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Feedback Friday 9-24-10

Dec 23, 2009
I don't think that wizards should be allowed to teleport to other worlds if they have not made it that far. I understand that sometimes they have friends that need help in fighting but it is unfair for those of us who have worked hard to get there and have done the quests to make it that far, So no if the area isn't open to them they should have to earn it just like everyone else has.

May 03, 2009
NO!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!!!! I have found that low level wizards just ask to be friends with you so they can port to areas they haven't earned yet. I have to say 'no' to being friends with people often because of that. At least 6 times they have followed me to an area adding extra high ranking monsters and then flee leaving me there to fend for myself. Not fair....I have been a level 50 for a long time and have another level 40 wizard right now and have EARNED the right to travel to different worlds. It's more fun and it's the way the game should be played. They must earn the right to go to a world other than the one they are working quests in....period.....no exceptions.

Jul 25, 2010
I am a level 30 (magus) and I am only on Marleybone!!!! I need help beating Chelsa Court. I am a pyromancer and cannot beat Mr.Incinator to get the book need help!

Please Reply! :-) :-)

Jun 13, 2009
No I do not think that they be able to port to worlds that they are not ready for. I did that one time when I was first started playing and it was too GH. That was a mistake and I never made it again. If every one just followed the main quest like II did with all my guys then they would be able to get to the other worlds just fine. But if they port to other worlds that they are not ready for yet then they are just cheating and that is not fare to every one else that plays. Wizard is set up that way for a reason it is called rules and in life we all have rules including in playing games, and we should all abide by the ruls and just have fun playing the game.

Jul 09, 2009
I like the idea of wizards being allowed to jump ahead in a limited sense: if you have access to marleybone, it's not that big of a deal to port into big ben. Likewise, if you're level 5 you should be able to get somewhere you can get to at level 10, but not somewhere you shouldn't reach till level 50. Conversely, wizards who have just started the game and haven't gotten out of unicorn way should absolutely NOT be allowed to jump to the final dungeons of the game just so they can rapidly level up their wizards without earning that experience. The rest of us can manage to level up their wizards while playing the game--and working and going to school and raising a RW family--so they can too. As far as the idea of splitting up families....really? Your family can look over your shoulder. Or, dear old dad can port into her part of the spire to help her along. It's not like killing a few low level critters and gaining gold and items will hurt your higher level wizard. The simple fact of the matter is too many people "make friends" with high level wizards just so their low level guys can teleport in and then run off. They don't do it so they can fight with their friends, they do it so they can abuse the system and basically cheat to get what everyone else earns. Here's the deal: if you catch someone cheating in the RW, they get punished and the system gets changed so they can't do it anymore. The same needs to happen here. I don't think KI should care about "spoiling the experience" for the cheaters, since the cheaters are spoiling it for all the rest of us. KI could consider glueing porters to the person they teleported to: they stick with that person in the same fights and the same quests or they get ejected back out of the world. This would allow people to help each other in dungeons, and stick with families, but would prevent people from jumping ahead for the sole purpose of gaining mass experience.

Mar 28, 2010
I think they should be able to teleport but I strongly agree that they should get fewer points for any battles they are in alone and perhaps even be blocked from joining in a battle with others. I do find it frustrating when I'm about to finish off a battle and a lower level appears and brings in another enemy. Why can't they ask if they can join the fight instead of just jumping in? This is when I wish I could turn a spell on them.

Feb 07, 2010
I believe that this is a two-tiered problem. I don't believe that novice wizards should be allowed to port to any world a friend is in, because, yes, this does create problems in fight scenarios in which the novice wizard cannot pull their weight. However, I believe a wizard who has been playing longer, say a level 35 or higher, should earn the right to port to his/her higher level friends; either that, or a grandmaster should have to invite his friend to participate, which would by its very nature elminate unasked for complications, since most grandmasters will only choose to invite strong, capable friends into these fights. Maybe either solution would solve the issue of players at too low a level being able to visit the higher level worlds. I don't think it is fair that someone who has only been playing for a week can port to a world it has taken someone else almost a year to be able to see.

May 10, 2009

This week, we'd like to get your opinion on lower level wizards teleporting to friends in higher level areas. On one hand, it's a nice way to let those who are not as far along in the game get a peek-see at new sights, and even get an extra jump on earning experience. However, it does take it's toll when a level 5 Wizard jumps into a fight with you in, say, Dragonspyre, which is obviously over their heads and bring extra monsters to the fight and leaves you with the mess to clean up. Not fun.

So, please weigh in. Should wizards be able to teleport into world that they haven't earned access to through the storyline?

