came the Barrier Demon. You battled the barrier Demon and took its sword. You returned to Pelacus in Hoddmímis Holt, Thule.

Pelacus told you that there should be two crystals told the barrier together, however they were invisible to you because you did not have the sword of a barrier demon. He said that you should use the sword to shatter the crystals and that should break the barrier.

You went back to the Sunken Throne room and used the Barrier Demon’s sword to shatter the crystals thereby breaking the barrier. You entered the Throne room and were confronted by two elite Alchemist Assassins from the Order of Renegade Ironsteppers. They both had a katana and a tanto. They were dressed for stealth with their faces covered by masks.

They grew their katanas and rushed towards you; they made a slashing motion then extended their left arm and hurled two purple plasma balls at you. The fight continued for a while but you defeated the assassins and moved further in to the Sunken Throne room.

You encountered two Alchemist masters as you proceeded further and duel them. After they were defeated you came upon a room. Inside there were four Alchemist Elders from the Order of Renegade Ironsteppers. They were sitting around a circle in the center of the room. There were about eight torches around the circle. They had their hands clasped in front of them and were muttering something unintelligible under their breaths.

They were alerted to your presence and sprang up in defense. You had interrupted their meditation therefore the ritual of realm Scourge was ended. They became very angry and attacked you at once. The Alchemist Elders were masters of the Seven Schools of magic and used all manner of spells and monsters in the duel. They were also very proficient in using their Shin-Gunto katanas. You still managed to defeat them and returned to Caspian in Thule. Caspian told you that even though the Ritual had ended you still needed to attend to the monsters that were remaining behind. So once again you set about using the Seal of Solomon on the monsters summoned by Realm Scourge.

Caspian told you that you needed to get the Silken Fetter from the Villain Helblindi and used it to bind the Fenris Wolf so that you can take the Hessian Crucible and return it to the altar of Vulcan. He told you to go to Helblindi’s lair and defeat him and take the Silken Fetter.

Helblindi’s Lair (March 1,2011)

You met the dolphin, Dolf Phinns in Helblindi’s lair. Dolf told you that the villain Helblindi had the place under tight security and his minions, the Cetaceans and the Cephalopods were the enforcers of his iron fin.

The Cetaceans were and ancient tribe of whales and porpoises that dominated the waters of Thule for centuries. A great volcano had erupted and almost wiped out the whole tribe but decades later they resurfaced with the Villain Helblindi as their King and were joined by a lesser tribe; the Cephalopods.

The Cetaceans were known for their brute strength and viciousness in battle and the Cephalopods were silent and deadly preys in the abysmal waters of Thule. They had laid siege to Thule and no citizen of Scythia dared venture in these waters.

You must get pass these formidable foes in order to get to Helblindi. You first defeated 10 brute whales and ventured further into Helblindi’s domain but you came upon what appeared to be a sunken ship blocking the path forward.

There was a door in the side of the ship. You tried the door and realized that it was locked. When you consulted Dolf Phinns, he told you that it was the Scythian Black Mantis that was sunken by the Leviathan when it was about to set sail on a voyage to the Isle of Man about a century ago.

Dolf did not know that Helblindi had taken advantage of the strategic location that the ship had sunken. He told you that one of the brute whales is likely to have a key to the door. You set about defeating some brute whales to procure a key for the door. It took quite a few battles but eventually one of the whales dropped a key.

You used the key and opened the door. There were Killer whales inside the ship and one of them maight have the key to the door that leads to the other side. You battled the killer whales but they did not produced a key. However, one of them told you that you’d have to defeat their leader who is in the stern.

You went to the stern of the ship and duel the leader of the killer whales. Upon his defeat he dropped a brass key which you used to open the door leading to the other side. You had no idea where to turn now so you fought some Cephalopods. These Cephalopods where the Octomagnus, a set of creatures that had the top half of a human with ram horns on either side of their heads, a cue and the bottom half is that of an octopus with 8 arms for legs.

You battled eight Octomagnus and gathered clues. From what you had gathered you deduced that the Villain Helblindi is in the Pelagic Trench. This area was guarded by a school of whales called the Cetacean Sentries. Their activities were monitored by four Cetacean Recon Sentries that reported to Helblindi Himself.

The Cetacean Recon Sentries occupied four caves in The Pelagic Trench. You can only gain admittance by defeating the Cetacean Sentries and take the Crimson Daggers that they possess. The Crimson Daggers were rare weapons fashioned out of Ghost pearls and must be used to activate the sigil to get into the Caves of the Cetacean Recon Sentries.

You battled the Cetacean Sentries and eventually managed to procure four daggers. You then went to each of the four caves in the Pelagic Trench and defeated the four Cetacean Recon Sentries. They each had a piece of golden metallic object that you took upon their defeat. The pieces, when placed together were a gold medallion.

When you got to Helblindi’s lair there was a weird looking metallic device coving the cave that he was in. In the centre thereof was a space for the medallion. It looked like parts of the sunken ship were used to create this device. You placed the medallion in the space and the device began to unravel.

After the device had unraveled, you were able to enter Helblindi’s Lair. You battled the Villain Helblindi for the silken fetter but alas he would not relinquish it easily. The battled waged on for quite some time. Helblindi was a most deadly foe and was very skilled in magical arts. His trident of Thunder was used to summon storm elementals of different levels. You had a most difficult time defeating him and eventually he relinquished the silken fetter.

