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New spells with unique effects!

Sep 06, 2011
Self explanatory title is explanatory

Death:Dark Tutor(2 pips),search your library for a card and put it in your hand,you lose 1/4 your current health
Life:Stillness(4 pips),Damage can't be dealt by either side for 2 turns,this doesn't stop Dark Tutors(or related spells i.e:dark pact) life loss
Myth:Divine Decree(8 pips) all enemies gain a weakness,a curse,and a black mantle
Storm:Lightweight(1 pip) 35% blade and 30% trap to self
Ice:Glacial Knight(4 pips) Take all aggro from the ally with the lowest health and 50% shield to self
Fire:Thousand-year Blaze(5 pips) all enemies take 200 damage each turn for the rest of the battle
Balance: Equilibrium(X pips)All health,mana,and pips becomes the highest for each out of all allies,repeat for the enemies
Restrictions:only 2 dark tutors allowed per deck,regardless of anything