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New Schools included with the POSSIBLE new World o

May 14, 2009
megantler wrote:
i have some ideas for spells

eclipse: first you would see the moon covering the sun then it will give all your teamates towershields and all your enemies feints

wrath of the sun: you would see a giant sun then a giant flash of lights hits all enemies it does 900-975 damage

meter belt: you would see small meters circleing the enemy then they all just hit him or her at one time then you see an explosion it does 700 damage

space ship: you would see a space ship that sorounds the enemy then it just flys with them up and crashes then a giant explosion happens it does 1000-1078
The space ship spell should be ten pips i think it is a beast spell

May 14, 2009
limelightning wrote:
Here is one

The school of the worlds

Proffesor: Pedastal
You talk to a magic pedastal that grants you spells
This is a school where a guy inside bartlby teaches the spells rank 1-4 and the real school with pedastal is inside the golem tower, you get it by beating a special quest that you get after learning spells one through four

zero pips: space blessing, heals 30 and does 30

one pip:wizard city blast, a floating bartlby comes out of the ground and blasts them with the wizard city icon on the spiral, does 75-120

two pips:krokotopia sand blast, a pyramid comes out of the ground and blasts sand at opponent to do 200-240 damage

three pips: Marleybone blimp blast, a city comes with cats on the roof and some cats drive a blimp into the opponent, 100 and 250 damage

four pips: moon shower, moons hit all enemys to do 350-380 to all enemys

five pips:mooshu garden, a garden spins out of the ground and heals 1,000 plus 300 over three rounds

six pips:dragonspyre volcano, a valcano with malistaire near the top comes and he causes it to erupt and it hits all enemys to do 500-600

seven pips: spiral blast, the spiral comes out of the ground and twinkles then each world blasts an enemy and if there are not enough enemys it repeats itself and does 400 for each blast

Please post the spell quests or something i will think of some more about it
That is an AMAZING idea. LOVE IT. Maybe there should be an 8 or 9 pip spell because of a level cap. The quest should incorporate everywhere over the spiral and you have to be a grand to start the quest/world. I think it is only fair.

Mar 06, 2009
rumor has it that water is going to be the new school but idk it not offical yet. but the stuff i heard about both schools (ideas/possible stuff) i dont care which one is the winner!
~Jesse Ghostwhisper
Grandmaster Pyromancer
Master of Fire

check out one of my forum posts.
i would recomend "New Badges Ideas" under The dorms

Dec 21, 2008
and the -80% shield could be called anti matter

Jul 15, 2009
I'm not sure about you guys but, I am excited for Celestia! But am also worried. The server keeps going up and down for me and some other players and with the new project coming in and all, I'm wondering what's gonna happen to the games. Am also curious of their new game but don't want to play it until wizard101 is fixed. They released wizard101 a little too early and they are making another game at the wrong time IMO. So a little worried yet excited! Can't wait to see the theme!

Oct 10, 2008
I'm sorry but when you say "possible world", are you suggesting there ISN'T
going to be a new world?

Nov 22, 2008
why is everyone saying new schools oh new schools i want to be in it its not true! if there was a new school i would want it to be Water

Oct 22, 2008

I think that if there is a new school it should be water. There would be tons of ocean related spells. waves, tsunami. whirl pools.

Sep 16, 2008
For Star type, there could be Sky Pierce. It takes down the arena move. Example, it makes the bubble move (Like Balefrost, Time of Legend, Doom and Gloom, Ect.) disappear.

For Moon Type, there could be Moon Crash. It's basically like Wild Bolt except it has a lower fizzle rate (It hits 25% of the time instead of 10%). It's a Moon Type move, but it does Ice Damage.

For Sun Type, it has the same thing as Moon Crash, except it does 1250 damage and hits 5% of the time. It is a Sun Type move, but it does Fire Damage.

I had originally thought of an Outer Space type, though I never shared it. The Moon/Sun Crash were Outer Space Type Spells, originally.