Just before he was vanquished, he told you that you must go to the Abysmal Plain in order to reach the Fenris Wolf. Before he could say anything else, he was vanquished. You returned to Caspian in Thule and he told you that he had heard rumors that there was a portal in the Abysmal Plain that leads to a secret cave void of water. Since no one had ever ventured into the Abysmal Plain and returned, then these reports were unconfirmed.

He said the Abysmal Plain was rumored to be infested with Porpoise Vipers and dark Selkies. The Selkies and the Porpoise Vipers hold the key to opening the portal to that secret cave. The cave is the most likely place that the Fenris wolf would be guarding the Hessian Crucible since the wolf cannot breathe underwater. He told you to go to the Abysmal Plain and defeat some Selkies and porpoise vipers until the portal is revealed.

You went into the Abysmal Plain and battled the Selkies and the Porpoise Vipers. However after battling ten of each you realized that the portal was still hidden. You went back to Caspian and told him what had happened. Caspian seemed perplexed for a moment but he said he good friend Nestor was an envoy from Celestia that visited Scythia some time ago.

Nestor, through happenstance, had had the misfortune of entering the Abysmal Plain and somehow discovered the portal to the secret cave. He told you that maybe Nestor could impart some knowledge as to how to access the portal to the secret cave. You went to the Crab Empire, Celestia, to speak with Nestor.
Nestor seemed to remember the events well and told you that the Abysmal Plain was a dreadful place. He said that he was returning from a diplomatic mission in Celestia when he was accosted by two Alchemist elders. They wanted to know the details of his mission to Scythia and when he refused to divulge the details, they banished him to the Abysmal Plain.

Fortunately, for him he happened upon this portal and went through. On the other side of the portal was a cave and inside the cave was a sea maiden.

Jun 13, 2009
added march 6,2011

Fortunately, for him he happened upon this portal and went through. On the other side of the portal was a cave and inside the cave was a sea maiden. The sea maiden told him that she knew he was sent there by nefarious designs but she would help him if he helped her.

He enquired as to how he might assist her and she told him that there will come a time when her domain will be the home of baneful creatures and without her Necklace of Currents it will be impossible to vanquish them. She gave him her necklace and told him to keep it until such time when someone comes and ask for it.

Nestor said that if you were there for the necklace of Currents then that means the sea maiden has expired and darkness had her domain under siege. Nestor handed over the necklace to you and said that it had never left his person since the day that the sea maiden had given it to him. He said that she had reversed the curse of the Alchemist Elders and sent him back to Celestia and he was forever indebted to her.

You went back to the Abysmal Plain in Scythia. The necklace glow an azure blue and transformed into a portal. You entered the portal and were inside a cave. There was the Fenris Wolf, evil incarnate. You could see the Hessian Crucible on a pedestal behind the wolf. It moved towards you, fire glaring from its nostrils and mouth.

The wolf pounced on you and a vicious battled ensured. Thankfully you had the silken Fetter and you used it to bind the wolf. It struggled and thrashed about but the fetter did not fail. It howled and clawed at you as you went up to the pedestal. You too the Hessian Crucible and went to the Grand Duke in the City of Chaos.

Sundolf was overjoyed that you were able to retrieve the Hessian Crucible from the depths of the abyss. He said that he needed to get this to Vulcan right away. Since you had been the one to recover it, he told you to take it to the Count-Palatine, Vicente Arepa in the Floating Dome, Vulcan.

The Floating Dome

The Count-Palatine, Vicente Arepa was in an area in Vulcan called Olbany. He could not believe that the Hessian crucible was recovered at last. He told you that the situation had escalated especially in Vingólf and words need to be sent to central command and communicated to the troops that the Hessian crucible was recovered. This will give them the strength to resist the invaders.

Vicente told you that he was forced to flee the Floating Dome which was his command post because the arch alchemist, Sistan and some Thespian Ironmages had laid siege to the Dome. Vicente told you to use the teleporter nearby and meet him in the Floating Dome.

The Floating Dome was a dome shaped castle, suspended in the Air. The dome was made out of marble stones with gold columns and lattice work. Most of it was dominated by huge panes of glass that surrounded the entire framework. You met up with the Count-Palatine, Vicente Arepa at the gatehouse. He told you that he was finishing his battle report when he was forced to flee the dome. He said that he had secured them in a desk in the east tower.

The east tower had three levels and you had to fight your way through the Thespian Ironmages guarding that tower. Vicente reviewed the battle report you brought to him and said that he needed to get to The Donjon in order to transmit his report to central command.

The Count-Palatine, told you that the Donjon was well fortified and there are four switches that must be released before you can go into the Donjon. Vicente said the switches were in four separate rooms in the castle. He told you the exact location of each room and asked that you release the switches.

You set about releasing the switches in each of the four rooms throughout the castle. Each room had a Valkyrie Commander and two Thespian Ironmages guarding them. You fought these foes and released the four switches. You went back to Vicente Arepa in the gatehouse. He told you that you need two brass keys to open the doors to the Donjon.

