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Should These Mastery&Exalted Amulets Be Added

May 06, 2009
We all know about the Mastery Amulets that allow you to use your Pips for another school as well as the Exalted Amulets that give you an extra boost in power. The only thing is they will only work toward one other school. So what if you wanted to use your pips for 2 schools? or 3? Or all?

So I got this idea after I found out about the Level 90 Tier Daishiki Robe from the Super Bundle (3 Rank 8 Spells that only 3 schools can really use? Really?). What if there was a Mastery and Exalted Amulet that gave you the power to use your pips to any school? Here's just a concept of what I'm talked about:

Astral Mastery Amulet

Allow Power Pips with any spell
No Auction

Exalted Astral Amulet

+2% Universal Damage
Allow Power Pips with any spell
+1% Outgoing Healing
+1% Incoming Healing
+5 Universal Critcal Block Rating
No Auction
Level 90+/100+ Only

The reason it's all "Astral" is because anyone can learn an Astral spell with no penalty, just as these Amulets let you use your Power Pips for any spell.

I do see an immediate problem: These Amulets will completely diminish the use of any other existing Amulet. Why use a Fire or Life Amulet, when you have these? It also gives you more leverage for whatever schools you'd want to use in combat. It's like the new age of Mastery and Exalted Amulets.
At the same time, some people may prefer a Mastery or Exalted Amulet work for 1 school or would not appreciate an Amulet that gives you all this power after spending so much time or money getting the current ones.
I don't want any of the Mastery and Exalted Amulets to become obsolete which is why I'm asking for your opinions. I would say, these Amulets would be extremely -EXTREMELY- hard to get or very expensive (Like 12500-15995 Crowns). So I ask again...

Should a Universal Mastery and Exalted Amulet be added to the game? I'd appreciate your feedback!

Apr 20, 2011
Yes this is a very good idea I would be willing to give up my crowns or fight a boss like Gladiator Dimerachus. I already got my alpha and omega ring