Jan 28, 2009
cnaas wrote:
The Black hole Idea is neat, what about the Sun? I am having a hard time of thinking of attacks for it.
I have an idea
Gravity crush
200 damage per pip to all enimies
8 pips max power = 1600 damage to all foes!
I'd like the animation to be...?
Ohy like a perpul-ish transparent coulor wave to come down on the other side
of the arena and cushing down on them
Core of the Sun
Fire School
800-1000 damage
The animation
The sun appiering in a burst of fire crumbleing and thecore left dangleing blkasts dierectly at the foe you launched the attack at

May 22, 2009
cooliam wrote:

I think that if there is a new school it should be water. There would be tons of ocean related spells. waves, tsunami. whirl pools.

relax people celestia is coming. there are gonna be awesone new spells and everything. remember patience leads to great rewards.

May 22, 2009
Penguin4ever wrote:
I was really just thinking of this! I LOVE astonomly, so what do you think about these spells?

Super Nova= A firely star appears in the middle of the duel board. It then suddenly explodes. consuming all the players, dealing 600 damage to the opponent, 200 damage to the friend side.
Comet= Like a pixie, but just a white ball. It soars around the duel board for a little, then hits the target doing 105-135
Solar System= You can send three planet type objects at the opponent to circle them. Every turn it does a cetaint amount of damage, depending on pips.

Jennifer Angleweaver

oooh! what about a black hole also. omg!! that would be spectacular! :D and it consumes about 500 of all enimies and gives life to all you and your teamates!

May 22, 2009
Pogologomogo wrote:
Pogologomogo wrote:

lvl 7 Spell: 7 pips, 95%, 450 and 450
Space Centaur: Same as centaur but when arrow hits does first damage, and when tree, in this case moon rock, brakes does the next part of damage.

Here, i correct:

lvl 7 Spell: 7 pips, 95%, 300, 300, and 300
Space Centaur: Same as centaur but when arrow hits does first damage, and when tree, in this case moon rock, brakes does the next part of damage, and finally when the pieces attack the enemy does last part of damage

i dont think it would be any fun if they did similar spells to the ones we already have. so come up with creative, new, and fun ideas. maybe like a fire medusa. lol just putting randon thought out there.

May 22, 2009
cnaas wrote:
The Black hole Idea is neat, what about the Sun? I am having a hard time of thinking of attacks for it.

sun- there's a flash of light, and all the sudden you see this dark figure slithering tawords you and bam! there's a fire medusa with her snake hair snapping their raiser sharp teeth at you and she has he giant sword that attacks you with damage to atleast 500-575 damage and 75% accuracy...just an idea xD

Nov 16, 2008
Starblade sounds cool, but insead of it being a blade that powers up spells why not be an attacking spell. For that I think the whole battlefield goes black then stars appear and start floeating around creating a blade which attacks the selected enemie 2 times. The first slash could do 100 damage then the second slash could do 1100. That would look really cool. :D

Patrick Ghoststone
grandmaster death.

Jan 04, 2009
There should be school called Water since the world maybe will be underwater! :)

Aug 22, 2009
Isn't there a code of hammurabi????? cause he was some sort of king or something a whule back.... :P

Mar 13, 2009
First of all I want them to make new schools but there is a good chance that the new schools are gonna be way overpowered or that the old schools... death, life, etc... are gonnna be nerfed (weakened). The new classes should have their own specific element type things. Like instead of fire/ice maybe Space, Gravity, and Time

Dec 13, 2008
10498 wrote:
the idea of a new school EXCELENT!!!!!!!!!!! but i wouldnt make the hole thing on stars and spirals. but i have this insane idea for a new spells like constilationsfor the hole space school:
Space Centaur (plz send new name): the bottom of the field turns black and golden lights come up like helephants (but dimmer) A centaur ( black with white stars all over (so visible) is in the sky as a constilationthen comes down and shoots a light beam out of his hands and then deals whatever damage.

