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Magic doors housing item

Mar 11, 2017
What if kings could add a magical door you can get for your house/castle/dorm that gives you interactive creatures to talk to and hang out with based on a animal you like (like from the quiz when you make a new character) or on what school you choose the door to be like maybe unicorns and pixies for Life. The creatures could cast spells for fun on you and them that allow you to do fun things like flying or turning into creatures and having special magic for it. Go on adventures!
or maybe just sit and have tea and talk to them.

maybe even outside of your home or this realm behind the door, you can call a creature out from there to hang out with and have fun while you are bored or waiting for a long dungeon team up que.

How's it sound?

(if it sounds realistic enough for the game )

Jul 09, 2010
I can't guess how this would work but I love the idea.