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Mega-Pip & Grand-Pip

Sep 30, 2009
I have posted this idea a couple times on various topics. if not soon we will need this new pip otherwise we are gonna keep getting rank 14 spells or just get a slot for an 8th pip which will just make the battles longer and the spells not worth the pips.

Jul 30, 2011
Rebecca Bright on Aug 23, 2013 wrote:
I agree that we need a third starting power pip, but I don't think we need a pip that gives three pips just yet.
Rebecca Bright Level 90
Miranda Shadowflame Level 90
Sabrina Emeraldblossom Level 85
Victoria Roseblood Level 82
Diana Moonflower Level 77
Christina Goldenheart Level 71
Exactly my opinion

Jul 18, 2011
It would be awsome if power pips gave power boosts. That way, they can be useful even if you are not using spells of your type.

Aug 20, 2010
Hydranoid123 on Jan 21, 2011 wrote:
okay so ive been thinking about this for awhile now too!!!
its called the MEGA-PIP (no drama in that). its better then the power pip and the normal pip. the mega-pip gives the equal to 3 normal pips or just one power pip and normal. the shines brighter then the power pip and its color is orange to make it look more powerful. the percentage of the mega-pips you can get is directly cut in half the power pip percentage you have. like any old pip they are used for spells and disappear when used even if its a rank 1 (uses one pip) spell. you know what i mean?
but the one better then the mega-pip is the grand-pip which is red in color and shines waaaaaay brighter. the percentage rate is to cut the power pip rate in half to show the mega-pip rate, then you cut the mega pip rate in half once again. its a low percentage, but this pip counts as four normal pips, and so on with the power pips and stuff.
also, these pips have certain level of use. the mega-pip is only allowed to be used with 58+ then in future worlds, the grand-pip is used for 60 or 65+

so in conclusion, pvp gets way harder and or easier to beat. we will be able to use our pips more widely and use more spells and defeat tougher monsters with these pips.

thank you guys for reading ^^
~Taylor WaterGem~
~Level 60 Necromancer
I like the mega pip, it should come into the game soon, maybe pvp later. The grand pip, I don't like, way too powerful.

Jul 26, 2013
Come on. I need to say something for a minute. Having a pip worth 4 pips would be completely
Overpowered and unfair to other players. A pip worth 3 is more ideal. But t least make it a fun color, lol

Justin EmeraldSword lvl76 Myth
(Probably will see me realm Satyr just about anywhere in the Spiral

Nov 26, 2010
There should be a new kind of pip other than a regular pip and a power pip. There should be another kind of pip that is equal to 3 regular pips. Since some bosses started out with full pips, i think there should be a new pip that should be equal to 3 pips or a weapon that allows us to start out with more pips.
Kenneth PvP Warlord

Jan 20, 2010
Hell all !

Sorry but I'm against the idea, to have 2,3 mobs start off with 5 power pips is already exaggerated I just can't imagine a mob or boss starting off with 5,6 mega pips or worse !

Quite often you don't even start the combat, the mobs do you don't even have time to do anything and they can cast 2,3,4 High leveled spells leaving almost dead if not literally dead before you can do anything !

As you go along, the mobs (and bosses) have more and more starting pip while you're stuck starting with 2 power pips max which is already way unfair, PLZ don't make it worse by adding new types of pips, it would be unplayable !

My way of thinking !

have fun !

Dec 20, 2010
I am kind of worried about Rnk X attacks now with those types of pips.

But other than that a pretty good idea. Nice.

Nov 14, 2010
DragonLady1818 on Nov 15, 2011 wrote:
You do have a good idea, but, do you want to give up 6 pips for a 4 pip spell?

The best thing would be to leave the power pips as they are and just add more of them to our position. If I am not mistaken, we currently are able to get 7 or 8 power pips total. Until we are using even higher rank spells, it would be more practical just to increase the number of pips.
then its a lot like with power pips when you use 4 pips on storm shark lol

Sep 02, 2012
when i first started playing there were high lvl wizards that started out with 3-4 pips, but as i got higher in lvl i never saw any gear for such a feat.