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Why no Mass Hex for Bal

Feb 25, 2009
slink1997 wrote:
Honestly, and this comes from someone who has played balance for a while, we have more health so we can build up with our blades, giving balance a mass hex would just cause endless complaints about how unfair it is in pvp

This is not about PvP

For once, it would be nice for a school to be able to get a spell for PvE without someone complaining about it being used in PvP.

I have already posted my opinion of PvP and why I don't PvP now in another topic in this forum so I will not repeat it here.

Feb 26, 2012
I'm not wanting to get really into the debate here, i just want to make this point. I saw SEVERAL of y'all sayin we had dragon blades. Yes you are correct it is a balance spell..but i've been playin for 3 years and dont have it. Not EVERY balance wizard has dragonblade. It would be nice, but we dont. Its a tc spell or a spell from a pet. We dont get it like we get balanceblade or bladestorm. Therefore technically speaking we only have balance blade and bladestorm, and with the low amount of damage we can do, having a +25% blade doesnt help that much. Storm hits a lot higher than us and has a +30% blade. It doesnt seem fair to me. I'm not sayin we cant handle ourselvs without help, i'm just sayin it would be nice for KI to help a LITTLE bit. Not give us a +40% or anything. Just a little help.

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