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more bosses

Nov 03, 2009
I don't know if anybody else feels the same, but I'd like more bosses beginning in Krok and throughout the rest of the game. My boredom began in Krok when I got dozens of quests to "kill 8 of these krocs" and then " kill 8 more of them" or "go 700 feet this way and come back".


The most fun I had was near the end when I had to do the test of strength and wisdom. I like going into a place where I have to fight 3 or 4 bosses in a row. (that said, big ben is a little over the top with what, 15 levels?)

Anyway, I'd like to see more quests added that involve bosses and LESS quests that involve fighting the same creatures over and over again.

Aug 12, 2009
I would like to see that too.

What really is BORING is when you get to Dragonspyre and instead of "defeat 8(or less,)" it's then "Defeat 12." Those DS battles take long enough without having so many creatures to fight. And, really, what is the point? What are we proving?...That we can fight and win against the same creatures over and over and over(etc.) again?...Why???

Really this just helps to gain even more XP that really isn't needed to reach GM level. Usually I have reached GM by the time I am in The Crystal Grove or The Forum and haven't even got to Malistaire yet. And what makes it even worse is when you have to "collect" things from creatures. You could end up fighting 100 of them before you finally "collect all." On that point, I have had many friends who say that "if every one of these creatures have (insert item name here) then why don't we collect on each?" I mean it's pretty obvious that every cyclops has a hammer, etc....lol. If we defeated those creatures then where did said item go if we didn't collect? Were our wizards too stupid to pick up the items from the dead creature?

Most every time I run into this kind of thing I end up taking a break from it and going to do something else. There really is no purpose to fighting so, very many, of the same creature for a quest. Though if I must then 6-8 isn't so bad...it's the 12 that is over the top!

Feb 10, 2009
I agree with you guys fighting 12 in DS or 8 in KT all the time gets really boring. I think in every chain of quests(like the chain to save Susie's brother Artur) there should be at least 1 boss in WC, 2 in KT, 3 in MB, 3-4 in MS and 3-6 in DS. I get VERY VERY VERY bored of beating tons of foes because in DS and MS battles are already long enough as said above.

Jun 18, 2009
I so agree. I even once got a quest to defeat 20 , rank 8 elite life guys. So what if bosses, have more health, are stronger than other creatures. At least you have to only fight it once. Also if this improvement could be made, then maybe the streets could become less crowded. I usually have to wait minutes for an opening to cross.

Issac Fireshield
level 48 Pyromancer