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Sell between friends

Jan 27, 2012
I think there should be a way for us to sell things from our inventory directly to a friend. For example, you and a friend are farming for a piece of clothing particular to your schools appearance, and he/she happens to get two of them before you get one. That person should be able to sell you that piece of clothing directly, instead of risking it in the bazaar or having to suffer through the same boss again and again still because you are having an unlucky day.

The person with the item would be able to set a price, and it would work like the TC trade system, only with gold and clothing items. One person would click on the piece of clothing they want to sell, and the other would type in the amount of gold they want to pay for it. If both people agree, they click ready and the items switch owners.

Now, knowing KI this wont get done unless it gets crazy amounts of positive replies and even if it does get done there will be ridiculous restrictions on it. I'm actually okay with a min/max value for every item, as that protects users from selling a novice cap for 400,000 gold, but also stops people from selling an amulet from Morganthe for 1 gold.
I just really see this as a great way to improve the game overall, as it encourages good relationships throughout the game and allows a more customized approach to the way you do things in the spiral.
(A new Wizard community might be formed of people who farm rare drops just to sell them to other people who are in need).