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New Words To Be Added To The Chat

Jun 09, 2014
Here I would like everyone to give some ideal words, that they think should be added to the chat.

*Must be kid friendly words.

Feb 11, 2011
you need to add complicated words like meridian, and other things help me out!

with determination, the wheels of fate drive you to success,

Jun 17, 2011
In the text chat function there are words you can and can't say.

One of the things that drives me insane are people in the commons and other areas saying things like, "I need a boy" "I need a girl" "Do you want to be my girl" "Do you want out with me?" and other irritating romancy things that have nothing to do with wizard101! In fact I finally made it on to the Top Rated Crazy Houses as number 13 so there are people in my house from time to time. One boy said to me "Is this your house?" and I said yes and then out of nowhere he says "Wanna be my girl?" and I thought that was ridiculous! I literally said one word to him on a game that is not a dating site and he asked that with regular text chat. So the bolded words and whatever else fellow wizards report should be blocked. The wizards with this chat function are usually under 17 and do not need to say these things and these things also have nothing to do with the game.


There are also some words that I do not understand why you cannot say. I apologize if they are actually slang for inappropriate words and I just did not know that, those words should remain blocked. Also, I was wondering why regular text chatters cannot use caps. They can type it but it does not show up in the actual speech bubble above their heads. Now to the adding

Some words I want to say during spells because I think they fit such as:

Ta da
Rawr (I know its spelled wrong but still, its fun to say it that way)
Blub Blub (You can say glub glub so why not blub blub?)

Some words I don't get why they are blocked such as:

La (and la la la)
Dat or Dats

what words do you guys think should be added or should be blocked?