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New Schools included with the POSSIBLE new World o

Oct 12, 2008
kylestiltner wrote:
OK. First off, I am totally up for a new magic school. I just want to clear that up. BUT, while reading the thread and all the replies about attacks for the new school, you guys please need to stop overpowering and combining similiar schools attacks. :x
Like I saw someone with like a moon attack that took 600 form each enemy and ave you 50% of the health. Please don't combine the death style Scarecrow and mix it with the SuperNova of Balance. A new school should be unique in all it's attack, but within reason. I do not mean for you guys to boost up the attacks. There needs to at least be some degree of space to use blades and traps.
As a more adult player of the game, I have seen so many of you say things like this. and all I ask is: Please think it through before you post things like that. I'm sure Kingsisle values your opinion but they also like to see something that is possible. Anyways, a new school that has to do with the Stars and consellations would be great to see.

Thanks for that one. i agree in every way. Good thinking.

Jan 07, 2010
I was thinking a good school would be school of sky or air.

Wizards: Aviators (possibly, its a working title)
Possible spells: Tornado-like the equivalent of meteor strike or blizzard
Skynaught-a sky warrior that is summoned and does damage equivalent to that of frost colossus, helephant, wraith etc.
Gust-decreases enemy accuracy by 20 percent over three rounds, or it could be a ring like wildfire, darkwind, sanctuary etc.
Griffin-a Griffin is summoned and does 500+ damage to each player plus accuracy decrease. (this would be the grand spell)
Keen eye-boosts accuracy to user by 30 percent
Colors: Light blue and white or brown and light blue
Gem stone: Quartz

As you can see I based the School of Air around accuracy, so it would be very accurate. It is a work in progress, but I think it is coming out good so far.

Apr 27, 2009
Jan 19, 2010
IF KI decides to make new schools, I'll be interested to see how they balance it and make it unique to the other schools. They cut it close in some places already, so this will really put their game designers to the test.

As far as actual spells go, the effects and elements that would be interesting to see would be various constellations appearing, animating, and in their animations doing their attack or healing.

Various heavenly bodies appearing and hitting enemies would be neat at first, but consider this-

The final spells (level 48) for all classes are very large, flashy things. The people who can use them worked for them. Whatever the new school is, and its spells are, shouldn't have spectacular animations right off.

So this will certainly be interesting. But how long will we have to wait?!
My subscription's going to have to lapse for a while, I guess.

Aug 20, 2009
There are not many more spells or schools necessary. A secret trainer with a balance blade that is exclusively for balance spells, not global. Same with shield: something besides Tower Shield or Absorb shields to protect from Balance. Another hydra, but one that has Life, Death, and Myth attacks and a similar Spectral Blast.

Bosses that are stronger than the 10,000 wimps that don't even live to receive the third attack from the hydra. 15 or 18 thousand would be good for a monster.

Nevertheless, the best idea for now would be to finish Grizzleheim before continuing with new worlds.

Aug 17, 2009
Okay I have a few spells that you could use it took a while to think of:

Moonquake: A moon comes out of the duel circle and then breaks into pieces and gives the target a hit of 70 or 90

Starsun: A giant star that comes out of the sky and starts to hit the enemy of to 200 or the hit of 300

Star Meteor: A big portal that stars come out of and starts to hit all enemies of a hit of 400 or to 494

Moonlight: It takes 0 pips and its just a moon coming out of the duel area giving all your teamates a tower shield of 80 percent

Moomoon: A cow that just appears and heals you to full health (only to self)

Thats all I could think of.

I also have a look for the professer Its like Aarons well kinda the same a Unicorn with a pink horn and a wand.

Rebecca GoldenFriend
Grandmaster Level 50,Ice

Jul 20, 2009
I like the chemestry class idea. I craft a ton so I would want to be part chemist! :) But would it be all fighting in that school? Maybe you could design super special stuff for your house only (masters only of course). That would be awesome!

Mar 15, 2009
But we still need to figure out the accuracy of these schools. if it is strong it should have 80 or 75%. the weaker it is the higher accuracy and so on so forth the space school hmm... I like the idea about the attacks but you need to lower the all attacks down the strongest spce spell could be black hole it hits all enemies for 874-910

May 09, 2009
o a attack for the moon would be lunacy after all the moons name is luna.
lunacy would be a over time spell around the same amout of damage as fire elf and stuns them for to rounds

Dec 15, 2008
I have quite a few...

MoonShine, 3 pips, 200-500 damage, makes the moon shine it's light from you for first attack, then sun attacks for 250 dmg.

Alien Summon: Summoning, 3 pips. Spells: Laser, 0 pips, 100-105 dmg. Stare: 1 pip, 40-80 dmg. Alien Shield: -70 next attack, +70 in 3 turns.

