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New idea? Infinity Ward world?

Mar 20, 2018
I was thinking that how in the past we used to have popular people like Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas coming in and stuff, and I had an idea that we can possibly bring something like that back again, wouldn't it be cool I guess if we introduced like a temporary side world with this big movie that came out like Infinity Wars? we could have Thanos be the big bad villain and we can just name the world like would be called Titan or something since that's where Thanos lived or something, and we could have lots of side villains such as Galactus and Ultron, I also would think that heroes like Spiderman and Ironman and Cap America would be there, and maybe we could have Thor in the game as well and also be introduced in Aquila and that can be his home as Asgard or something, also I was thinking that Prospector Zeke could have us looking for things such as Infinity gems to find them and keep them away from Thanos. I don't know it was just a suggestion so meh, also maybe add Deadpool in for the first person you meet maybe? or Captain America or something?
thank you

Jun 28, 2009
We don't need to turn this into fortnite, the celebrity appearances were an exception because of their contributions to the game. Nick Jonas created all the music for grizzleheim so kingsisle created his character and put him in grizzle

Jun 27, 2015
Honestly, unless they add contributions too the game or wanted to sponsor it by playing the game, I don't believe that celebrities should be allowed as NPCs in the game. Now if someone notable came in and brought the game back to it's glory days, I believe that'd definitely would deserve something like a statue in the Commons, or an NPC that could give you a side quest relating too something he/she has done.