One was hidden in the west tower and the other was hidden in the small chapel. The west tower seemed to be more heavily guarded than the east. This one had four levels with Valkyrie Commanders and Thespian Ironmasters guarding each level. You fought your way to the top and got the brass key. You went back to The Count-Palatine who told you to go to the chapel next.

Inside the chapel, you were attacked by three Thespian Ironmasters. You fought with them and soon defeated them. You returned to Vicente Arepa with the second brass key. He told you to go to the Donjon and purge it from the invaders and he will follow after you.

You went to the Donjon and used the brass keys to open the doors. Alas you could not enter because the door way was blocked by a magical barrier. When you returned to The Count-Palatine, Vicente Arepa, he said there shouldn’t be a barrier there. It may have been a new secure measure employed by the invaders to keep you out.

He told you that he had arrested three Scythian Scalawags who had committed various crimes and had locked them in the Oubliette to await trial in Vingólf. They were all masters at creating and dispelling barriers and that’s how they had managed to get away with most of their crimes. They each had a vial that could break the barrier.

He told you that the Oubliette was unlikely to be taken by the invaders so you should speak to the keeper of the Oubliette; Sir Abazak Sintav. You went to the Oubliette and spoke with the keeper. Sir Abazak Sintav was surprised to hear that the Floating Dome was seized by invaders. He said that he rarely leaves the Oubliette because he had to maintain the spell of traverse which repels all teleportation and barrier spells.

You told Sir Abazak why you had come and he said that he knew of the Scalawags you speak of. They were Nivika Ravantgem and her brother Idanth Ravantgem, and Atheas kattanbane. The oubliette keeper told you that they were very disagreeable characters and will not relinquish the vials willingly.

He could force them to hand over the vials to you but that would temporarily disrupt the spell of traverse and give them time to escape. Therefore, you’d have to try and convince them to hand over the vials. Sir Abazak Sintav told you that Idanth Ravantgem was in the first cell and gave you a key to his cell.

You went to Idanth’s cell but you did not see anyone. Just as you were about to leave, he jumped out of nowhere and attacked you. Idanth said that he has been perfecting a teleportation spell that will let him escape the Oubliette in spite of the spell of traverse. Now that you know of his plans he cannot allow you to leave.

You fought with Idanth and took hiss vial. He hurled curses at you as you relocked his cell and went back to Sir Abazak. Sir Abazak Sintav took out the second key and held it up for you. He told you that this key was to the cell of Atheas Kattanbane. You went to Atheas’ cells, defeated him and took his vial.

Next, Sir Sintav gave you to last key to Nivika Ravantgem’s cell. He told you to beware, for she was far more dangerous than her brother. When you got to Nivika’s cell, she glared angrily at you and vowed revenge for her brother. She muttered and incantation and two Thespian Ironmasters appeared. You fought all three of them and took Nivika’s vial.

You returned to the gatehouse and spoke with the Count-Palatine, Vicente Arepa. Vicente told you to go back to the Donjon and break the vials in front of the barrier. You went to the Donjon and did as you were told. Immediately, at the breaking of the vials, the barrier disappeared.
Inside the Donjon, you saw the arch alchemist Sistan and two high ranked Thespian Ironmasters. There was a huge panel in the back of the room with switches and buttons and different kinds of lights. You surmised that the panel of buttons and lights was used to keep in touch with central command.

Sistan was a legendary conjurer and was the only alchemist in all of Scythia to have bested the medusa! Because of this he was able to summon her in battle. You engaged Sistan and he subordinates in battle to take control of the Floating Dome.

Sistan conjured up all manner of creatures in the duel, even the medusa. His subordinates were just as formidable. The battle continued for a while until you finally defeated them. With Sistan gone, Vicente entered the Donjon and began to transmit all that had transpired to central command. He told you that he will send the Hessian Crucible ahead of you so you should go back and speak to the Grand Duke in the city of Chaos.

The Grand Duke was relieved that you were able to recapture the Floating Dome and so he said that you needed to go to meet him in Vingólf because the troops needed him there. Vingólf is also where central command his and he will be taking over that post from now on.


Jun 13, 2009
I still need you guys to comment on this post even though you are commenting on the one on central because this one will get lost in the sea of threads if no one comments on it.


May 01, 2010
well thought out idea, btw i think i have heard sythia before, dont remember though. all and all, one more question, how long did it take you to come up with these and do all the research with them?

Scot Soulhammer-Legendary Pyromancer
fire is passion...if used correctly, you can overwhelm anyone

Jun 13, 2009
slammer111 wrote:
well thought out idea, btw i think i have heard sythia before, dont remember though. all and all, one more question, how long did it take you to come up with these and do all the research with them?

Scot Soulhammer-Legendary Pyromancer
fire is passion...if used correctly, you can overwhelm anyone

Well I made the first post in October 2010. I guess I came up with the idea around late september of 2010. I have been working on it since then and still haven't finished the first draft.

Not sure when I will be able to add more since I'll be doing some courses starting Monday.

Not that there is any rush because it's not acknowledge by KI but I'll keep updating it until it's finished.

