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Side Worlds

Oct 29, 2011
Is it just me or has it been a while since we've had an entire proper side world? Early on we had Grizzleheim, then Wysteria, followed by Wintertusk. Aquila and Darkmoor feel more like "dungeon worlds" purely created for their dungeons without an extended plot of their own, unlike the other 3 side worlds which had their storylines, characters and developments that were more than just 3 dungeons.

I feel like it's about time we get a fun new side world for the higher levels, which gives wizard's improved gear, etc for a better questing experience in the main storyline. Maybe after Empyrea part 2?

Jan 10, 2012
I would like to see a pirate side world, to explore.(Like Grizzleheim).
Since a lot of the base art is already made (K.I. just need to pull it together).

Taylor Cooledge could bring us there on his boat "the leaky duck"(a stolen Monquista ship).
Defeat pirates, armada, monquista's, a few bosses, and finally the master (who flees when we defeat him).
Pirate gear to stitch, new pets, couple wizard new spells, and a unique item or two to farm for.
They could make it Level 65+, So everyone could enjoy it.
Maybe have a tough gold key final dungeon. (Master, witch doctor, Armada captain, Bishop).

Aug 23, 2016
If Skull Island opens up to wizards, it would allow the addition of an entirely new school of Magic. VuDu.

The Professor has brought our wizard to Skull Island once. Both Zeke and Prof Argleston know how to get there. The Monquestans have made it to Azteca... The only thing that seems to be keeping our wizards out is either the lack of boats in Wizard City or no one seems to know where the Spiral Door in Skull Island has vanished to.

Steven Ghoststalker