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Why is there plenty of people who are mean to Cyru

Dec 21, 2009
MisaMisa33 wrote:
To everyone who says they HATE Cyrus, let me ask you this one question...

Do you understand the fact that its a game and he is virtual?

Oh and to the user Matthorn1011: Chill out, its a game. Your not that special to freak out because he almost expelled you, he does that to everyone, and believe me, i'm sure some more of the famous wizards didnt freak out about it...since its a game.

Finally, someone who thinks logically! :D Cyrus is a cliche' character people, you know? The one with the snobby, tough-love attitude who, in his own way, is attempting to strengthen you and also ends up helping along the way. Stop acting like Cyrus Drake, a virtual animated character, has personally direspected you, its ridiculous.

Oct 09, 2010
ravenhecate wrote:
ChaosXtaC wrote:
Everyone that is miffed over him trying to get you expelled after you collect and deliver his laundry needs to realize that YOU started it!

Everyone is quick to point out what Drake has done to them but no one mentions what THEY have done to Drake!

First let's consider why he might not respect us, have us pick up his laundry, or want us at Ravenwood, have us expelled. Many of you are thinking what do you mean, I haven't done anything to Cyrus Drake but you are wrong! Everyone spreads a vicious rumor about him that they are told by Diego! Now think about that for a moment, later that evening in a staff meeting over ambrosia Merle Ambrose chuckles and relates a rather humorous rendition of "Cyrus you won't believe what that young student told me today!" to which Cyrus laughs along with but at the same time takes offense to. That's why he is rude to you at first, you didn't give him the benefit of doubt when you spread the rumor, and he sees you as a troublemaker that is more trouble than you are worth!

Later on he begins to see that you might actually be able to help him with what he sees as a personal family matter that troubles him to his core. To Cyrus Drake, Malistaire is his problem to deal with and something that only he can handle, all the student wizards wanting to get a hold of Malistaire bothers him because he knows they are not ready or capable of handling a wizard as powerful as Malistaire. Everything he does to discourage us is for our own good, he is just being a good teacher. With millions of students wanting to rush off and battle Malistaire he is getting tired of telling them all they are not ready! He just wants us to study and hone our skills until we reach a point where he thinks we might actually be able to help him end the threat to the spiral.

He knows Malistaire isn't evil as we will all eventually learn and everyone thinking he is aggravates him. Yes Malistaire has had a nervous breakdown but that doesn't make him evil. He didn't intend to threaten the spiral, he just wants his wife back and has thrown caution to the wind in an effort to do just that.

My conclusion is simple Cyrus Drake isn't evil or mean he is just misunderstood and Malistaire Drake his brother is a misguided wizard focused on the love of his wife and is doing everything he can to recover his true love. To say a man is evil only because he is willing to do anything for the woman he loves is very judgmental of us. I should hope we all could find a love that powerful in our lives ... a true unconditional love ;)

Just remember YOU started it when you start wondering why he acts the way he does and that's my thoughts on the matter ...

Gabriel LegendWeaver
~GrandMaster Sorceror~

Gabriel ShadowWeaver
~JourneyMan Necromancer~

PS Pay attention to the intricacies of the storyline, small things like spreading the rumor explain how it's all tied in together. He's also annoyed over Cyclops lane and everyone blaming him for making things worse there only to find out Malistiare has influenced the cyclops General Akilles, Professor Greyrose made a mess of Colossus boulevard also but she isn't accused of working with Malistaire ...

Very well put! I couldn't have done better myself. Just to add a couple more points here,let us take a look at the art of Myth magic. It is based on the of summoning minions, and the art of conjuration is one of the most difficult and dangerous magical arts to practice. It takes lots of control and practice to keep your summoned creature from breaking free, which they will do if the wizard is not careful. If allowed to break free of the wizard's control the creature will more than likely turn on the summoner. Cyrus Drake needs to be tough and strict with his students so they can develop the skills necessary to be grandmaster conjurers. To maintain his reputation he needs to be strict with all students, not just his own.

Also Cyrus has a big heart, which became apparent to me the first time I fought Malistaire. He loves his brother and has tried very hard to stop him from destroying everything. Sometimes when men hurt so much they cover it up with a gruff exterior.

Katie UnicornRider, Master Conjurer
Katherine LegendShield, Initiate Conjurer
(Love Myth and Professor Drake so much I had to create two Myth Wizards!)

You both took the words out of my mouths. Cyrus is my favorite teacher at Ravenwood - even though I'm a Storm wizard.
About the laundry thing... whenever Cyrus sent me on that mission, I (as Llewella Mancer) was all "Alright, let's go help people!" and skipped right up into the clothing store, only to find out that I was doing his laundry.
I promptly cracked up and said the following: "Are you kidding me? Are you KIDDING me? God, I LOVE this guy..."

I do feel bad for both Cyrus and Malistare, and I sympathize with them... however, I kind of can't want to defeat Malistare. :) It sounds like a definite and very fun challenge.

Jun 08, 2009
Ok here is a post to show you who thinks what (including my thought).

:D Good: 49

Evil: 14

So people who think Cyrus is evil, well, you're outnumbered.

Courtney Life, Level 24, Adept theurgust

(EDIT: BTW, I say he's good :D )

Jan 12, 2011
Actually I'm enjoying Professor Drake the most of all the teachers. I find him very interesting and his crankiness rather fun. I am always looking forward to what he comes up with next. Myth school is the most fun for me. Cyrus Drake keeps me grinning!

Dec 04, 2010
Cyrus is not evil. Yes, he is a bit mean, but he is actually angry of all the arrogant wizards that want to defeat Malistaire when Cyrus actually has certain knowledge of this. Cyrus is actually nice after you finish Dragonspyre, since he apologizes.

Dec 13, 2008
pft cyrus is the best he can like make stuff. he was on your side the WHOLE time! he had alot going on and he probably dint have a god breakfest so lets give him a break and give him bacon!!!

kevin moonstaff lv.60 pyromancer

Apr 22, 2010
I am a myth student, and after my level 18 spell, he actually said something nice to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the beginning, he is mean, but eventually he gets nicer!!!!!

His spell quests are still hard, though... I have to face Kenedy the Klaw and a Klaw Brother in a single match, and even harder, they're both myth!!!!!!!!!!

Your friend,
Zachary Trollcatcher, level 29 Adept Conjurer, currently awesome.

Dec 25, 2010
His twin brother turned evil what do you expect him to be happy :| :|

Feb 15, 2009
He was contacted by Malistaire to expel you so Malistaire has peace to destroy the Spiral

Dec 31, 2010
Man , I wish I was around when Malistaire wasn't evil who knows how nice Cyrus would have been to you at that time :-o

Nov 21, 2010
My sister is myth and I think that she's crazy, because she says that even if he is cranky he only wants to pressure her to become the best myth student ever. She's psycho.

Oct 31, 2009
K you myth students trying to defend your teacher stop.I know you guys just dont like people to hate your teacher but just face the fact, he is very mean,explain me what kind of nice person tries to expell you, also at the beggining he tells you '' why dont they send us some more pupil students''. Just face it he is super mean.Even though he gets nice at the end still.He will never change his act.I also face the fact my teacher halston balestrom is a little crazy with science and stuff,even though it hurst me but its the fact.So myth students face it, he will never change.