Scythia is a very old civilization that was once located in Eurasia. Only way you heard of it must be in some history class lol. I never even knew of it until I was searching for a name that was close to Celestia and I think I thought up the name but had a different spelling. Funny enough when I entered it into google, results came back with the S_C_Y_T_H_I_A spelling and it was indeed a place that existed back in time lol .

Thanks for reading

Feb 25, 2009
Can't wait to see where you are taking this Nico.

This sounds like a good challenge for a team of wizards from different schools working together.

I hope that KI does acknowlege this idea and that we may see it in action sometime in the near future.

You have put a great deal of time and research into this and detailed it here so that I can actually visualize how each area and the mobs and bosses may actually appear in the game.

Good luck and keep writing.

Fallon WinterLeaf
Legendary Life
Legendary Fire

Jul 19, 2010
this is awesome, love it.!!!
It's obvious you love this game.
I say take all this creativity and write a book, you could very well be the next J.K. Rowling's in the making, Don't underestimate yourself.

Feb 07, 2010
NicoUzumaki wrote:
The world of Scythia has come to the Spiral

Scythia: the world of wealth, mystery and intrigue


The tide of time wove a tale of wealth, mystery and intrigue. The indomitable world of Scythia, with its vast riches and illustrious edifices is like a siren’s call to the lost seaman. Home of Alchemists and a clandestine group, called the Sentinels of the Order of Renegade Ironsteppers. Scythia, rode the waves of history to arrive at the pinnacle of Magical ingenuity.

Mastery of Alchemy, a form of magic that requires intense control over ones subconscious and understanding and mastery of the inner self, was at the forefront of the Scythian culture. News of their prowess in changing metal into gold and transmuting any normal object into an elixir or source of magical energy spread throughout the spiral and soon rumors abound that they have transmuted the Elixir of Life.

Odin, god of the Valkyries considered the Scythians to be treacherous and ordered his army to crush them. But the Scythians met his army with a deadly force. The war raged on with neither side giving in. At last Herfjotter, High Priestess and Supreme Commander of the Valkyrian army prevailed upon Odin to end the war because she had lost her beloved sister Henglen in the ensuing battle.

Odin was enraged and in his hour of defeat, cast a spell that enshrouded Scythia in a mist of transparence; banishing them to the Realm of Nothingness. This was his way of punishing the Scythians for their stand against the Valkyries. To the other worlds of the spiral, Scythia had suddenly vanished; never to be seen again!

Two centuries have passed and Odin’s magic has weakened. Scythia is slowly retuning to the physical realm. Their return from the abyss will be a great triumph but dark forces lay in wait. Morganthe, the Umbra Queen of the Shadow-wed have an unquenchable thirst for power and she has set her sights on Scythia. She wishes to obtain the Elixir of Life to satisfy her own destructive ends.

She have renewed the Valkyries thirst for revenge and pitted them against Scythia. Freyr, Queen of the Valkyries is all too eager to settle that old score and so agreed to Morganthe’s request but little does she know that Morganthe has sinister plans. With Herfjotter at the Helm, she gathered her army and marched towards Vulcan, the Capital of Scythia.

Sarsi, queen of Scythia readily gathered the Scythian Iron Defense Force and the Sentinels of the Order of Renegade Ironsteppers to form a Joint Military force called the Alchemist Path of Doom. They mounted a valiant and fierce defense but things took a turn for the worst when several members of the Joint forces began acting strange.

Freyr has taught Morganthe the arts of runic magic and together, they have bewitched some of the high ranking members of the Alchemists Path of Doom to cripple the resistance of Queen Sarsi. The Alchemist resistance slowly began to crumble as Morganthe’s dark power began to take control. A cabal of alchemist has secretly aided Morganthe and Freyr in their plight.

Viceroy Narcissus, Supreme Commander of Scythia, under the powerful spell of the dark queen, has stolen the Hessian Crucible from the Altar of Vulcan. This object must remain on the altar at all times to assist in the conjuration of Alchemy. Without the Hessian Crucible, the Scythians cannot perform Alchemy and are practically defenseless.

The tide of the battle quickly shifted in favor of the invading forces and the Scythians are suddenly at the mercies of the Valkyries. Chaos is the order of the day and it seems all is lost. Morganthe has once again unleashed her venom upon an unsuspecting people but a vestige of hope exists. Queen Sarsi has enclosed herself in the Shrine of Enlightenment, and will make one last attempt to save her beloved Scythia.

Using her telepathic abilities, she sent out a distress call for help, hoping that she will reach someone from another world on the spiral before the last of the resistance is overwhelmed by the invading forces. Scythia was unprepared for this new and formidable foe: Morganthe. She was the one who have blighted the lights of the Celestians and stole their magic. Now, a similar fate awaits Scythia.

************************************************** **********************

Danger looms over the worlds of the Spiral: the harbinger of death and destruction. Events are already set in motion as Morganthe and her Shadow-wed mercenaries continue their quest for Spiral domination. The Spiral Geographic Society has procured an ancient relic- the Rhinestone of Aganon- from an ancient order called the Runic Scythes in order to help them find the evil shadow-wed queen.

Using the Rhinestone of Aganon along with Professor Balestrom’s scyring tool, they began scyring for Morganthe, hoping to pick up traces of her evil aura. While scyring for her they stumbled upon a message from a fair maiden, who claimed her world was invaded by a powerful witch of dark magic. Help is needed at once or their world will be no more!

