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Penalties for fleeing battles.

Sep 09, 2012
No no no no. I flee sometimes Cruz I get ducked in, and it's not my fault. I flee. However if someone else is in it, you have a problem.
But we shouldn't be punished because we are sucked in a battle.
Emma Emeraldsword lvl 57

Apr 21, 2012
Rebecca Emeraldfla... on Aug 23, 2013 wrote:
I agree this is annoying, but I also have to agree with the other posters.
It's not fair. It'd be too hard to tell. I play with my higher friend who refuses to let me heal her. When she dies, she flees and comes back with full health. It's nice. I don't want her to loose stuff because of it.

I suggest we become good community members and make a habit of asking before joining battles, and if we get pulled in, apologizing. We need to live with this inconvenience. It's not debilitating.
Switch to a quiet realm for insurance. Turn off your friend teleportation option.

Maybe KI can add a new option that can allow you to choose "solo" and not allow anyone join you battles. Idk. Not important to me: I'll just survive. It's annoying, but it's life.

Be a good community member and wizard.

Rebecca Emeraldflame lvl 75 sorcerer
That would be good, but what would also be nice is being able to avoid unwanted duels, you know, where you get in a duel with enemies and you don't mean to? Maybe there should be an option where if someone doesn't want to join a duel, they don't have to.

Aug 20, 2010
stormkraker on Aug 22, 2013 wrote:
I am sure there are a lot of other members that would agree with me on this. I am getting a little ticked of at some members fleeing battles after they join yours. What they do is join your battle, adding another monster to the battle, then flee!!
I have seen members do this right away! Almost to the point of it being a practical joke on others.
I think that KI should seriously consider a penalty for members that flee a battle.
If KI will do this, they should not tell people to flee during the timer when you are defeated. It is sort of confusing to new members. First you are defeated. Then you get a message to flee, Then you get another message to wait a member can heal you.
Getting back to the penalty part.
If my message should manifest into a new rule, then here is what I think.
They should lose 5 points per level that they are.
Now I am not saying this should be a cut throat rule. there are things to consider. Are they running low on health. Well here are 2 answers for that.
1) nobody ever dies, right? well then just ride the battle out.
2) If you do flee and get back into the battle, then you will not be penalized.
I know some members flee, replenish and join again. This only takes a minute or so.
I am not the best at getting my point across, but I think you all get the picture.
Please reply, Mark Dragonleaf.
This is not a high priority, in fact I finished Azteca and this hasn't happened to me since Mooshu...

I think you are making something out of nothing, it is annoying but giving the people penalties, show me the rule book. If someone did this to me, then I would suck it up, and yes I find it as or more annoying than you do. My mob deck only has enough feints for 2 enemies, cause I solo. I would have to flee and walk back to the spot to do it all again. Anywho, I know for sure there are more problems out there. Some people want to be rude or play a joke on you, losing mana is enough of a penalty.