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What level are you on?

Aug 06, 2010
Well - I don't believe in "power leveling" so all my wizards are going through the spiral worlds the old fashioned way - actually doing their quests! :) I'm definitely a wiser wizard from the experience on the first one.

My legendary needs to do Grizzle still - I kinda left it to the wayside since it wasn't on the storyline to get to Celestia, which I finally finished this month! YAAAY! :D

Nora RavenSong - lvl 60 balance
Lenora LionHeart - lvl 37 myth in Mooshu
Ellie NightWeaver - lvl 22 death in Krok
Lenora DrakeMancer - lvl 13 fire - just unlocked Krok

Dec 23, 2008
I am approximately at level 58, in Celestia. I'm Balance, and I don't wear Celestian clothing. It is very powerful, though. I just can't afford it!
At level 58, you get a new spell. I think the new spells are great and powerful, in all ways.

Grandmaster Sorcerer,
Laura Raven
Anna Goldleaf

Jun 30, 2009
Apr 30, 2010
Yeah i realzie I'm a little late to respond to this, but I've been on Wiz101 for almost a year now and I have a few wizards actually. Pyromancer lvl 60, Necromancer lvl 34, conjurer lvl 55, diviner lvl 15, theurgist level 7 and balance level 2 :D Hey we're all new be's at one point

Aug 16, 2010
My name is Wolf Darksword and i got level 42 yesterday. :D :D :D :D. I have stormzilla and wraith and my best title is Oni Slayer

Jul 10, 2009
ellielee wrote:
Well - I don't believe in "power leveling" so all my wizards are going through the spiral worlds the old fashioned way - actually doing their quests! :) I'm definitely a wiser wizard from the experience on the first one.
I agree if you power level than you regret it when you do the dungeon/boss for real.

Chris Griffin- level 5
Brian Griffin- level 5
Victoria Sword- level 5
Diana Skywalker- level 12
Hunter Hunter- level 14
Haley Moonheart- 44 WoooHooo

Mar 19, 2010
I am level 42, currently in Plaza of Conquests.


Wolf Strider
Master Necromancer

Oct 17, 2009
This is my first post so plz don't reply for my sake - my name is Daniel light heaven I'm lvl 33 though if I wasn't so lazy i would have been lvl 46 also I'm

May 27, 2010
i am lvl 30 or around that area, and i honestly admit that i am a bit lazy. i do not enjoy doing my quests as much, and i usually fight Jade Oni in moo shu for fun i find it kind of embarrasing that i am a low level in a place i should not be in, but my friends are always there. lol. but i would like it if Grizzleheim were a bit more interesting. that's all i have to say for now :)

Gabrielle Firefist around level 30
<3 <3 <3

Mar 26, 2010
I am lvl 54 on my death
lvl 25 fire
lvl 8 balance
lvl 25 ice
lvl 44 life
lvl 24 myth

Mar 21, 2010
I`m Wolf FireSword. Level 56 Grandmaster Pyromancer :D
I`m currently in the Science Center in Celestia. I`m just too lazy to get it done >.>

Dec 04, 2010
Level 30 (Magus) Sorcerer (Balance), Justin HawkHammer, in Knight's Court in Marleybone.

Apr 17, 2010
I'm a level 49 almost level 50... I am a Thaumaturge (Ice)

lvl 49 Ice

My edited part-

LOL i have gotten so far then iwas i am now in Celestia and a level 53 I couldnt believe how fast i was going with the levels :) Its kinda funny how that goes! :) :) :)

Jan 03, 2011
May 24, 2010
I'm currently level 31, i made it to level 17 without a membership, then i finally bought one

Dec 07, 2009
i was a non subscriber and still got to level 12!
but now i just got a subscition today (AWESOME)

Apr 07, 2010
I am level 54 i represent my fire school

Malvin skyrunner
Level 54
Fire school

May 16, 2009
I have three wizards that I actually play. I will give you the names, world they're on and school.

Dylan StrongBlood level 60 pyromancer (beat celestia) and I am a pvp warlord! :D :D :D :D :D
Ryan StrongBlood level 38 sorcerer ( Mooshu) pvp knight
David Strong Blood level 11 conjurer (Krokatopia) private

That's what I have.

Nov 12, 2010
I am Roslyn Lifeblossom lv. 27 theurgist. I often teleport to my lv 50+ friends. I end up being in worlds that i should not be in. On the other hand, I am a big help with healing spells!

Aug 01, 2009
i'm level 47 (should be lvl 46, teleported to celestia dungeon, lol) but my best level was 32, marlybone is great, riding in blimp cars, chasing meowairty, katinsteins lab (i like it because of the making of the clockwork)
thats my idea of fun!

Mar 02, 2010
May 26, 2010
Apr 18, 2010
i am level,54 honestly everyone thinks your the best and you have subscription when your that high you could you could not you can spend your life in triton avenue fighting to get exp i did before i got my subscription i stopped at level 13 i got my mom to play i helped her with her quest later on she got to the part where you need subscription to do the rest of your missions you knew if she get it for her she had to get it for me i helped her through most of the game she is level 55 -56 i think maybe 55 she's one higher than me like i said i am level 54 i have subscription look for me on wizard101 i am Wolf BattleSword i hang around in the bazaar you might even see me i'm life and my favorite spell is forest lord you get it AT level 58 it costs 8 pips and i've watched other people do it cause i got a long way to go its for life school only tou may be able to get it because of treasure cards

Mar 18, 2010
I am a level 17 Journeyman Pyromancer. I also have a level 4 novice Diviner.

Jan 10, 2011
I'm level 27. I would be in Marleybone by now, but my friend wants me to wait for her. *grumble grumble*