(Side note: the Rhinestone of Aganon is rumored to be a ring created by Odin so that he could tract the location of The High Priestess Herfjotter who was the leader of his army of Valkyries. Together with the scyring tool, this is a powerful locator)

This “powerful witch of dark magic” could only be Morganthe, the Umbra Queen of the Shadow-wed. All wizards of Ravenwood are called upon to lend their power in this dark and trying time. We must hurry to Scythia and rescue them from the clutches of darkness!


You received an urgent message to see professor Balestrom in his classroom in Ravenwood. When you reached Balestrom, the professor has disturbing news for you. He informed you that while scyring for Morganthe, the SGS somehow managed to intercept a message from a damsel in distress!

Professor Balestrom played the message for you. There was a bit of static but you could clearly make out the voice of a lady. She said she is Queen Sarsi from the world of Scythia and their world has been invaded by a powerful witch of dark magic. Their final line of defense is crumbling and if help does not arrive soon, all will be lost!

After listening to the message, the professor had even more dire news. The spiral door to Scythian cannot be found! It would appear that some dark magic is keeping the door hidden. Balestrom went on to say that he strongly believes that this "powerful witch of dark magic" is none other than Morganthe, the Umbra Queen of the Shadow-web!

A feeling of foreboding washed over you, as you know this means Scythia and all the worlds of the spiral are in grave danger. The Professor continued by saying that we must find a way to get to Scythia and find out who is really behind this invasion. He thinks for a moment, then exclaimed,” I’ve got it!"

"The Ring of Mudarra is a ring of legend and can locate anything that is guarded by magic! This is just what we need to locate the spiral door to Scythia!” He said excitedly.

Professor Balestrom gave you a letter to take to Shalek the Wise in Krokotopia, stating that he might have knowledge of the ring's whereabouts. You hurried to Shalek and gave him the professor's letter. After reading the letter, Shalek told you that the ring was in the possession of the Order of the Fang, but following their decision to cast the great sleep, they had broken the ring into two and gave each half to two different travelers who were in Krokotopia at the time.

The travelers did not know that the ring has incredible value and power and the Order thought that was the best way to keep it out of evil hands. One of the travelers was a lady from Dragonspyre, Sannah Blazespear, a purveyor of crystals and other artifacts from that world, and the other was a fellow by the name of Muzrith DoomSunder from Celestia.

Shalek seemed quite shaken buy the disturbing news and seemed to have aged even more in the past few seconds that he read Balestrom's letter. Before you leave, he told you to speak with Belia WindGazer and Alaric MoonSunder, since those two might have an idea of who the travelers were and how to find them.

You first traveled to Dragonspyre to speak with Belia in the Grand Chasm. The vault keeper seemed surprised that you knew of Sannah BlazeSpear. She informed you that BlazeSpear was caught pilfering crystals from the Crystal Grove and was locked up in Vault 1932 just before Dragonspyre was plunged into chaos with the summoning of the Dragon Titan. She was not certain if Sannah had survived the attack but gave you a key to the vault nonetheless.

Upon opening vault 1932, two shadow weavers appeared in the room.

"It's you again, meddlesome wizard! We shall teach you the error of your ways!" they shirked in unison. They then called forth the spirit of Sannah BlazeSpear to attack you. A vicious battle ensued but you managed to defeat Sannah and the Shadow weavers. As her spirit faded away, Sannah told you to look under the tile in the left corner of the vault and you'll find that which you seek.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Nice storyline, I love it! I love all of it! Give it a thumbs up, professor falmea!!!!!

Feb 07, 2010
goldendragon18 wrote:
I think you have an awesome idea going there. I felt like I was falling into that world as I read your post. Don't give up on it and I hope more players see this and agree. GOOD LUCK

Yea, I felt like I was there, your really good, hope KI contacts you, and yes, hopefully, other people see this story and LOVE IT!

Feb 07, 2010
Gil09 wrote:
this is awesome, love it.!!!
It's obvious you love this game.
I say take all this creativity and write a book, you could very well be the next J.K. Rowling's in the making, Don't underestimate yourself.

Yea, even if KI doesn't see this, (but I doubt they will miss it) everyone who read it still loves it! And maybe they could spread the word about it, and then it can get around the spiral and pretty soon, KI sees it! And yes, a book of this would be the greatest think in the world, I would buy it as soon as it came out, keep going DUDE!

Jun 13, 2009
added march 8 2011


You met up with the Grand Duke, Sundolf Bruinfeld at Central Command in Vingólf. Vingólf was the epic-centre of trade and commerce. It was populated by shops, crafts men and office buildings. They usually flurry of business activities that dominated Vingólf was replaced by a strong military presence. There were Scythian guards everywhere.

The central command post was in a big building marked Scythian Iron Defense Force. The grand Duke was in a large room similar to the one in the floating dome. There were monitors and buttons and flashing lights everywhere. There were a few Scythian guards sitting around the monitors.

Sundolf told you that he was trying to send emergency action messages to the troops out in the field but something was jamming their signal. There were five antennas set up to transmit the messages over a secure frequency. In order to restore the signals you need to attack coaxial cables to the antennas. This will override any device that was jamming the signals.