Sunshine: 3 hits, 3 pips, 500 dmg for 3 turns. Sun shows each time.

Spacewraith: Field spell, 5 pips, powers all space spells.
Spaceblade: 0 pips +40 space.

MoonSun Eclipse: Switches sun in front of moon and moon in front of sun, then third attack collides for a maximum of 900 damage and a minimum of 800 dmg. 4 pips.

Triple comet revolve: 3 pips, 200 dmg per turn for 3 turns.

May 15, 2009
Rach1234 wrote:
casey1111 wrote:
I was thinking, after Grandmasters completed DS a really like STARRY wizard would appear and ask you to travel to his home world with him to stop a native celestian ( Ambroses brother? Starry guy's brother?)who is even more powerful than Malistaire. He has heard of your sucess in saving the Spiral. Then you would travel to Celestia and gain new astronomical spells and extremely awesome clothing, which would be ~ NO AUCTION ~. In Celestia, maybe you could choose a Celestian school, the schools being Sun, Moon, Star ( Fire, Ice Storm) and maybe schools related to schools in WC? Celestian Power Pips being blue?
Maybe different Duel Circles? In Celestia, if the new evil person is SUPER powerful wouldn't you need more pips- and way more damage? A special Celestian deck, Usable Only in the Celestia Galaxies? So, you can't use Celestian Spells in WC, KT, MB, MS, DS. Otherwise IT WOULD BE SOOOOO EASY. So it auto-switches your deck? I don't know. I mean, this would be SO awesome, but there would be a few kinks to work out.

p.s. Maybe this new villain can be in a school called Dark Matter? The Celestian equivalent of Death? Myth= Constellations? Life=? Balance=?

no way dude that would be UNCOOL!! MALISTAIRE IS HARD ENOUGH!!!!That dude has 10,000 heath!!!!! (as seen on You Tube) THAT idea would be horrible espesially to those who work their BEHINDS off to defeat the all powerful Malistaire and then this even TOUGHER DUDE SHOWS UP? !

Well Sorry but I am just voicing ideas.

Sep 28, 2009
Wow! You guys have a very active minds! I love the idea of this world!

Andrew Iceflame, level 31

Sep 16, 2008
I have some ideas for spells, and, what I'm guessing the attributes are:
Day/Sun Attribute:
Wand attack name: Sun beam
The lvl 48 spell would be sun explosion. AS you probably have heard, the sun is expected to explode in some-thousand years or so, it could blow up, doing a nice amount of damage to all opponents, around 1,000, but it would do 500 to you, and 250 to your teammates. A fair blow-back.
Night/Moon Attribute:
Wand attack name: Moonlight Flair
For the moon, the lvl 48 spell would be Moon Crash. There would be a slight mix up in the planet's course, and would be sent straight to the moon, crashing into it. Here's the effect: The effect is do 550 damage to 2-4 random opponents. There's no telling where the heck the planet hits the moon, so it's a gambling spell.
Star Attribute:
Wand attack name: Star flurry
Here, the final spell is similar to the other two. It has no name yet, but it creates a mix-up in the atmosphere. Your opponents are not attacked, but cursed for three rounds. They basically become a computer player, and the game choses random spells for the other players.
And as for some other spells, maybe for star attribute, there could be a black hole as its multi-opponent attack, or maybe just a simple attack.
I hope my ideas are good, because I just came up with them while typing lol. {_Ian Emeraldshard, Grandmaster(soon not be in the summer)Thamauturge._}

Dec 10, 2008
funny980 wrote:
Well, of course the Level Cap would have to be raised and their would have to be new ways to learn Training Points...

But, I think that maybe three new schools would be a great idea for that 'possible' World.

The Magic of these Schools would be mostly influenced with "Space".

The First School: School Of Stars
Users of this Magic: Astronomers?
*Star Flash-The "floor" of the dueling arena would become black. You would start to see stars 'twinkle' in this dark area. There would be a sudden 'flash' of light that hit all enemies at once instead of different times.
*Spirals Comet-A large ball of silver light swirls around the duel board. Then suddenly it would hit the selected opponet. Leaving 'sparkles' illuminiating around him stunning the opponet for a round.
*The Spirals' Revenge-The 'Spiral' floats out from the floor of the duel board. Then it would turn gold and a flash of golden light it would hit the selected enemy. Leaving the Worlds of the Spiral floating around the oppenet stunning drawing both health and mana? from him.

I couldnt really think of ideas for those other two schools. If any of you have any ideas of those schools OR ideas on the School of Stars just post them here.

I will post again if I think of any ideas.