I think they should be able to just because if you don't want them to port tell them to ask first or turn your ports off. I found it really helps to get a few extra points when trying to quickly level my characters.
It really doesn't bother me when it happens. :D ty

Apr 25, 2010
This is my second account and after 5 grandmasters I have figured out that the "power leveling" is nonsense anyway. Your wizards gain the power, XP and gear (via drops) that is necessary for each consecutive world as they do their quests and side quests in the exact order that they come. Thus, my wizards attain each world at the absolute perfect level that they need to be in order to make the street and boss fights a good match between them.
For instance I find perfect level for each world to be:
KT - Level 15 MB - Level 25 MS- Level 35 DS - Level 45

You have a level cap on GH already and makes the beginning at level 20 easily survivable, but you level as you go through the areas there and the Coven Birds at the end of Ravenscar a good battle for a team of Level 48 Wizards. There is Cap level on the Warehouse and the Grand Tower so don't why there would be such a problem for cap Levels in every world of the Spiral. I would cap KT at 10, MB at 20, MS at30 and DS at 40. Accordingly I would make each area of each World unaccessable to a wizard that has not earned their way to that area. I have son and husband with separate accounts on here and many other family members that play. We have no problems helping younger family memeber to "Level" in their own respective questing areas. Thus playing together is not limited at all. it does not require the younger wizards to go up in the Spiral for us to be "together". The older wizards just go BACK. But my family knows not to bring level 48 spells to help me on Triton area and kill my XP. They bring their baby decks and level 2 spells in order for the fights to gain the maximum XP possible. I have figured out the longer the battle and matching the rank spells to the monsters and bosses gains me the highest possible XP per battle.
Haven't figured out the problem with doing the side quests. They are part of the game and extremely fun. And I make more XP from the Sides than the Main Quests. They are all part of the game that I find extremely fun and enjoyable for the entire family. That is except when a level 5 ends up in a street boss battle in DS, dying and screaming heal me while the rest of us fight to complete a quest that we have received by following the story line. This is distressing to me. And even worse when they draw more monsters to the battle and flee, leaving us to clean up the monster they left behind.
If a younger wizard wants to get a look at a world limit them to the shopping district and the commons and give them incentive to Quest to get there.
That is my opinion.
Elizabeth Dreamweaver - Grandmaster Sorcerer-Spiral Completed
Elizabeth Dreamcatcher - Grandmaster Theurgist- Coven Birds Ravenscar
Elizabeth Dreamfinder - Magus Thaumaturge Lvl 38-Cave of Solitude-MS
Elizabeth Dreambringer - Magus Necromancer Lvl 37- Outpost - MS
Elizabeth Dreambreaker - Magus Diviner Lvl 34 -Katz Lab - MB
Elizabeth Dreamrider - Journeyman Pyromaner- Lvl 15-Pyramid-KT

Feb 22, 2009
I don't think they should be able to, I mean honestly I have MANY good low level friends and I would never want to keep them away from something, but this is the only exception. So, no, I don't think lower levels should be able to port. Maybe you could put a level minimum on the worlds, because it's also frustrating when the lower levels stand in the basilica asking for help, and you're thinking it for Dragonspyre, so you agree, and it ends up being MarleyBone......

Thanks for asking this question, shows that the problems have acknowledgement....I like feedback fridays :)

Jun 15, 2009
i think that since they paying 9.95 a month it shouldnt matter! isnt that the whole point of SUBSCRIBING??!! Why pay the monthly subscription if u cant go anywhere u want? im a master ice and i have a low level life. Most of these Masters and Grands treat the low levels like dirt and yet they forget that WE ALL STARTED AS LOW LEVELS AKA (NOOBS) i try to be nice to everybody! :) :D
James Hawk Lv 48
James Dragonlife lv 9

Feb 10, 2010
I really dont like it when some level 2 comes into a battle where a tough boss is surrounded by, say, Soul Servants, or, Mooshu cow things or something like that, and right after I beat the boss, here come the Novice I REALLY think they must EARN the world before they can port!

Sep 19, 2009
Professor Falmea wrote:
Hi folks! It's that time again...

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

This week, we'd like to get your opinion on lower level wizards teleporting to friends in higher level areas. On one hand, it's a nice way to let those who are not as far along in the game get a peek-see at new sights, and even get an extra jump on earning experience. However, it does take it's toll when a level 5 Wizard jumps into a fight with you in, say, Dragonspyre, which is obviously over their heads and bring extra monsters to the fight and leaves you with the mess to clean up. Not fun.

So, please weigh in. Should wizards be able to teleport into world that they haven't earned access to through the storyline?

Yes they should be able to teleport to a world they havent earned, but there should be a button saying if you want someone to join your fight. The button should only appear when you are fighting alone.

Apr 08, 2010
Dec 16, 2009
I am indifferent on this because I have had friends come help me and I wouldn't have been able to do it without them, and then I think that they should wait until they have earned it before they can go there. So when it come's down to it, I guess my answer is both yes and no.

Jun 30, 2009
No. Because they need to earn it if there that lazy so i mean just get to the place you know?

Mar 03, 2010
i think no because wizards who can't go to different worlds shouldn't be porting there.