Unfortunately, there were no coaxial cables in the Scythian Iron Defense Building but Archimantis Metalpyre was a notable Scythian architect and should have some in his possession. The architect Archimantis was in the Savoir Facility and you should contact him there.

You went to the Savoir Facility and spoke with the architect Archimantis. The architect did not have any coaxial cables in his possession. He told you that he could easily make the coaxial cables you desired if you were to procure the materials he needed. You first needed some coaxial tubes. The belts that the Valkyrie assassins wear are perfect material for this.

You went and fought some Valkyrie assassins until you got five belts. You took the belts to Archimantis. He then asked you to get some dielectric insulators. The Savoir Vipers which are Cyclops with metallic arms and a magnetic orb in the center of their chests are just want you needed. Defeat them and take the magnetic orbs from their chest. These can be used to make the dielectric insulators.

You battled some Savoir Vipers until you got five magnetic orbs. Archimantis told you that the Alchemist Renegades wear a type of copper chain mail under their battle vestment. Defeat them and bring back the requisite amount of copper chain mail to make your copper mesh. You battled the Alchemist renegades until you got five copper chain mail.
Next you were asked to pix up five copper wires that may be found laying about the grounds of the Savoir Facility. You wondered about the facility until you found five copper wires. After you had gathered all the materials, the architect Archimantis Metalpyre made five Coaxial Cables for you. You went back to the Grand Duke Sundolf Bruinfeld in the Scythian Iron Defense Force building.

The grand Duke told you that the first antenna was located outside the Scythian Iron Defense Force (SIDF) building. You located the first antenna and attached the coaxial cable to it. It immediately emitted a buzzing sound. You went back to the grand duke who told you the location of the other five antennas. You location the antennas and attached the coaxial cables to them and their signal was restored.

Sundolf sent out the emergency action messages to all command posts which were in turn transmitted to the resistance. There was a message transmitted to central command that the four generals from the Alchemist path of doom that were suppose to be leading the resistance to the invaders have defected. Apparently they were under some kind of spell.

The Grand Duke said that Viceroy Narcissus was in charge of those platoons but they have not heard anything from him in a while. He told you that the four generals; Charis Hellbringer, Tanos Dragonbane, Adrastos Battlemage and Kalika Doomgazer. These generals should be holding off the invaders in Golden Sanctuary.

The Field Marshall Demas Sledgehammer responsible for making progress reports to central command. You should go to the Golden Sanctuary and find out what became of the four generals.

The Golden Sanctuary

Demas Sledgehammer had his hands full. He had temporarily taken command of the platoons in the Golden Sanctuary and things were going awry. He told you that the four generals who were from the Joint Military force, The Alchemist Path of Doom, had suddenly gone mad and turned on their comrades.

Meanwhile the invaders are advancing and breaking through the resistance. The troops on the front lines need immediate assistance. There were some elite Shadow-wed Assassins that were cutting rapidly through the resistance. They must be stopped at once! Demas asked you to defeat ten of the Shadow-wed Assassins and the troops will take care of the rest.

The Morganthine Assassins were formidable undead souls that were most difficult to vanquish. You clashed with the Shadow-wed Assassins and cut through their numbers. Demas applauded your valor in battled. He said that you must deal with the four generals because they were the biggest threat to our defenses. You must find a way to life the curse off the generals.

Demas said that he was informed that Queen Freya is behind the invasion and it is here vile curse that has driven the generals mad. The lady, Viktora Bellaflame was once a victim of this curse so she might know how to lift the curses off the generals. Demas said she lived in a house in the City of Chaos.

You went back to the City of Chaos and spoke with Lady Bellaflame. She told you that the curses on the generals were far stronger than the curse that was laid on her. The curse may have been imbued with the power of another powerful witch. The curse was only lifted off her because her husband had performed an act of love and bravery. She said that the Landgravine Toyah Frey could be of more assistance to you.

You quickly made your way to Alchemist Helm to see the Landgravine. She listened intently to what you had to say and then she thought for a moment. She told you that the best way to get rid of the curse was to ask Queen Freya herself to lift the curse or get the cursed ones to perform an act of good. But since the Queen would not be amenable to that and getting the generals to do something good is an impossible task then you’d have to make a Mind healing potion and give it to them.

Toyah said that she needed some Lancor eye gemstones for this potion. These could be found in the training grounds. You went to the training grounds and collected eight Lancor eye gemstones. Next you were asked to bitter seaweed from Thule. After collecting the seaweed in Thule you were then asked to eight black thorn tree barks. Usually these can be found on the Trejists.

You battled the trejists until you got the eight black thorn tree barks that you needed. The Landgravine said there was only one ingredient missing and that was the sage oil. She said she had just enough for the potions. The landgravine made the mind healing potions and told you that if you battled the ones who are cursed then that should put them in a temporary state of Tran fixation and that should give you time to force them to drink the potion.

You went back to Vingólf and spoke with the Field Marshall Demas Sledge hammer in the Golden Sanctuary. Demas said that the generals were now leading a platoon of Valkyrian pathfinders against the Scythian forces. You must head out and confront them at once and put an end to this.

