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Feedback Friday 8-15-14

Jul 05, 2014
helephan on Aug 20, 2014 wrote:
Something other than a wand:

1. A flute, and as it is cast, the person casting - blows so hard their feet fly behind them, while a big circular blast hits their opponent. Say under lvl 20, a piccolo, lvl 21-35 an oboe, maybe even throwing in a cornet, trumpet, and even a saxophone, and slide trombone. for the upper levels.

2. A water hose "like" item, that sprays the opponent from across the fighting circle.

3. A wand attack like the other creatures do where the run across and bop the opponent on the head.

4. "Throwing Stones" It's a colored rock when not in use, you can bounce it or toss it in the air. When in use, you throw it at the opponent.

5. "Evil Eye" where you glair at the opponent - your eyeball gets larger and a laser beam hits them.

6. The educated "Wand Blast" - its a book - so you throw the book at them and it covers them in pages from the book.

7. A boomerang.

Hope you like my suggestions - Mary Ghosthunter and a bunch of other Marys -
I love your ideas! I hope that maybe king isle will consider some of those! :)

Katie Watergem

Jun 15, 2013
How about a bracelet that let's people simply shoot energy balls from the hands? For the Storm school, they could shoot lightning.

Wow, great ideas, Wizards! I can tell you that we have at least TWO of the ideas brought up here in the pipe already, so you can look forward to that. I'll share this very creative list with the team.

New topic coming up shortly!

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