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Why do people think ice is so weak?

May 22, 2009
I mean ice school is good at sheilding and health but to me it isn't that great. I mean isn't the highest spell 620? I mean I could beat that with 2 sun birds. It's not that it's weak but Ice wizards just aren't as powerful as storm and fire. Sure your good at sheilding but besides when I'm either covered in traps or about to die, I don't care about sheilds. Storm wizards have really powerful spells and Fire wizards can deliver damage over about 3 rounds from one spell. I have to be honest that Ice is my least favorite school.

May 22, 2009
DarkStorm824 wrote:
chrisy123567810 wrote:
ok your kind of mean ice is awesome because we have the most health an when people hit us with attacks it doesnt take away much an we know what to do when we attack an we're the second most powerful to death an storm is awesome but it always fizzles to an no offense but life only heals an myth isnt very powerful fire is great but ice is is a little better balance is good but when your lvl 33 you still dont get very powerful cards an you know what ice wizards rule they care for people an your just mean because why even post mean things about ice wizards anyway your just mean

Alright why are you saying they are mean when your saying things like "Myth isn't very powerful" and "life only heals" and "fire is great but ice is better"

There is no need to say that about other schools of magic. Please look at your post, if other people say ice is weak and you say their mean and then you start saying that ice is stronger than this, ice is stronger than that.

None of us are saying Ice is horrible and none of us are saying Ice rises to the throne above every school of magic.

No offense but I think you are being a little bit mean to Myth, Fire, and the other magic schools you have mentioned

I agree with Darkstorm, it's just an opinion. Some people love ice and it is there favorite school but I don't and It is my least favorite school. If your gonna ask me why I'll tell you this: I think ice's spells are weak. That is just a opinion. I'm a fire wizard. Sure we don't have a lot of health, and sure we may fizzle more than ice but each school has one something good about them. If your saying myth is weak and fire is weak then your wrong. They are both good schools.

May 22, 2009
sangata wrote:
What!?We ice wizards are not weak!How could someone say that!

Chris stargem level 31,thamaturge

So what if someone has a opinion that ice is weak? You should just ignore it. I honestly don't like ice either, one day I might. I use to think Life was a little weak too, until I was against someone in PvP who was life and defeated me. Everytime I striked her she would just heal her self and soon I got weaker and weaker and she defeated me. I could of defeated her like two times but the following round she would just heal. Thats life's advantage. They can heal. There is a advantage for every school. If you get offended by someones opinion it's sort of stupid. I'm sorry if that was sort of harsh what I'm trying to say is everyone has a different opinion, no one is right.

Christopher Battlehunter, level 36, Prymancer.

Jun 30, 2009
I'm an ice wizard and I know what the ice school has. We have the most health by a long shot, and we have lots of sheilds. sure the other schools are stronger but the ice school wizards are harder to kill because they have the most health.

No, I'm not saying any school is better than one another, but the ice school is not bad AT ALL so stop ripping on on it!

Dec 24, 2008
i am a grand ice and ice is very strong if you want to make ice stronger then buy the ice trap necklace and put death as your second school, then you can have your normal trap necklace trap your blade and if you buy the elemental blade and trap you have them then all you need is add all them and add a balance to help you and blade you and you can easly one hit malistaire like me! oh MAKE SURE YOU USE MALISTAIRES ICE ROBE ATTACK

Apr 21, 2010
no school is better than any other...poeple need to stop ripping on other schools...you can have school pride and say that you have a favorite school but please respect other peoples choices...i am a level 28 ice wizard and it has been a long time since i have been defeated but remember that sometimes the only way to defeat an enemy is with friends...all the schools were created to fight with different styles thats why some schools have higher life and some have stronger defenses

Jun 21, 2009
garyboy11 wrote:
Hmm, I wonder why everyone thinks Ice is weak. Well they are.

Not saying Ice is a bad school, just saying, it isn't powerful at all. Just look at the comparison between Ice Giant and Storm Lord.

Ice Giant:

Accuracy - 85 ( I think )

Damage - 450 ( Again I think. Somewhere in the 400's )

Effects - Hits all, and stun.

Storm Lord:

Accuracy - 70

Damage - 695

Effects - Hits all, and stun.

Dylan ShadowTalon Lvl 47

the reason ice has weak attack spells because of the shear amount of sheild and health we have. i'm level 31 and i have 2000 and some health.

lucas goldheart level 31 ice wizard and proud of it.

Mar 25, 2009
i have a life/ice master who i could not solo a single boss in MB or Mooshu with. I recently got crowns and switched him to life/myth and he is better now! so in my mind blizzard is weak evil snowman never showed up and ice wyvern is ok.

Aug 04, 2009
ya i totally agree heres why it is the best school

-they have resist on ALL the schools
-they have the highest health then any other school
-they have pretty good damage spells
-they have a lot of shield(ice's version of absorb, 80% off next storm/fire spell, and 50% off next damage spell)
-they have good accuracy but not great XD

thats some pretty good thing me a storm think ice is awesome and the BEST!

Jun 04, 2010

Your assertion that ice is weak based on comparing the base spells of frost giant and storm lord is flawed. Consider the following:

Using only the three in school boosts:

Frost Giant - base damage 475
after iceblade (40% at 0 pips) - 665
after balefrost (35% at 2 pips) - 897.75
after ice trap (30% at 0 pips) - 1167.075

Storm Lord - base damage 690
after darkwind (25% at 2 pips) - 862.5
after storm trap (25% at 0 pips) - 1078.13
after windstorm (20% at 1 pip) - 1293.756

As you can see, very similar damage, and this example ONLY considers in class boosts. Now, you might still think, hey, storm still better and in some cases yes. But now more food for thought. First, everyone and their uncle shields for storm. For ice? Mostly Fire. Second, it took 1 additional pip for storm on the three above boosts vs. ice and since they are both 7 pip spells, that could be the difference between success and failure. Third, ice has crazy life and shields so they have plenty of time for this setup. Fourth, very small increases to the base damage, such as tough spell, or damage boosting clothes will make a MUCH larger difference to the end result for ice because the percentages are MUCH higher. Finally, while I don't think the fizzle issue is as bad as has been hyped in here, storm is statistically more likely to fail at a crucial moment than anyone else unless the player has taken precautions. If Ice fizzles, meh, no biggy. They'll catch it on the next round. That often isn't so for storm.

There are a lot of variables in this game. Considering only base damage is just plain silly, and if you play that way, then you are probably the kind of person that is constantly yelling PORT at their friends and is frustrated because they can't beat any bosses by themselves. As has been said here many times, every school has their pluses and minuses. Not considering those is just poor strategy.