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What new worlds do you think are on The Spiral?

Apr 12, 2009
How about the a past world! How it shows when the dragons, tritans and krakens, and collosuses were at war. And you get to choose which side you are on! :D

Dec 06, 2009
Each of these worlds should have a boss that is primarily centered around the theme of the world

how about a underworld a grim reaper boss for the death students
a swamp/jungle world with a hurricane/tornado boss for the storm students
a mountainous snow world with a roc (which is a giant bird that lived in icy regions) for the ice students
a greek/ rome/normadic/ancient world with a griffin or sphinx boss for myth
a forest filled with life with a boss created after gaia (greek god of earth) for life students
a volcanic are complete with its own lava boss for fire students
and finally a place made after taoism belief of ying-yang with a boss of made of good and evil for balance

Sep 12, 2008
ryanman2345678 wrote:
I think there should be a greek world. It should have quests dealing with greek gods and goddesses. You will fight the gods before you are able to go any where else in the Greek world, It will be a test of mind and body! If you are good enough, you will be allowed to go into the world. Make bosses apollo and dionysus, two greek spirits! They should be the leaders of the Greek world. They should be the final bosses. And the gods and goddesses bosses before apollo and dionysus. You should make up your own greek gods and goddesses. There will be philosophers, like socrates. They will give you the quests. There should be guards with soldier helmets, shields, and harpoons. make up your own name for them!

I agree completely! i also think they should have archimedes, some of the famous greek and roman heroes (such as achilles, hercules, paris, etc.).

what if they made a realm based all on a graveyard. the main quest of that world is to discover the spirit of malistaire's dead wife! Maybe she would be the queen of the under realm (or something...).

Aug 10, 2009
like gamemaster said puley undead but olny the people you defeated but it should be a dungeon like the stongest 8 bosses so you can have eight enimes or somthing like a mega court you could have eight allies and you could get mega pips [3] so that is my idea you can branch off of it or any thing
i hope you like my idea :D

Oct 06, 2008
I think there should be a world were there are all pyromancer spells that you can fight like a sun bird, phoenix, and a firecat

I also think there should be a world that gives you alot of exp. (experience points) were you could go after you are level 20 with new pets, wands and athmes

(P.S. you could also mix them together)

Jul 30, 2009
some sort of epic war torn futeristic (ya i know i cant spell) world withrobots and human resistance and a robot rebelion or somthing :?

Apr 24, 2009
i know and idea for a new world! it can be an african version world. i dont have a name for it :( lol but i have a good idea. the world can be of elephants and the main enemies can be monkeys. 8) 8) :P and it can be where the helephants live.

Dec 21, 2009
hmm if u think about it balance, life, fire, and maybe myth schools are represented in the spiral, as most schools seem to be represented in the WC streets. Kroc is balance world, Mooshu is life, dragonsypre is fire, and marleybone guessing myth due to the fact there is talking dogs lol. This is base on the appearence of the worlds and how the game usually shows what environment represents the school (theme school house gives how creators see it in my opinion, cuz fire house looks like dragonsypre, life looks like it could be in mooshu, and balance house looks like it could be in kroc.) Oks with that said, ice, storm and death havent really got a world in the spiral, and of course has to flow with the story line. So my idea since dragonsypre is um sort of dreay let the next world be ice, beautiful magical place like the theme house and since the professor is a fairy, when defeating malisture ambrose awards wizards with wings-maybe not fairy wings, but like angelic wings that u can dye (this way male wizards wont feel girly if they should) and still have enemies that are cool to fight, like a snowbeast, evil polar bears, king ice snakes, etc. Maybe there could be a polar bear pet :D. The ending boss could be the ice lord (or whatever that thing is called on the level 7 card), second ice school maybe could reside there, as far as new spells...well have to come back to it. Then when that world is complete u return to ambrose, to recieve a transmution spell that will turn girl wizards into mermaids and guys into half sharks (lol kinda of like shark boy) so they can survive in storm world which can be underwater world, the enemies like others have listed before, and maybe can get cool pets here like kracten, the end boss could be the storm lord muwhahaha. Then u go back to ambrose for acess to the final world death, which because of its doom and gloominess, maybe it could slowly drain the life of wizards if not equip with some sort of life/healing aura around them which could be recieve from ambrose has a reward from completeing the storm world. ( this can also help keep lower levels from staying to long there hehe). Now the ending battle could be the daughter of malistare and his wife the decease life teacher which is wanting revenge for two reasons perhaps, one since we are just learning and meeting her maybe the story could go as follows: she was born right before her mother past and in fear of malistare teaching her the dark side and because of her having the ability to cast death and life spells making her powerful then most bosses ambrose and the other professors decide to send her away, and she has learn and is upset that they kept her father from her, and second reason is to defend her fathers defeat, so she is who we meet in the final battle... but wait theres more...just when she is almost defeat...she casts what looks like a minon spell...only...to...be...a...SUMMON FOR MALISTARE!! So now u have to fight the father daughter team!! but oks for good side (us) spell cards idea to also lead to great story, is at some point in the game i think summon cards for each school should be given to call upon our teachers to come help out in battles (they have to be bored just stading around all day hehe)!! Then when in this finally battle epic is in place, if two or more wizards (being from two different schools) cast these cards at the final battle (and only then) the mother/wife spirit is summon to aid the wizards and try to help her daughter and hubsand somehow, they leave thier evil ways and woot happy ending! :D the shop keepers and habitants could be those things like in harry potter that seep life out of you (sry cant remember the name) which is why we need the auras to so not to be affected :D, enemies could be well that shouldnt be hard to figure out. :)