The first general Charis Hellbringer was advancing her attack on the north outpost. You collided with her forces and quickly cut through the flanks. Finally you confronted General Charis and her elite guards of two Valkyrie Commandants. After you defeat Charis and her Guards she was transfixed for a brief moment and you quickly fed her the potion.

A similar battled ensued between you and General Tanos Dragonbane and his forces in the west outpost, General Adrastos Battlemage and his forces in the east outpost and finally general Kalika Doomgazer and her forces in the south outpost. Now that the generals have been restored to their former selves, they told you that the Viceroy, in his madness has taken over the Grand Throne Room. Central command must be alerted at once and our forces mobilized to advance on the Grand throne room.

The generals said that they will continue the fight in their respective outposts until Scythia is purged from the invaders. You should report all that happened in the Golden Sanctuary to central command and let the grand duke know that the Generals was leading the charge against the invaders once more.

Feb 25, 2009
Love it Nico. Keep it going. At this rate, you could have enough for the next 20 levels.

KI, I really hope you are taking a good look at Nico's idea.

I have been telling all my friends about this and hope they are reading it. Look forward to the next segment.

Jun 04, 2009
OK dustin battlehand: New charm and ward spells for scythia: balance: Fair judgement; gives %90 less accuracy and less damage to all enemies and 1 balanceblade to all friends: Myth: Troll club:%90 mythblade to self plus a troll minion that attacks with minotaur on first round plus %35 critical to user for 10rounds, myth is weaker so deserves better :P: Storm:Wild current: 3 stormblades to user and 1 balanceblade to all friends critical chance increased by %30 for 4 rounds:fireforge: gives 3 fireblades to user and 1 balanceblade to all friends critical increased by %30: Frozenblade:freezes all enemies for 4 rounds, and 3 iceblades to user, 1 balanceblade to all friends:Shadow web: 1 curse, 1 poison, 1stun to all enemies for 3 rounds:charm of life:all life wards and charms and 1000 health to all friends, Starstrike 1 critical %90 aura to all friends: Sunarray gives 3 gungartuan cards to all friends: Astral wraith polymorph: look: shadow web wraith: school: astral schools: Special attack:star auras sunattack: 360 sun damage and 1 weakness, moon attack: 450 damage and stun to all enemies: does ALL myth attacks and balance. All pips: 5 Astral: 0.

Jan 17, 2011
I don't want to burst your bubble or anything, in fact keep it going obviously people love your idea. Myself personally I don't find this idea for the next world very good. The story I feel doesn't fit well with the rest of Wizards 101 in that is has too much detail to it. Also if this did become the next world we would have nothing to look forward to as you are telling us everything that will. Keep it going though, don't let me stop you!

Jan 20, 2010
nilrem100 wrote:
Well Nico The Alchemyts is an actual book. and Set was a the gods of storm and chaos! Osiris should be the level 68 death spell. He is the god of death. here are my ideas.

Nemisis: Greek goddess of balance. 900-950. Got the idea from Percy Jackson.

Set: Egyptian god of storm. 700 and a balance over time spell for all. Got the idea from the Kane Chronicles

Ice: No idea.

Apollo: Greek god of the sun. 800-1000

Osiris: Egyptian god of death. Hits all enemies 800 and gives caster half. much like Scarecrow but way better

Myth: No idea

Hecate: Greek goddess of magic. She swings her green sword and all enemies get hit by 700-900. Life damage over time spell on all enemies.

these doesnt fit at all...
Apollo and sun is Disney stuff, Apollo was God of Music and Beauty...
and you mentioned Hecate used magic, which is true by the fact she was a witch... a witch with dark powers, which also means it would be DEATH, and not life... its also said she got 2 ghost / flying wolves...
doesnt sound like life at all to me

Jun 04, 2009
Scythia: bosses: Bjorn myth, Thor good god, Odin good god, Loki: Death, tapa, Pantheon storm, Baldur balance, Fenrir ice, Hel fire, Tyr myth, Freya death, Ragnarok life, Asgard storm, Valhalla star, Valkerie commander Iron, Wadjet tapa, Tokun tapa, Forseti balance, Heimball myth, Bragi fire, Njord storm, Trollga myth. I like your ideas about alchemy and iron, i added a couple more, Tapa, spiritual, combining death and myth to create spirits out of the underworld. Valkeries are enemys of the scythian viking tribe, they specialize in Iron i added some spells at bottom. There are 4 tribes, Tapan, Valkerie, Scythian, and Slytherin. Scythians specialize in Alchemy, Tapans specialize in Tapa, Slytherins specialize in Slyth, slyth is snake magic combining Myth and Storm. Some new spells: Iron: Iron Disk: 5000 damage,,, Iron raven: 3000 damage 1 enemy and 1000 health to user,,, Iron seraph: heals 3000 over 3 rounds to all friends,,, Iron fist: 1000 damage to 1 enemy,,, Iron shield:shields all friends for 10 rounds %50,,, Iron capade:800 ice damage, 975 fire damage, and 1000 storm damage to one enemy. Alchemy:Scientific poison: 300 then 3000 damage over 3 rounds,,, Alchemy shield:Shields against enemy %100 for 5 rounds,,,Alchemic poison:500 then 2000, then 500 over 2 rounds,,,Thors rage:6000 damage to one enemy and stun all enemies for 1 round + spirit shield to all friends. Tapa:Tapan spirit: 3000health + %90 tower shield to all friends,,,Tapan stone: Stone storm causing 1000 damage to all enemies,,, Loki's Locket:heals all friends by 3000 and %100 debuff for 3 rounds to all enemies,,,Tapan god: 6000 damage to all enemies over 2 rounds. Slyth:Parseltounge: 675 damage to 1 enemy and 1 snakeblade to user,,,Snakeblade: %50 more damage to next slyth spell,,, Snakeshield: %90 less damage to incoming slyth attack,,, Snaketrap: %30 more damage to next slyth spell,,, Slysnake: 750 damage and 500 to 1 enemy,,, Snakestorm: 777 damage to all enemies,,,Fangs of wadjet:3000 damage to 1 enemy,,, Serpentine: %100 less damage to any incoming attack for 3 rounds,,, Slyther: 600 damage to all enemies + Snakeshield to all friends.

