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What is your secondary school and why?

Aug 18, 2010
I'm a lvl 27 storm wizard named Kyle Bearstalker and i personally chose life due to storms low health. storm has the strongest spells for the lowest pips, no doubt(dont be a baby and reply to this like "fire is better") storm is strongest in ATTACK which to be fair we get bad health....by base health without any armor is 806.....but thanks to my armor i have 1460 :D alone with no boost things to my kraken he does at best 750-789 cause he cool like that, with just the basic +30 and +25 and +20 things he does at best round 1200-1340. with all those and some other boosts i can get round 1500-1800.
if he did normal no boost hit he would do as much as the 6 pip spell of life for 2 pips less. but although that is nice to get my health is still bad so i have life to help my friends and myself. and for those thinking how do you have all those cards in your deck??? its cause i KNOW how to play and have the best stuff you can get at my lvl so that is how it is all in there.

Kyle Bearstalker,peace out wizards! ima gonna play me some wizards now :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Mar 19, 2009
I am........

1st Fire-I don't know why!
2nd Life-Healing

I finished my first, second, and well, also third!

3rd Death-FEINT
4th Hmm..... I don't know if Ice, or Storm!- Tower Sheild/POWAH!!!!

Thanks! PS: I got to more Training Pts. to go (Ogden Peake)