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Pets now and later.

Spooky Bob was a short term visitor to Wizard City who was only here for the Hallowe'en festival.
Look for more special visitors soon!

May 15, 2009
i hear some people saying their pet got bigger but my unicorn isn't getting any bigger. is it suppose to get bigger?

May 17, 2009
ashbaer wrote:
Here are a few I have. Lets hope I remember them all..

Dark Fairy(with a card) - Lord Nightshade in The Haunted Cave
Sprite - Alicane Swiftarrow in Firecat Alley
Snow Serpant 2(no card) - Prince Gobblestone in Colosus Blvd
Boo Didley(Blue Ghost) - General Akillies in Cyclops Lane
Boo Fraidy(Yellow Ghost) - Last Boss in the Dsjert family Tomb - Krok
Bugeyes Mcgee(Mander) - First Boss in the Map room in the Throne Room
Krokomummy - Keeper of the Fang in the Vault of Ice - Krok
Rat Magician - Last Boss Counterweight EAST - Marleybone
Clinkity Clunk(gearhead) - Last Boss Counterweight WEST - Marleybone
Krokotillian(with card) - Meowiarty in Big Ben - Marleybone
Treant(Tree) - Oakheart in the Shirtaki Temple - Mooshu
Troll - Foul Grumtooth in Crimson Fields - Mooshoo
Sunbird 1(with card) - War Oni - Mooshu

Just the few I remember I have lol

Hope this helps

Heather Ravenblood
Level 46 - Death/Life

Thanks for the list, I got a blue ghost from the cyclops, thanks!

Jun 04, 2009
mike198 wrote:
I did not win pets from night shade or gobblestone.

same here i get mine from prince alakine (spelling?) on firecat alley
fire ice strom myth life death balence that's what the smilies mean lol)
your friend,
Lvl 17 ice goddess 8)

Jul 06, 2009
I got a blue ghost from general akilles, sprite from alicaine swiftarrow, dark fairy from lord nightshade as stated above.

I also just got an evil snowman from Pops O'Leary, FYI.

Jul 06, 2009
Just got a "new" one, lava spider from Dr. Von Katzenstein in Katzenstein's Lab, Marleybone.

My backpack is quickly becoming a zoo!

May 30, 2009
hi i am a myth person if you can in any way tell me how to get the minotaur pet plz reply :?

Dec 17, 2008
astro1244 wrote:
Where is this "Spooky Bob"?
Spooky Bob is in the Shopping district.But he's only here during Halloween so check on in now!

Dec 17, 2008
Slickriptide wrote:
Rengor6 wrote:
They do? I hadn't noticed it. :D

Some do, some don't.

Examples - I have a Snow Snake 2 that I won from Prince Gobblestone. It has no card. I also have a Stardust Twinkletoes (Dark Fairy) that I won from Lord Nightshade. It has a Dark Fairy card.

If you fight the Diggers in the Master's Tower enough times, you should be able to eventually win a Fiddler O'Ruth pet (Imp) that comes with an Imp card. (If you're seeing a lot of Imps following people around in Wizard City, that's where they're coming from.)

Yeah or you can buy Imps at the Pet shop in Wizard City. 8)

Jan 19, 2010
titan80 wrote:
firewizard94 wrote:
I have been looking for cool pets that you can not buy in pet shops but i can not find any! :? where are the snow serpent, helephant, gearworks golom, natures wrath, and krokomummy pets i can not find any of those pets any where ! If you know where any of those pets are please post there wareabouts post asap! o yea i now where to get gearhead but where is counter west!?

counter west is in marelybone in the royal museun to get achtally in there you have to be level 34.

You can get most of those pets at th Bazaar but they can cost alot. You also get the Krokomummy at Krokotopia in the Oasis.

Dec 06, 2008
mike198 wrote:
I did not win pets from night shade or gobblestone.

Well, I didnt at FIRST either but if you try fighting them more than one time then you can MOST LIKELY get one :-) :-) :-)

Jan 20, 2010
I don't usually get pet drops but one time my friend and I were fighting Nightshade (we fought Nightshade like 20 times before just for fun) and I got a Dark Fairy but I don't equip them because of Luna, my Friendly Dragon. Luna is SO AWESOME!

Olivia Lotusflower
Level 46 Master Thaumaturge

Aug 30, 2009
Apr 04, 2010
Slickriptide wrote:
Also, if you read the notices, you'll see that the Black Cat that you can buy from Spooky Bob now comes with a Black Cat card.
sry, this is REALLY off topic but WHO'S SPOOKY BOB???