Aaron Firegem-Grandmaster Pyromancer
Seth Drake-Magus Necromancer

what do you mean 'possible world'? The KI people are already making it. The announcement said the new world would be out sometime this summer. I think thats what they said anyway. Dont really remember without looking.

Mar 08, 2009
I've got some for the star school:

Star Flinger: You appear in the middle like a sword attack and like a frost giant you fling stars at the selected enemy. Level 45 spell. 900-1200 damage.

Constellation Blast: A Constellation appears and then explodes on all of the enemies. Stuns for 1 turn. Level 30 spell. 500-680 damage.

Dead Star: A star appears and then explodes on one enemy. Heals you 600 Health. Level 42 spell. 1000-1200.

Hope you liked the ideas. :) :) :) :) :)
Nicholas Level 45 Balence Wizard. Wizard 101 Rules. :D :D :) :)

Apr 22, 2009

well i don't agree with a wizard being an astral one, changing your school just isnt natural, and i wouldnt make a new wizard just to be of the astral school. (i've always gotten bored.) however there could be a school at celestia academy that taught wizards astral spells, free of training points. also an alchemy class would be good. no, check that- an alchemy class would ROCK!

I do agree with the idea of having an astral school free of training points.
And I ALSO think that an Alchemy class would just be the coolest thing! Good Ideas!

Jan 24, 2010
I love that idea, except maybe call the school the school of cosmos, and one of the spells could be called "supernova" this could be perhaps a rank 3 or 4 attack spell that deals between 320-540 damage depending on the rank. The look would be a giant multi-colored ball that appears, which looks like the sun but in different colors, which would then expand, and explode releasing smaller spheres of energy upon the selected target(s). Another attack could be aura ray, a rank 2 spell that always deals 220 damage (unless altered with traps blades, etc.) which would look like a concentrated ray of the northern lights shot directly at the target. If any of this happens i would be so geeked!

Dec 11, 2008
i believe the new schools will be totally AWESOME and i think levels like level 40 -50 should be able to get the new world without doing and special quest if you do have to do a quest then when you aravive in celestia you should get 5 training points and get to chose your school and get your first spell as soon as you get to celestia! and i believ that the moon and the star school will be the most powerful schools i am really looking forward to it oh and between GO ICE SCHOOL! THIS MESSAGE BYE:COLIN DARKFLAME AND THNX FOR EVERY ONE READING THIS :D

Dec 11, 2008
hi lol sup i got some ideas for the new moon school: like one of the ideas is the sky turns pitch black and then a big big VERY big moon hits all enemies and it does 700- 950 BYE!: this message is provided bye mr. colin darkflame and to all my friends lol i would name them but it would take long ANY WAYS! thnx for letting me share this and give me a shout if you read this so cya my homies? lol

Dec 11, 2008
lol my question is will there be new wands like new sword wands like ones that give you special spells from different schools and stuff????? lol and also swords that do more damage to 100-200 from the wand that would be AWESOME! and you know it lol i cant wait any more the new world is taking a long time and it is very exciting to see it :D :) :P :P but what stinks is we have no more training points and we have to make new wizards i think at least lol :P so thnx for letting me text this message wizards 101 WOOT! WIZARDS RULE! GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO THE MOON SCHOOL AND STAR SCHOOL CYA PEOPLE I AM OUT :D
:P :D :-o

Dec 21, 2008
school of sun and moon could be cool or even planet... idk i just came up with a bumch of space stuff and instead of ravenwood, it cood b called idk sumthing like spaceryond or sumthing idk 1st ting i thought of lolz.....

May 14, 2009
I LOVE ALL THE IDEAS!!! but how about a school called... rock or stone maybe, idk but i think it would be cool. here are the ideas...
hope you like them
ok the hit percentage is 70 percent
and the color of the cards is grey
and here are the spells...
first is rock throw, a bunch of rocks fall down on the foe 110 to 150 damage
then boulder a HUGE rock rolls into the foe and does 250 plus 50 in two turns
then its rock trap (you know like the other schools have)
then stone blade
then golem a huge golem of rock appears and it causes an earthquake to hit the foe ( it looks like the cyclops one) 400 to 425
then earthquake to all enemys a big earthquake appears like the myth one but it has trees next to it 410 to 435

that is all i have please add more

Sep 13, 2009
logonin wrote:
what is the world celestia why do I hear so much about it on the message boards please help me
it's a new under water world

Jan 30, 2010
i think that there should be a new "sub-school" catagory.
like if you are a grandmaster fire, you can then specialize in magma or burning or storm grandmasters can specialize in water or lightnig

another idea would be to add a warrior class or a paladin class that would be cool because it would make more diversity between characters and different power levels or types of attacks

i am Artur StormHammer, currently a level 45 fire wizard

Jan 17, 2010