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Sharpened Blade

Aug 01, 2012
I've seen a couple of other posts on this subject but haven't really seen a response from KI so I'm posting again.

Blades that are enhanced with Sharpened Blade or traps enhanced with Potent Trap should be distinguishable from a un-enhanced blade or trap.

Is this something we can look forward to in the near future? It would be a GREAT update but even if it's not going to happen, just a response either way would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 89

Dec 28, 2008
I get what you mean. I can think of several times when I would forget if I have a sharpened version of my school blade or a regular version, and I would end up picking the one I already have on. What they should do is maybe change the look of the blade on the charm itself, or add another blade to the charm so it looks like a bladestorm charm but the colors of it correspond to the blades school.

May 22, 2011
Yes! Please change this! I have had so many times when I had forgotten if I had used a sharpened blade or regular blade, and it gets really confusing!

Aug 18, 2011
I agree. Needed even more - a way to distinguish pet sharp from item sharp, and any enchanted cards in our hand after a reshuffle. They all look the same, so there is no way to know which we have. This has been a problem for years, and it's getting worse now that there are more sources for sharp and potent. Pet and item blades also look the same. Changing the coulour or pattern of these would help a lot.


Jun 27, 2013
Prince of Shadows had mirrored my concern completely

Jan 11, 2012