Jul 17, 2009
I'm thinking that there could be a world based on the Mayan or Aztec culture, kind of like Krokotopia, but not exactly. Or maybe worlds that home creatures we haven't seen outside a card yet. Like a world where Humungo Frogs live. Or Ice cards like Ice Wyvern. Maybe even Leprechaun or Centaur or something. (Unless they have those in MooShu. I'm not there yet.) I really hope there are many new worlds to discover. :D

Oct 30, 2008
I think there should be a world like ours but the Wraiths took over.We could have a Camera put our real body in and we could look like that out of battles.The Wraiths are copies of other used-to-be and and the current Wraiths could be there too.Lord Nightshade would lead them.I hope youlike the Idea!

Jun 18, 2009
Oh, you know what? I would LOVE an "in the middle of nowhere" world with unique patterns and colors all over!

May 31, 2009
There should be a world, where the people are mice, and the world is called... Transratania. The bad guys would be like evil cats and dogs trying to take over the world. And the boss you face at the end of the world is named Randolph and he is Myth at 7,500 health. P.S., Randolph is a dog with two heads, a cat head and a dog head. The mice people give you quests to get stuff and build stuff for them so they can fight the dogs and cats back to their world. (just an idea. i like animals so i thought of this... and i'm not copying marleybone...)

Jul 19, 2009
How about Celestia. It's a world that Mr. Rowly mentioned after I got his gold pocket watch back. Sherlock, you should know him, you all live in this doggy dog world. Hehehe

May 09, 2009
Here is my idea.I was thinking of a world with slavery and in Empire was controling it.I have another idea.It is the World of the past.You go back to the past back when Dragon Titan ,the Frost Giant,Storm Lord and more.

Mar 15, 2009
ShadowTwisted wrote:
Ok, I noticed a bit of a trend going in most of the worlds of Wizard 101 in that they are closely similar to older civilizations

Krokotopia - Ancient Egypt

Marleybone - Turn of the Century London

MooShu - Dynasties of the Far East

Dragonspyre - Pompei (just an idea)

With this in mind, I developed my concept for a new world. A world that mimics the cultures of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans. Set in a tropical rainforest, the player would arrive, of course, at a dark time for the locals, monkey people. The ancient rituals to satisfy the gods had not yet been performed for some reason or other, and guess who gets to investigate why? I know little about the gods of the culture outside of Quetzalcoatl, their god of thunder. That's at least a start, though.
POMPEI for dragonspyre? i would have thought it was more like a warzone

Mar 15, 2009
skier339 wrote:
I also like the idea of adding more worlds. However I don't think the Grandmaster level should be 100, just for now. Anyway it's because the game takes a while to complete just having a 50 lvl Grandmaster cap. So I think Kingsisle should work their way up to lvl 100 so that players have a chance to complete the game and then a have a grandmaster to work with for the lvl 100 grandmaster cap.
yeah i agree it would just discourage the new players just put at least maybe seventy five for now

Mar 15, 2009
i think there should be a jungle world where you have to beat rhinos and monkeys give you quests. The clothes would be explorer stuff

Jan 29, 2009
i didnt read through this whole topic, so i dont know if anyone has posted this already but- CELESTIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i promised to spread the word about this world, and i intend to do so :P Celestia is an AWESOME idea, and i hope that all of you look it up. Celestia is a world after Dragonsphere (Excuse me if thats mispelled, it's late) and has the spirit of Malistaire and his wife.... its an awesome idea, so please check it out, its found in The dorms :)
Thanks for listening.
Keira willowwhisper Lvl. 49 thaumaturge

Dec 15, 2009
they should have a world for each school that only that school may reach and do missions to. death would be underworld myth would be a colonist city filled with witches dragon trolls and more storm would be a land with nonstop huricans and natural disasters life would be a forest ice would be like one of the poles fire would be a dragons den balance would be a area like a broken down court that looks like an area that got hit with tonado
i belive that is all

Sep 13, 2008
I really like the idea for AIR or WATER {atlantis} world becasue you could branch many ideas off of that. i also think that a ROMAN or MIDIEVAL world would be awesome and the outfits would be sick!

I can't wait for a new world to come out because there is nothing to do right now.

Feb 14, 2009
There should be a Greek Mythology world which would be like:
Good Guys:













Bad Guys:
Roman Soldiers

Storm Elf

Storm Evil SnowMan

Storm type Monsters etc

Dec 13, 2008
gamemaster wrote:
Maybe a world consisting of purely undead,it could be the same one Gobblers and Kroks came from,due to "Witches,and plagues in their homeland"...

yea and you could fight the witches and try yo cure the plagues 8)

- Nicole Firegem lvl 50 life

Aug 30, 2009
a world filled with devils,vampires, a ocean of pirate ships
each world should start out easy and have 3 to 4 worlds in each world

Jul 20, 2009
Hi everyone! i really do think that the developers should take a look at the jungle/swamp idea for proffesor balestrom's homeworld. I think it would make a great addition to the game. I hope this draws a lot of comments from both you and the administrator. :D

Your's truly,
Cole SoulHammer

Feb 07, 2009
i think there should be a world where you go out into the wild and there are all sorts of creatures and you can go and find the one you like so you don't have to go and buy one.then you can train it and you can teach it to help you in battle.
I call it :land of the wild! :)