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New Myth Fire And Storm Spells!

Mar 19, 2009
Plz DON'T JUDGE WHAT I WRITE!!!!!!I will make some myth fire and storm spells first is my myth it is " history " and what i looks like is a book appears and it opens to page 2439 and the pages start flying out at target then it removes shields what it does is 450 and then hits you again for 550 then removes ALL shields on all enemies. Then fire it is fire it looks like a fire that hits all enemies for 670 then hits 330 then puts quenches on all enemies. Last is storm it is lightning it looks like wild bolt but what it does is it comes out of a storm cloud and hits ALL enemies for 1095 then puts dissipates ( spelling ) and then it's gone they're all ALMOST EQUAL thanks to you I have to make storm TOO STRONG powerful and don't judge me.