Staff attack: it would be 3 stars spin around and hit opponent

Other constilation of the creators choice such as
night scorpion,
Maximagor(a bear that when he swipes his paw shoots out raises of light like Collosus or Helephant)
Star Serpant,Like snow serpant but black and gold and slithers out of the sky from all the other constilations
Cyguns(a black and purple shaded pheonix),
Stary Night(that schools dome like Balefrost,wyldfire,but has marleybone stars at top with milky way in it)
Staredwolf (same thing as heck hound but instead of red and yellow black on bottom and gold on top and does no start in a dog house instead it comes up like Orthurus but out of the side where scorpion comes out of just it will be bigger and lower)
Asteroid(like meteors and blizzard but they are balls of stars fith a trail of light and shining dust)
and for last lvl 48 spell that attacks everyone is Black Hole a Black Hole pops up and shoots the same thing as super nova does just black and gold gotta go but more to come
i wil give ideas for clathes and there special quests for Space only spells and where to got new training points
plz send new ideas
you are really only copying the other school. but just wit different colors. or animals. something unique huh? lets try it

Dec 13, 2008
GamerTiara wrote:
Ugh! NO MORE NEW SCHOOL TALK! I think there shouldn't be one cause who needs the school? Like death life and myth need each other to live and fire ice and storm need each other to live. Balance needs all of them. Also I think that a new school would just be a problem cause I spent my training points already and I don't want to pay to get them back for this new school! These school we have are elemental and spirit schools. This school doesn't belong in any group. :? I hate Grizzleheim too! Grandmasters cant go above 50 so who cares about another world? :?
LOOK! we making plans here ms. sugar queen. and i think that you are not the only one who you care about rite now so dont be talkin bout this. let us be free. YOU DONT HAVE TO SPOIL EVERYONE ELSES FUN FOR YOU BEING ALL WHINY ABOUT YOURSELF! no offense, but you are not helping anyone else here. and id think you should care bout it. just let it happen and be all by your self. you know.... since you hate it so much. sry but this stuff you are doing here.. too words... not cool.

May 10, 2010
HI i got idea why should there be like this thing called fire scent and this mander pops up and it casts a fire cat then the fire cat turns into a fire lord then it does 2000 to 2500 damage

if you like idea please post comment

quinn skullhunter
lvl 50 pyromancer

May 03, 2009
i think there should be an anti- balance called beast. once you. think of it balance has no nemesis so if some thing can resist balance you can't do nothing. since balance only focuses on fire ice and storm. it can focus on life death and myth.

Jun 29, 2009
I dont think there should be a new school, and even if there is it shouldn't be about space or stars. The reasons that there shouldn't be new schools-

- The accuracy for all the schools are separated by 5% to help keep them unique. So where would a new school go? 95%, too high. 65%, too low.

-They'll have to change ravenwood and A LOT of the game. That might mess things up big time.

- All of the schools have special colors/color. What would the new school's color be? EX: School of Astronomy, Black? ( that's death ) Yellow? ( that's myth )

- Sure it's great to have change, but it's good to stick with some major classics. :D

BTW, You guys are making the "Space School" way to perfect and powerful. Most importantly, some of the ideas are just copies of other spells, just with a different name. :x ( not saying none are original )

List of my Characters:
Rowan Shade- LVL48 Death 2 school= Life 3 school= Storm
Scarlet Death- LVL45 Death 2 school= Life 3 school= Fire
Fallon Hex- LVL24 Life 2 school= Storm
Christina Night- LVL13 Storm 2 school= Balance
Keira SilverLeaf- LVL7 Storm 2 school= -------

Feb 12, 2009
The New Schools Are Stars Sun And Moon Not Water They Already Confirmed The Three School Nothing Else So Quit Asking Already :x

Mar 22, 2009
i think there should be a school of earth with rock spells and earth golems it would be awsome