WOW, more ideas to come but i am done for today, *i am tired*.more things to come!so more laterz please TELL KINGSILE!

Jan 20, 2010
azelda49 wrote:

fire: apollo.-a tan guy pops up with a golden chariot pulled by firey horses. he drives his horses into the enemies, doing damage then puts up fire traps on them and heals 50 health for each 100 health done to each enemy to you.

storm-poseidon-a beach appears with heavy waves and a black haired guy riding on a white horse comes uout of the water holding a trident. he strikes the trident down and the waves change in opposite direction, white horses spring up doing damage. then he stuns them (with his awesomeness, of course) and adds a storm shield on every friend and trap on the enemies.

myth-athena-a table appears with a woman with black hair and helmet and an owl on her shoulder. she looks up from the book shes reading and grabs a spear out of nowhere. she stabs the enemy with her spear, and her owl swoops down and gives them a myth trap and athena gives you a spirit armor.

my thoughts. :)

Athena is goddess is wisdom... and mentioned thru out the game (if you have played as a sorcerer) you need true wisdom and knowledge to be a great one, so Athena would be more fitting as balance...

and Apollo would be more suiting as Life, since he is god of music and beauty... and pretty OP by healing and damaging....

Poseidon, why a WHITE horse? too much snow angel like, and would be WAY more awesome if he had a horse MADE of water... when it attacks it sorta spit and falls like rain drops...

(sorry for bad commenting...)

Feb 07, 2010
NicoUzumaki wrote:
yes the pronunciation is Sith- ee (he)- ah (aa). I think it was an actual place back in old Scandinavia. Bit I'm not sure, I may have made it up off Celestia though lol. I can't remember lol.

FoxFyr you have to look at the meaning of Alchemy in the magical sense not the physical. The magic of Alchemy has much to do with your sub-conscious (the inner self) rather than anything physical. think telepathy or sage arts, that might help you understand it a little better even though it's not telepathy but the correlation is good.

And yeah this is MY idea not Kings Isle. Nothing that i posted here represents anything that Ki is doing. It is merely an idea, a suggestion, not a fact. Please do not get it twisted. I am not speaking on behalf of KI or anyone. i am merely suggesting MY idea for a new world to the game and hope it gets consider: nothing more nothing less.

Coret1cool i am a DUDE. Please people, a DUDE. And yes men can come up with brilliant ideas too lol.

Until next time

Keep the comments coming and remember am a HE.... :)

LOL! People call me dude ALL THE TIME, and I am a girl, I have nothing against it, just call me my name once in a while? :P

Taylor Rubydust lvl 60 myth

Jun 13, 2009
Funkii4710 wrote:
I don't want to burst your bubble or anything, in fact keep it going obviously people love your idea. Myself personally I don't find this idea for the next world very good. The story I feel doesn't fit well with the rest of Wizards 101 in that is has too much detail to it. Also if this did become the next world we would have nothing to look forward to as you are telling us everything that will. Keep it going though, don't let me stop you!

I wasn't aware that I was in a bubble but if I am, go right ahead and pop it. What exactly about the story doesn't fit? I am not following you there. I do not expect everyone to like it but if you don't then you cannot be vague, you have to let me know exactly what is wrong so i can change it if necessary.

Um, you say too much detail but what exactly would you have me say? " oh KI i have this awesome new idea for a new world. its called Scythia and the people there use Alchemy and their world is invaded by Morganthe. Please please let this be the new world?"

How exactly are they going to make a new world without details? They don't know what is in my mind or where i want the story to go so I have to tell them in detail.

There is a lot of work that goes in to making a new world and you have to be very detailed or else it will be an epic fail. after all we complain about everything even the minutest detail.

Also i did say that the level cap would increase to 70, not 100 and the information floating around is that there are 5 worlds in the Morganthe arc, Celestia being the first. So there will be plenty more to do.

i know what to do if they are gonna consider it. so you don't have to worry about knowing everything because you don't.

Anyways thank you everyone for posting your comments. Keep the feedback coming whether its good or bad.

Enjoy reading.

Logan Frost.

Sep 10, 2009
I have some questions of my own:
what level would you have to be?
Are they making it so your level can reach 70?
That is all for nOw
P. S. I read your Intro and it was good