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Modified spells... and a new school?

Mar 18, 2009
I've been playing for two years now, and I love this game to death. Honestly though, the ONE thing that has bugged me is either how underpowered spells are, or how overpowered monsters are. In Colossus Boulevard with my level 15 Sorcerer, I almost died going up against a muncher because of how low powered the two pip spells are.

In my humble opinion, all spells should be given the same strength, and it would be more powerful if you had traps, blades, etc, or it was a super effective against a monster. Storm is too strong, ice and life are too weak. Please level it out and make it more fair, because right now, I've almost died ten times because of how weak my spells are.

On a different note (so I don't have to make two posts), how about a newer school, in Ravenwood. Mechanics, for instance. Kind of a mix between the storm and myth minions, you could summon a gearhead attack spell, a gear blade, a wind (like winding a gear) trap, stuff like that. It would be weak against the other three elements: fire, ice, and storm; just like balance is weak against life, death, and myth. It wouldn't be super effective against anything, either. Just something to consider, comments and constructive criticism is appreciated!

Feb 24, 2009
Sorry, but storm deserves to be overpowered in attacks. Look at them, done with the game with 2300 or 2400 health.
My ice wizard had more health at level 38.

May 13, 2011
so, what your asking in my view is to even out all schools and make trying out each school pointless

May 01, 2010
Schools fit personalities.

Storm is 'too' strong, but it has the lowest base health in the game, the lowest accuracy at low levels, and one of the weakest blades

Life is 'too' weak, but it can heal itself and its allies as much as needed, can boost thier heals, and bump up thier accuracy. It has fairly high health, high accuracy, and high blade/trap

Ice is 'too' weak, but it has the highest base health of the game, it has absorbs that can be placed on allies, it has the highest defence, moderate accuracy, and has the most shields

This game is all about tradeoffs, if you dont like the school that you are playing, just change it.

Mar 18, 2009
Looking back on this, that is what I seem to be saying, and it sounds stupid... but yeah, I was hoping for more comments on the mechanics school, but I really appreciate the comments thus far!

May 13, 2011
Storm is the school you want if you want to deal out absurd amounts of damage but be in fear of even the weak enemies because you're low on health and accuracy. Ice is very weak in attack spells but has awesome health and defense. Life is very useful, as it has all those healing spells and absurd accuracy. As for your new school, i like it and i think it is very good.

Socsooscbdsb:the imagination team leader and zerg hybrid champion!

Apr 05, 2011
i agree with the above posts, and commenting on your new school, that could be something that KI could maybe put in the game...could you elaborate on some spells a bit more? i think it sounds like a cool idea, maybe something you could learn in Avalon? or Krok? or it could be a starting school, but like balance, is learned more on a different world, perhaps Marleybone (Reagents Square) or the Storm part of Krok

Apr 27, 2012
sparkstar1209 wrote:
Looking back on this, that is what I seem to be saying, and it sounds stupid... but yeah, I was hoping for more comments on the mechanics school, but I really appreciate the comments thus far!
yes i have a level 70 balance wizard. i think its perfect