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Make it easier to switch to menu chat...

Aug 07, 2011
from or back to text/open chat. It would be nice if we could easily switch in-game. I'd like to put myself on menu chat to avoid all the garbage spewing in the Spiral these days but if a friend comes on, I'd need to change back to open chat to converse (unless I have the tfc with them and can whisper chat). How about in the setting menu in-game, there be another option for those of us eligible for the choice where you could change the setting in-game for menu chat or text chat or open chat? Like you can for seeing names overhead, etc.?

We're always being adviced that if we don't like the profanity to go to menu chat but currently you have to go to the web site either by logging out and going there or using the buy crowns button to open it up and change your account settings. I'd totally put myself on menu chat and spare myself the grossness if I could quickly change back in game if someone I actually wanted to talk to were on.