May 18, 2009
umm well i like being able to have my big brother and sister teleport to me in the game and help me even though they are lower levels than me si dont really have an opinon because it is also just really exciting to bo albe to go to a new world you've never seen before so i really dont know...

Jun 02, 2010
I can see the pros and cons of both sides, but overall and bottom line, I believe wizards should be able to port to different worlds without restriction, except to some of the areas they cannot get to now anyway. My only and greatest pet peeve is those wizards (regardless of level), who pop in and then flee after they have brought in extra enemies leaving you to handle it alone. I actually respect the lower level wizards who come into a more challenging fight and stick it out.

Perhaps experience level should not be the sole determinant for Grandmaster level. This might cut down on some of the unwanted intrusions in the higher levels. One should not be able to get the Grandmaster Level, until ALL the quests have been completed culminating with Malistaire's lair. It would be nice to have more fanfare when you get to Grandmaster level other than just a full green experience bar.

This is my first wizard, and I am a Life Grandmaster now. I was introduced to this game by my youngest son. My two sons and I now often play together, and it has become a fun family experience. I must confess I am a higher level than both my boys, though they are catching up. I am more interested in questing, but they take more time looking around at the different sites (including coming to worlds in which I am questing), decorating homes, and playing with pets around the spiral. If porting were blocked, we could not play with each other, which is one of the wonderful things about Wizard 101.

When I was leveling up, I first encountered Dragonspyre, when a friend called me for help (while I was still in Mooshu). It was fun (a little intimidating), and it was nice to be called for help by a more experienced wizard knowing that I could still be an asset, though I was a lower level. I actually refused calls for help to do the Malistaire quest until I had actually received that quest. I did not want a preview of that area until I had earned the level myself. I liked that extra challenge. But that was a personal choice. No computer blocked me either way.

I have had lower level wizards "use" me to get to higher level worlds. I don't mind it at all. Yes you get more enemies to fight, but that again is part of the challenge of the game. If you are a high level in an area, you must develop a strategy on how best to survive and win the battle with whatever resources you have. My battle took longer, because I was trying to keep my two lower level, less healthy wizards alive, while also trying to attack. But they also carried their weight, and we did it together. And succeeded!
This is, I think, the essence of Wizard 101's success: You have offered a fun, wholesome game that offers challenges for all levels (and ages) and brings all levels (and ages) together for a common cause of fun. Sure my first thought: I earned all my experience by going through all my quests in an orderly fashion, so why are these guys using me to get more experience? Yet by the end of a few battles, it became clear to me how fun this was to modify my strategy according to the level of the wizards.

I will also offer one other perspective. I remember struggling in some areas when I was leveling up. As a Grand, I have been able to go back to some of those early levels (with my boys and with other new wizards) and help them through some of the quests. That has also been a source of great fun for all. The newer wizards get some added help and a preview of more advanced spells, while the more experienced wizard gets the satisfaction of helping a newer wizard along his or her path. Blocked porting would eliminate that aspect of the game and make it a less rich experience.

Don't block porting, but perhaps devise some consequence for porting uninvited into a battle and then abandoning a battle without cause.

I hope these thoughts help add another perspective to an important, but difficult issue.

Dec 03, 2009
I think it could be a good idea not to let them into DragonSpyre or even Celestia, when it comes. But they should be able to go to Mooshu, Marleybone and Grizzlehiem. If you've already got another character grand, and are working on a noob, it gets so boring having to stay in Wizard City and Krokotopia. :?

Dec 09, 2008
All right all right guys i got a solution to this war
set level limitations

wizard city:all lvls
marleybone 23+
mooshu 32+
dragonspyre 41+
grizzleheim must have required quest
secret world must have required quest
also make it that you cannot buy anything or go into
boss battles also no quests either unless u got a quest from an unlocked world requiring the locked one this will give noobs sneak peaks while not getting into a LOT of trouble this should answer everything so plz take into account

Jun 21, 2009
I think they should because it makes it more "free roaming" than it is!

Jun 05, 2010
Wizards should absolutely not be able to port into areas where they have not earned the right to be. It is cheating. Plain and simple.

Aug 24, 2009

I think that even though many wizards go into areas that they don't have yet, that they should still be allowed to go there. Many people pay monthly for the game, expecting access to everywhere. Yes sometimes it gets annoying to have to share a battle with a lower level, but that just tests the strength of all of us Wizards. I think that it is also essential to be able to go anywhere especially when you want to farm for items or a pet. Please take this into consideration that there are other players that want to be the best wizard they can be, and don't mean to be too annoying. :? Thanks!

Esmee Dawnbright, Level 50 Grand Life :-)

Dec 26, 2008
i think that they should have access to the other worlds. but just into the main part, like no going in to streets. and plus i always have a hard time crafting, because you cant get to that person with the next quest if you don't have access.

Kiera Stormheart :D