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Where do you get the life sword

Dec 19, 2008
i am a level 46 life wizard name kevin hawkthistle i want to know where you get the life sword or any school sword

May 19, 2009
i will give you a list of the best sword drops:

LIFE_ valeska redwind
MYTH- avalanche
DEATH- ivan soulslinger
FIRE- vladimir darkflame
ICE- giant homunculus
STORM- the hoarder
BALANCE- silver sentinel

Dec 14, 2008
in mooshu you get it from oyotomi the defilier it is 90 damage and 1 power pip and you also can get one from somebody redwind a boss in ds..... in drake hatchery 100 damage....
here is a sword list....
oyotomi the defilier( village of sorrow main boss ):life sword
tomugaa the evil( ancient burial grounds main boss ):death sword
jade oni:(sumoned at jade palace by activating the obelisk.... final mooshu boss)storm sword
death oni( tree of life main boss ):myth sword
plague oni( shirataki temple main boss ):ice sword
oakheart( side boss from mossback quests.... he has a different name when you fight him but it is the the great something....):fire sword
kageemosha(boss needed to spawn death oni in tree of life ):balance sword

and ds sword list I mostly forgot.... but MOST swords are ind rake hatchery... and those swords are-storm-death-ice-myth-life thats 5 out of the 14 ds swords :/ hope this helped